1. P

    RAW SCSI device (LTO tape) in qemu

    Hello, I have a HPE LTO tape reader+changer connected via a SAS card that I want to use from inside a qemu VM on proxmox. After a bit of reading, I have been able to connect it like follows (I put here the full process, in case other people are interested) : On the pve, I find out which are the...
  2. A

    Encrpytion light on tape drive lit?

    I just noticed when running a backup, the hardware Encryption light was lit on my drive for one of my tapes. This tape has been used without hardware encryption in the past. Has PBS made a change to the way encryption is implemented, now using the hardware encryption by default? Has PBS just...
  3. K

    PBS does not identify my TS4300 tape library

    lsscsi [1:0:0:0] cd/dvd HL-DT-ST RW/DVD GCC-T10N 1.00 /dev/sr0 [2:0:0:0] disk ServeRA BootV V1.0 /dev/sda [2:0:1:0] disk ServeRA Volume V1.0 /dev/sdb [2:1:0:0] disk HUA72101 0KLA330 AB4A - [2:1:1:0] disk HUA72101 0KLA330...
  4. B

    Question on: Scheduling backups to tape library

    I recently just sat up PBS, although I'm a long-time VE user. I am attempting to setup a scheduled backup to a tape library for archival purposes. The issue I am running into is that I don't see the option in the drop-down list for the Job's schedule for the particular use case I'm trying to...
  5. G

    Tape Drives in PVE instead of PBS

    TL;DR Can you install the tape library packages from Proxmox Backup Server into in Proxmox Virtual Environment to give it the same tape library support without having to run a separate PBS instance. I recently acquired a tape library and started looking at how to implement it in Proxmox. I...
  6. C

    Backup NFS-Share with PBS

    Hi, I'm now proud owner of a PBS Community Licence and everything looks great so far :D And I just bought a LTO-6 Drive. The Integration with PBS also looks good. But I have another wish: Mount a NFS - Synology - in PBS and backup the mount to the LTO Drive. Is this possible? I can only find...
  7. T

    Unterstützt der Backup Server bereits LTO 9

    Hallo Miteinander, ich würde gerne ein SAS LTO 9 Laufwerk in meinem BackupServer einbauen um größere Datenmengen zu sichern. Beispielsweise mit einem Tandberg ULTRIUM LTO 9 HH Laufwerk: LTO-Laufwerk Tandberg TD-LTO9ISA Unterstützt die kostenpflichtige Version des Proxmox Backup Server out of...
  8. F

    Writing generic data to tape

    Hello, due to limitations of our setup and Proxmox combined, I'm in need of writing some generic Data to tape. Basically, I want to sync files (from a windows box) to Proxmox, and then write that to tape(s). I can of course create a datastore, and just dump the files into that folder, the...
  9. K

    PBS - old lto-3

    hi, im new on PVE and PBS. we have old HP ML 350 G5 with 6 disk SATA: - 2 x 1 TB (Raid 1) - 4 x 2 TB (Raid 5) and connected via SAS LTO-3 (HP Ultrium). Is any chance to use LTO-3 with PBS? (Yes, i know is old and small, but work o_O ) Or maybe better - can i connect LTO-3 to VM and use it?
  10. T

    Tape Backup Config

    Hallo zusammen, wir setzten ein LTO- 7 Drive ein und nutzen 9.50 TiB des Datastores mit einem Deduplication Factor von 19.84. Wir halten 8 Tage an Sicherungen auf dem Store vor. Jetzt wollen wir täglich auf ein Tape sichern und dies freitags (händisch) durch ein neues ersetzen. Wobei das...
  11. G

    tape device not seen on host

    Hi, Our proxmox 6.3-3 installation does not detect a qualstar Q24 tape library attached via SAS. According to lspci the controller card is detected and the st module is also loaded but I have no /dev/st* devices. dmesg does not show anything related to the tape drive. #lspci -v 04:00.0 Serial...


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