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    Can I specify PBS namespace in backup jobs?

    Hi, I want to use different retention settings for different types of backup jobs (hourly, daily, weekly etc). We have 2 PBS server, 1 backup jobs use directly and other just sync from first PBS. All PBS has one datastore and one namespace. I can define retention settings in PVE backup jobs...
  2. T

    [SOLVED] Missing all backups after upgrade from Backup Server 2.1 to 3.0-2

    Hello, I just upgraded from PBS 2.1 to 3.0 and all backups in the UI disappeared. ALL the files are still present in the datastore tho. I suspect this is related to the new namespace feature. I then edited my config in the PVE cluster, set a namespace and manually did a backup which worked...
  3. R

    Namespace disappeared

    Hello, I have create last week a new Proxmox Backup Server and added to my PVE-Cluster with namespace. The first 4 days, the backup backed up neatly in the namespace. But now the backups are put in the root and I also see that the namespace is suddenly gone, I can't change it either. how can...
  4. J

    Network Namespace not working with PVE Firewall

    Hello! In a VM I created a network namespace "ns_twsgw" (IP a.b.c.82, main IP a.b.c.81) with a bridged macvlan (second MAC address on the virtual ETH IF). I see all the ping packets from the "ns_twsgw" network inside the VM with tcpdump, but I don't see them on the bridge IF (e.g.: fwpr106p0)...
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    [SOLVED] proxmox-backup-client namespace syntax

    I'm having problems with the --ns option for proxmox-backup-client. I can back up a client directory to the Root Namespace, as expected, using the following: proxmox-backup-client backup --backup-type host clientdata.pxar:/path/to/client/data --repository root@pam@ I...
  6. B

    [SOLVED] backup connect failed: command error: namespace not found

    Hi Dear Community, i have an issue about PBS and start´s Backups received following error ERROR: VM 100 qmp command 'backup' failed - backup connect failed: command error: namespace not found can someone help me please what can i do ? EDIT: check systemctl status proxmox-backup...
  7. C

    Howto define Ceph pools for use case: central DB backup storage

    Hi, my use case for Ceph is providing a central backup storage. This means I will backup multiple databases in Ceph storage cluster mainly using librados. There's a security demand that should be considered: DB-owner A can only modify the files that belong to A; other files (owned by B, C or D)...
  8. J

    Ran docker with namespace mapping in LXC encountered permission error

    Hi, Everyone I'm able to run docker container already, but recently, to avoid the security issue(http:, I created a mapping user "dockremap" and add "--userns-remap=default" to the docker daemon, but now I'm experiencing permission issue, the error...


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