memory consumption

  1. J

    High Memory During Backup

    Hello, I'm fairly new to proxmox and running into some trouble with backups. I configured a VM backup job writing to an NFS share with mostly default options (Snapshot, ZSTD compression). Within a minute or two of starting, the system and all VM's became unresponsive. After rebooting I tried...
  2. E

    Very high memory usage on VM

    Hi, just installed NixOS in a VM with GPU passthrough. Everything seems to be working fine, but the RAM usage being reported from the Proxmox dashboard seems very high. Specially compared to what the VM is reporting... I have another VM booted with the ISO for NixOS and it shows far less...
  3. A

    Memory spikes win 2022 trying to defragment a 1TB disk

    Hi, I have a mv with windows 2022 in pve 7.3-3, a week ago I added a 1TB disk, but the operating system eats all the RAM, when entering the OS I identified that what is eating the memory is a process that tries to deframe the disk I have been adding to the RAM but it always has the same...
  4. T

    Memory Utilization

    Hello There, lately, I have configured a 2 node proxmox cluster (Raspberry Pi as q device) each node runs couple of lxc containers however the memory utilization on node 2 is drastically high. any idea how to get and fix that high memory utilization top command from node
  5. O

    VM takes too much memory

    Hello forum, I have setup a ZFS RAID1 proxmox instance with two HDD each 1TB. I have created two Ubuntu VMs (2GB RAM and 4GB RAM). The nvme (256Gb) is not in usage. The problem is that it takes too much memory for these VMs to run. What is the correct way in order for proxmox to not use that...
  6. A

    VM using too much RAM from NFS share (ZFS)

    Hi everyone, I am hurting for memory at the moment and I need a temporary fix until my Epyc parts arrive in December. I posted a question regarding ZFS memory usage and you guys pointed me to the right place to change how much memory the host system uses for ZFS. I have that ZFS volume shared to...
  7. W

    RAM memory above 80%

    Hello, server with 32GB of memory and made 16GB available for the VM. But in the web interface it shows the graph with memory above 80%. Can someone explain to me why this is happening?
  8. C

    Memory question

    Hi all, I have been trying to find information about this, but so far I have not been able to find an answer that explains my question. I will try to explain it as detailed as possible. AT this moment I have Proxmox running with a machine with 64 GB of RAM, the total assigned RAM is 52. When...
  9. S

    vm using more ram than alloted

    Hi i have proxmox node and one of vm using more ram than alloted i have allot 10gb ram but in htop process show more when i stop and start machine show accurate but after few days again show more ram usage
  10. U

    Proxmox Sizing

    Hi I run a small one man business (developer) and use Proxmox to virtualise my customer Windows installations. This works perfectly - I currently have 4 Windows machines running - each with 16 GB of ram and 8 vCPU cores. My host has 64 GB of memory and a 32 x AMD Ryzen 9 5950X 16-Core Processor...
  11. C

    [SOLVED] How much does proxmox need in memory?

    Hi I have install proxmox on a Dell T1700 that have 16 GB memory. I have also install Windows that have 4 GB and Home Assistant that have 2 GB memory So my VM use 6 GB memory but when I look at summary of my proxmox server it say RAM usage 92.08% (14.31 GiB of 15.54 GiB) So does...
  12. T

    proxmox server completely crashed with out of memory error

    This morning one of our proxmox servers completely crashed and took down the VM with it. The server was still on and I was able to connect to is via console. The error was 'Out of memory'. I've also seen this proxmox server over a few weeks suck the CPUs completely dry (this server is only...
  13. S

    Limiting ZFS Memory

    Can anyone clarify the procedure to set the memory limit for ZFS...? This is the link to the instructions below: The procedure to make the change on temporary basis works perfectly and also as stated in the...
  14. J

    High memory usage without any VM's Running

    Hello there! Recent changes: i have recently migrated my boot device on my proxmox server to two Seagate Iron Wolf M.2 SSD's - which are running in a raid1 configuration for failover. After setting up proxmox i started migrating all my VM's to it, thats where i noticed something weird. Proxmox...
  15. H

    Summary Mem Usage Does Not Match OS Free

    Hello, This is my first post and not sure I'm posting in the right place. I only see "Proxmox VE: Installation and configuration" and "Networking and Firewall". I created a VM w/ 2GB of RAM. The VM Summary shows the VM memory is close to being maxed but the OS free -h says it's no where...
  16. R

    Memory Usage not same as in VM

    Hello, My summary of virtual machine Memeory Usage is not correct by all linux servers. For my windows vm's i have installed the virtio drivers en the guest agent en they memory usage is perfect the same as in task manager. Only how do i set this in debian and centos servers? I have installed...
  17. powersupport

    Proxmox node high memory usage but seems incorrect

    Our proxmox VE single node with ZFS (2x 4TB HDD) is showing very high memory usage. However, I have already limited the usage to "8GB" for ARC. Inside VM, when the memory usage is only 2-3 GB, the VM status on PVE is also showing correct values. However, PVE Node shows very high memory usage...
  18. J

    Proxmox 6.x consumes more memory than assigned using ZFS

    After being faced a few times with extraordinary memory consumption i took a look at the shell using glances. out of principle i never count on swap space and don't configure it since my use cases don't call for it. While the RAM assigned is correctly estimated proxmox/kvm decided to consume...


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