1. B

    How to add existing ZFS pool to a mountable storage path for all VMs/CTs.

    Alright, super noob here to bear with me. But this is my backup sever that's also serving as my practice server before migrating everything to it from my truenas server. I just need to have my entire TANK visible on SMB of which i'm following this youtube tutorial and i'm good up to the 12:37...
  2. H

    (beginner) NVMe drive setup: will I be stupid?

    Hey there! I'm starting to upgrade my home server and want to start using proxmox to seperate my concerns, those being: - Photo backup using immich - DDNS & nginx web server - Paperless & Obsidian - Home Assistant AFAIK, its quite important to start out with the correct number of drives; as I...
  3. C

    Proxmox GPU Passthrough ohne Passthrough Einstellungen

    Hi, vielleicht kann mir hier jemand die Frage beantworten. Ich nutze seit ein paar Jahren Proxmox für ein paar kleinere Webserver für mich zuhause und eine Windows VM mit GPU Passthrough. Vor ein paar Tagen hab ich meine CPU(Ryzen 3600 zu 5700G) und mein Mainboard upgegraded und musste daraufhin...
  4. M

    Update Passthrough wiki

    Hi, Could somebody update this wiki page: And explain that the "scsi2" parameter is just a virtual ID of the disk (so you can have scsi1, scsi2, scsi3, etc.): qm set 592 -scsi2 Also explain...
  5. L

    Troubleshooting: /dev/mapper/pve-root fills up when uploading ISO's. Confused.

    Hey there~! I'm very new to any kind of virtual environment and actually got the server I'm running proxmox VE on from a friend for free. I've been running like 2-3 VMS at a time and just decided to spin up an AD lab on it for pentest practice. While uploading the Kali iso I wanna use it...
  6. U

    Not understanding disks and storage types...

    Hey all, new to Proxmox, just wanting to make sure I'm setting up my drive the "right" way... I'm sure this is easier than I'm making it out to be, but I'm stuck :/ I have a second disk in my server that i want to use for all my VMs/containers/ISOs, etc... basically everything but the...
  7. D

    Proxmox Neuling verunsichert mit Netzwerk config

    Hi, Ich bin dabei das erste mal ein proxmox server aufzusetzen und habe mich jetzt bisschen in die netzwerk config eingelesen. ich will bloß auf Nummer sicher gehen das alles was ich da so getippert habe oder copiert habe, auch sinn macht. auto lo iface lo inet loopback iface lo inet6...
  8. J

    External Audio interface - Cracking / Popping

    Hello all, I am a bit new to ProxMox, though I do have experience with other hypervisors. I am a guitar player, and own most all of the suite of software I need to use on an OS that is less than friendly to get working correctly. Thanks to a recent HW death, I was hoping to virtualize said OS...
  9. E

    Recommendations: Raid Cards HBA's and Networking

    This has probably been gone over one million times already but time for another round. I did a quick search for the title but didn't find anything that makes much sense for my application in the first 5 threads. I currently have two HP DL380 G7 machines with X5675's 128Gb Ram and consumer drive...
  10. J

    Connecting to Proxmox VMs In Java

    Hello! To start off, I am COMPLETELY new to Proxmox. I got through the installation, and it seems pretty intuitive to setup a new virtual machine on PVE (I have some experience with vSphere). What I'm looking for help with is connecting to a virtual machine in a Proxmox server with VNC and...
  11. T

    Best practice Dell R710 H700 SMR soho

    Hello, First post. I wanted to see if anyone could offer some suggestions/best practice for configuring a Dell R710 with PERC H700. From what I can tell it looks like a lot of people have come by these units over the last couple years for home experimentation. I've worked though a few...
  12. T

    Storage config guidance for first time Proxmox setup

    After a bit of research and liking what I see here, I've come around to going the Proxmox route to setup a home server (vs. UnRAID or a standalone Ubuntu server). This will be a single server for different things which I'd like to setup and play around with and see where it takes me - my own Git...
  13. M

    [SOLVED] Completely new to Proxmox: Getting setup

    So I recently bought a dell power edge r720 server with 6, 4tb hard drives, 2 500 gb ssds, a hba raid card, 192 gb of ram and I added two pci e name 500gb nvme drives. I set up the 6 4tb drives in raid 10 and installed Proxmox on them and now want to set up the two ssd's as caching, but also set...
  14. B

    [SOLVED] Cannot connect to WebGUI/Ping server.

    Hello, I am a new to Proxmox VE. I have not been able to access the web page, ping from VE to Windows or Windows to VE since I have moved and reinstalled. I did not have these problems before and only have experience in the web page. Does anything stand out in my configuration?
  15. J

    [SOLVED] Can't update proxmox 6.4-4

    Just reimaged this server and I am haveing trouble update it. root@pve:~# cat /etc/apt/sources.list deb buster main contrib deb buster-updates main contrib # PVE pve-no-subscription repository provided by, # NOT recommended...
  16. J

    [SOLVED] Noob question: boot and run a VM from a physical disk taken from a real machine.

    Hi, I just did my first install of PVE on an old PC with one HDD. I understand that's not the recommended config but that's all i have for now. I created a couple VMs fine. Now i have in another multiboot PC a SATA SSD from which i boot Kubuntu. And i would like to take that SSD and install it...
  17. G

    Creating qcow2 format with basic installation

    Hello! I've followed the tutorial on the forum to install proxmox. Everything works just fine, except one thing. I'd like to make snapshots, but if i choose the LVM what i've created (Point 7 in the installation steps), i can't change the image format, there is only RAW image format, and i...
  18. D

    Proxmox fresh reinstall but did not whipe external harddrive how to recreate old VM's?

    Hi, Due to internet issues with my old node and being unable/frustrating to fix it, if reinstalled proxmox via usb. Now I was planning on recreating a vm but when I went to disks -> LVM I saw my disk was still almost full (as before the issues), its a external harddrive. My questions: - Is...
  19. C

    Proxmox on two disks

    Hey Guys I am really new to proxmox. And trying to figure all out. My plan is to install some lxc on my Intel nuc for my home needs. I've got a Intel nuc with 2x 250GB SSD inside. How do I get the most of it ? Ext4 will use only one disk? Xfs with raid 0 ? (I know if one disk fail all is...
  20. L

    Cant edit corosync.conf

    Hello, I am absolutley new on VM plattforms. I tried to add in my Proxmox a node by editing "corosync.conf". After I realized that I may made a mistake.. Now I cant delete the Node which is existent but also not. Here some Screenshots... When I try to delete the second node I get "[ Error...


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