networking down

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    No network available - ifup: Permission Denied

    Hi there, As the title suggests, I cannot connect to the network at all. The system was updated (v8, updated from October to November) and rebooted from the command line. Next boot it wouldn't come online into the cluster, so I attached screen and keyboard to check in on it. The system did...
  2. C

    Network Configuration Help

    Hello Everyone, I am looking for some help with networking on a proxmox host. Here is what I am trying to do: I am trying to setup a proxmox host and get it ready to be put in a cluster with shared storage for HA. I am trying to setup a Mgmt Interface, Storage Interface, Cluster interface...
  3. K

    Fresh install VE 7.4 - Network not initialized on boot

    Hi, I'm running a small testsystem on a NUC from ASRock with Celeron Elkhardt J6412 and with two Realtek RTL8111/8168/8411 ethernet interfaces. The system takes about two minutes to boot and leaves the ethernet interfaces offline and needs local shell access and running systemctl start...
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    [SOLVED] Internet blocked after installing pve on macmini2018

    Hi, I'm an absolute newbie to proxmox and am trying to install PVE on an Intel mac mini 2018. I used as a guide. And installed PVE via...
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    Very new to networking and proxmox in general, changed some things in the /etc/network/interfaces and now none of my vms have internet.

    Hi, I am unable to access any of my vms outside the proxmox window. None of the vms have internet, and im guessing its to do with the vmbr0 confirguration as I had to add that back after changing the file (see below) but I have no clue what it should be so my vms ips work. Ideally I would not...
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    Networking Issue when using GPU

    Hello, So I've done a fresh install of Proxmox (currently v 7.3-3) and whenever I plug in my RTX 3060 GPU the Proxmox server does not get an IP address or at least I'm not able to access the web interface on https://IP:8006. When I unplug the GPU I am able to access the interface. The GPU is...
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    No IP Address on Virtual Machine

    HI i'm working with another person on a proxmox server so i'm using proxmox installed on vmware in bridge mode (hotspot wifi network). But when i create a machine for example ubuntu my interface are empty like a DHCP server is missing. I tried by inserting manualli in /etc/network/interfaces...
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    Proxmox VE New Network Card Installed but Won't Activate

    I have two Proxmox nodes with each a PCIe 1gbps networking card and a 1gpbs motherboard networking card. This has been working just fine for me for the longest time, but I wanted to increase the bandwidth of the servers by using 802.3AD but I have ran into some problems with installing the PCIe...
  9. D

    Issue with 82574L PCI Network Card

    Hey all, I'm the proud owner of a B550 F Strix Gaming board with a faulty I225-V Intel chip. I've purchased a PCI Intel 82574L Gigabit card and installed it into a PCI slot on the board as to make the faulty onboard chip redundant. It's worth noting that I'm very newish to all this so I...
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    [SOLVED] Network down after VM autostart enabled

    Hello, I have a fresh install of Proxmox 7.0 with a single Linux VM created in it. I have so far started Proxmox, logged in to the web UI and launched the VM with a GPU PCI pass-through and it worked fine. Last night before turning off the system, I set the VM to autostart on boot in the web...


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