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    How to see logs of VIM in proxmox console

    Hello, As I am new to Proxmox, I have a question. I have installed the latest Proxmox version on the HP server. After a while, my VM stopped responding, and I could not access it from the SSH and not from its web and not from proxmox GUI. Can I see relevant logs only for this VMID from proxmox...
  2. H


    Hi, i need the logs of every VM (CPU Usage mostly) and every node for data mining. where can i find these log files ?
  3. S

    [SOLVED] Restore job unexpected error

    Hii everyone, since few weeks we are having issues while restoring backups from our Proxmox Backup Server Restore stops after few % of progess and it is always different everytime. The both servers are located in the internal netwerk and connected with a 100gb switch I attached the maybe...
  4. A

    ISCSI logs in syslog (how to hide?)

    Hi. There are 4 servers in the "Proxmox VE" cluster. Connected to three storage systems via ISCSI (there are multipaths). In the syslog of each server, these logs of this type are always displayed every second. This is very inconvenient, because because of them, you can skip all the other...
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    List of received emails.

    I am looking for a way to export list of emails received by PMG and successfully forwarded to mail server. Tracking center has limited records display. Is there any command through which i can export these logs?
  6. M

    zfs-zed.service errors in logs

    Hi, I'm running a PBS LXC privileged container and I've noticed the attached errors in the logs. root@ProxmoxBackupServer:~# proxmox-backup-manager versions...
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    [SOLVED] PVEFW Logs with custom rules

    Hi, I'm not sure if I asked the question already, checked but cannot find in my posts. Basically I have some custom iptables rules per VM/adapter and I do logging. These logs go into the main node logs instead of the VM Firewall logs. /sbin/iptables -N ... /sbin/iptables -A ... -m limit...
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    View logs per VM/CT?

    Is there a way to view logs per VM/CT? Syslog is great and all but ultimately an amalgamation of everything, making it just a hodge-podge of output.
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    What do these syslog entries mean

    Im getting a lot of: Dec 04 20:32:09 pve pveproxy[2584811]: worker exit Dec 04 20:32:09 pve pveproxy[2477]: worker 2584811 finished Dec 04 20:32:09 pve pveproxy[2477]: starting 1 worker(s) Dec 04 20:32:09 pve pveproxy[2477]: worker 2615437 started Dec 04 20:32:44 pve pvedaemon[2517694]: worker...
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    Is is possible to extend retention of logs

    Hello I am trying to find how to extend the time that PMG holds logs about all the email transactions (visible in the Tracking Center). I would like this to be going a few years back. How can this be done? Any help is much appreciated! :)
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    [SOLVED] Activity Log Inaccurate

    Hey Guys, I am hoping someone can help me... Somewhere about 2 month's ago I noticed that I can no longer see the full activity logs. I can see for example the backup command start the backps, but then there's no log where I can see the progress. Same thing with migrations etc. I can only see...
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    Containers shutdown sometimes

    Hello! Some times I found my containers shutdown. But I don't do that. Task history not contains somwthing about it. Where can I look for container logs ? When and why it was shutdown ? Thanks!
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    Logs in proxmox node

    Hi, For traceability reasons, I would like to retrieve the security events of the the creation, modification and deletion of users. The same goes for firewall rules. Do you know if it is possible to make the logs more verbose on these two points? Thanks,
  14. L

    Web interface access error.log location?

    Hello, trying to configure login protection to PVE interface and can't find where failed logins are logged. I can see /var/log/pveproxy with traffic of the front but don't see there login details. Can't find documentation either. Thanks.
  15. A

    Container Firewall Logs

    I've searched around and found others with this issue, but none that are actually resolved. I've enabled the firewall on the container, and the firewall works just fine but it never generates any logs regardless of log level. Is this a bug or am I missing something?


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