network fail

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    Proxmox reset itself after reboot

    Good afternoon, I was curious if anyone has experienced proxmox resetting some of its network settings after reboot. I cold reboot the server and the host ip changed back to the default ip of The vrbr0 still held my static ip however. I changed the host back but have lost...
  2. L

    High Packet Loss & NFS Issues

    I am having an issue with my Proxmox 7.2 install. I am getting between 65-70% packet loss almost all the time, and I am unable to connect to my NAS via NFS where I store my VM disks and ISOs. My Proxmox machine is the only one having trouble, and nothing has changed setup wise (at least before...
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    Proxmox disconnects from network daily rebooting necessary for a couple of hours

    Hello, I am having some issues with my server, It happened to me a while ago with another build that I had but this time is really haven't done what I did to the last one. The problem is that my server keeps disconnecting from the network and I notice that the blinking HDD light on my case...
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    Hello everyone, I moved a passthrough disk to another VM and the web GUI frozen and then forced a reboot. the issue is that system is now stuck in an endless loop. 1) server is booting, I can see my ASRock logo and boot options 2) I can see the countdown to enter PVE 3) my NICs stops 4) system...
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    [SOLVED] netdev_configure_server_empty: 1240 Invalid argument - Custom loopback device names not supported

    Yesterday I executed the following inside a container because the private networking of hetzner only supports an mtu of 1400: ip link set mtu 1400 dev eth0 Now if I create a new lxc container or restart an existing one, it fails to start with the following message...
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    Window VPS lose Network connection during Replication

    Hello, I notice on some instances of Windows Server 2016 the loss of the network when the replication starts. When I log in the icon has an exclamation point and I have to disable the network and reactivate it. Did it happen to you? Some Windows logs: Thanks!
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    correct way to pause ZFS over iSCSI connections

    HI, I need to replace a switch in one of our datacenters, that is used by a couple of PVE nodes for almost anything (corosync, ZFS over iSCSI, node to node traffic for VMs etc.). The replacement shouldn't take long, but still it may take a minute or so. For all the traffic except ZFS over...
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    [SOLVED] Error when Apply Configuration in network

    When I use the "Apply Configuration" button in the network section I get this message: command 'ifreload -a' failed: exit code 1 Anyone can help?
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    proxmox generate interfaces without "allow-hotplug"

    # ENV - Install proxmox in debian 11 manually. # ISSUE - Install proxmox ve with command: "apt install proxmox-ve postfix open-iscsi" - reboot debian - the origin config line "allow-hotplug ens3" in /etc/network/interfaces has vanished !


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