1. B

    Proxmox, Fibre Channel, and 3PAR

    Hello. So I've gone through what I think are the docs regarding PROXMOX and fibre channel presented LUN's. I'm using an older 3PAR 7200 in my lab, attempting to get shared storage between a PROXMOX cluster. So far, I have a fully operational cluster with a shared NFS volume, which performs...
  2. B

    NFS v4.2 multipathing

    Hi, I am trying to set up NFS 4.2 multipathing without success. I have an R540 with a test ZFS pool that is being served over NFS. Locally when I test the pool I can get 2.6GB/s. The R540 has 2x 10Gb ports with IP's and 93. As far as I understand, the server needs no special...
  3. S

    [SOLVED] Problems installing 8.1 and iscsi/multipath on root filesystem on HPE BL660c blade with HPE 650FLB hba/nic

    Hello, I'm working on a poc to install proxmox on an HPE BL660c blade connected to an iSCSI san using be2iscsi based controller/nics. I have it mostly installed and working, though I've run into a problem with iscsi. I've been reading through the forums and googling for both proxmox and debian...
  4. S

    iSCSI Settings on Proxmox with multipath

    Hello everyone, we have IBM 5200 Flashsystem storage with 2 Controllers, each controller have 2x 25Gbps connections this storage have 8 volumes so I have 8x wwids each wwid is represented 4 times on all 4 ports total of 32 devices under sdXX we created 8 volumes on proxmox connected to the...
  5. R

    [SOLVED] need help setting up shared LVM and Multipath

    Hello community! There are two servers with one shared storage system via FC. I set up a shared LVM and a multipatch. I have doubts that everything is configured as needed. Proxmox version 7.4-3 I moved a number of vm with disks to these nodes, they were positioned very strangely. Some went...
  6. P

    iSCSI Multipath Preferred network

    Hi everyone! I would like to ask you for help: I have a Proxmox 8 installation with next networks: vmbr0 (10Gbps network) Management network/proxmox web-interface ( vmbr40 (40Gbps network) trunk connection with vlan awareness enabled vlan9 (part of vmbr40 iface) (
  7. L

    Shared folder from proxmox host to VM and CT

    I'm new to proxmox, I created a ZFS drive which is accesible on Proxmox at /Storage I wanted to make it accesible do the VM while remain accesible to the host and other CTs, I managed once, but I had to remove the VM and start over since I can't figure out how... anyway I managed to do the same...
  8. A

    SAS Multipath

    Hey evreryone! I was able to get guidance on getting my SAS disks to show up in Proxmox. I have two Dell R350s and a Dell EMC ME4012. Each R350 has two SAS cables connecting to controller A and B. When I look at the disks I see.. So the ME4 3.84 TB and 1.20TB disks show up twice. Same way...
  9. D

    initial iSCSI multipath questions

    I'm new to Proxmox and I'm setting up a demo cluster to figure everything out before building a production system. I'm trying to get iSCSI multipath working following the instructions here. Here's the contents of my storage.cfg file dir: local path /var/lib/vz content...
  10. L

    problems with shared LVM on top of iSCSI after dropping multipath

    Hello. We have a cluster of 7 nodes. VMs and LXCs are stored on external storage, on a shared LVM, via iSCSI. We recently had to move from a 2 x 1Gbps iSCSI multipath connection to a 1 x 10 Gbps FO ethernet (single link iSCSI connection, no multiphating). The iSCSI storage has 4 ethernet ports...
  11. E

    Multipath configuration - Proxmox 5.3-1 - Intel Modular Server

    Hi, I have configured multipath on 4 nodes in my Intel Modular Server. The problem is that when I stress test one of the storage control module while the system is running, I get different results each time. Some times, multipath is working and the path is switch automatically, but some times...
  12. S

    Lot of kernel errors after setup iscsi storage

    Hello, Since I setup some iscsi storage in Proxmox Version 6, I have a lot of error in my server logs. In dmesg or /var/log/messages or /var/log/kern.log, I have a lot of: [2572603.021727] sd 10:0:0:2: [sdn] Unit Not Ready [2572603.038628] sd 10:0:0:2: [sdn] Sense Key : Illegal Request...
  13. T

    ISCSI SAN Network Unavailable on Boot or Cable Disconnect

    Greetings, We're running ProxMox 7.1-5 on Dell R7525 servers (AMD cpu) with (2) Dell Broadcom 57414 Dual Port 25GbE SFP+ nic cards attached. We've got (2) 25GbE switches cabled correctly and connected to our ISCSI storage appliance. One card is in Riser 1 and the other is in Riser 3; I'll...
  14. A

    [SOLVED] Start/Destroy: "Cannot activate LVs in VG while PVs appear on duplicate devices."

    This is the same error that I posted here. However, the resolutions in that thread are not working. I've narrowed down the problem as a multipath issue, but I'm creating a new thread because this situation seems to be unique. Node A and B were clustered and are running v6.4-13 and are identical...
  15. L

    Multipath not work after Proxmox 7 upgrade

    Hi, I upgraded from version 6.4 to 7.0 of one of the blades on my Intel Modular Server After reboot multipath not show any device: root@proxmox106:~# multipath -ll root@proxmox106:~# on another node with proxmox 6.4 I have: root@proxmox105:~# multipath -ll sistema (222be000155bb7f72) dm-0...
  16. M

    Multipath config with ISCSI Storage DELL

    Hi, I am trying to configure multipath with a DELL SC5020 iscsi storage. I followed the official Proxmox guide but can't get it to work. I think the problem is in the configuration of the multipath.conf file. I am using Proxmox 6.4 I've been testing various configurations of the multipath.conf...
  17. K

    [SOLVED] SAN Multipath/LVM // systemd-udev-settle hangs

    Hi, I'm struggling with multipath and lvm configuration. I know it is not directly related to PBS, but on this there runs PBS 1.0.11 (Enterprise subscription). I want to use a SAN LUN (Multipath with 2 links) as a physical volume, to run LVM on that and use it as a Datastore for PBS. Server...
  18. Z

    iSCSI: storage '<name>' is not online, VM working, no possibility to backup and/or migrate

    Hello! I'm running a PVE 5.2 cluster with 4 nodes. The cluster is attached to a SAN, an HP P2000 G3 iSCSI. VMs are hosted on the SAN. The first controller of the SAN failed. Everything is running on the second controller, but I can't manage PVE anymore. Although VMs are running, it seems that...
  19. R

    Multipath-tools Errors in PVE 6.3 Updated

    Hi, I have install and configure 3 Nodes Cluster Proxmox Virtual Environment 6.3-3 with multipath-tools Installed: 0.7.9-3+deb10u1 and seeing following errors continuously. multipathd[10763]: get_alua_info: get_asymmetric_access_state returned -3 multipathd[10763]: sdi: couldn't get...
  20. C

    Upgrade to Pve6 - multipath error - "Device or resource busy"

    hello world, I had a Promox 5 cluster with 3 SAN storage bays. When i tried an upgrade to pve 6, one of the bays was no longer visible under multipath :-( So to take no risk on my existing infrastructure, I decided to create a new proxmox 6 cluster from scratch. (iso 6.2-1) I installed 3...


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