1. S

    Tips on how to manage load after reboot

    I have been trying to spread the load so to speak after host reboots. Greatest problem now seems to be MariaDB. When all LXC containers start Maria causes very high IO delay on the host. Any idea how to fix that or spread that around (without startup delay)?
  2. T

    [SOLVED] Crash MariaDB:10 (>10.4.28) on Docker in LXC on BTRFS

    Hi, we have encountered a strange situation: Running: 1. PVE 7.4.3 2. Partition /dev/sdb1formatted with BTRFS 3. Partition /dev/sdb1 mounted at /vol/data on host 4. Storage added: `pvesm add btrfs data --path /vol/data ; pvesm set data --format raw` 5. Unpriviledged LXC container created with...
  3. D

    Mariadb lxc perfomance

    Hello! I have incomprehensible results of mariadb benchmark in proxmox. I tested it with sysbench oltp read only benckmark and got this results: without virtualization 11195.22 transactions per sec in kvm with scsi disk 8358.25 transactions per sec and in lxc 7362.25 transactions per sec Why...
  4. F

    OOM Killer issue, container

    Hi, I use Proxmox 5.1 with up to 70 containers. A few days ago one of the containers crashed. After some troubleshooting, I noticed that the Proxmox killed MariaDB service inside the container for memory reason. In monitoring systems and even on Proxmox web diagrams there is no such...
  5. C

    very slow sql request on promox

    Hi, We are starting a migration between VMware and promox, however we have noticed that some sql requests on mariadb took up to 2 seconds longer than VMware. We did more in-depth tests, for the same newly installed VM either on vmware or on promox, with the same database, on the same physical...
  6. P

    [SOLVED] Problem LXC mariadb debian 10

    People hi! :) I just noticed an anomaly on a lxc container freshly installed with a debian 10 template. Indeed, after installing the container I launched an "apt update && apt-upgrade" then "apt install mariadb-server". Here is the error message I just had: systemctl status mariadb.service ●...


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