1. M

    [SOLVED] Unable to unlock container

    I have a container (ID 103) that is stuck in snapshot-delete state and locked after backup failed due to insufficient disk space. I cannot unlock it using 'pct unlock 103' as I get the below error: unable to open file '/etc/pve/nodes/hv01/lxc/103.conf.tmp.1176271' - Permission denied That file...
  2. J

    Restart and migration blocked by backup

    Hi, A vps crashed in the middle of the backup and the HA-service tried to restart and migrate the vps to no avail. Because of the backup the vps was locked and could not be restarted or migrated by the HA-service. Is there a possibility that the HA-service can abort the backup to unlock the...
  3. J

    [SOLVED] Unable to Allocate Image on GlusterFS

    Throwing this solution up in case someone else runs into the issue. Scroll down to the bottom for the key Take Aways and dev recommendations. Environment 3x PVE 7.0-11 nodes clustered together Every node has a ZFS pool with a GlusterFS brick on it Glusterd version 9.2 Gluster is configured in a...
  4. Y

    [SOLVED] Container locked after creation was interrupted

    Hi, I'm using Proxmox 7.1. I have launched cloning of an existing container and do it again in order to have 3 identical containers. The second try has failed because the container was locked during cloning, however it lets an "unintialized" container that is locked with "Config locked...
  5. S

    Unable to unlock container

    A backup job failed and an lxc container is locked. I have tried to unlock it but the system says the .conf file does not exist. If I try to touch the file, I get an error to say I can't create the file, the file already exists. root@cloud4:~# qm unlock 110 Configuration file...
  6. F

    Q: LVM_Thin and restore 'bigger' VM

    Hi, I have question / curious if anyone has insight/comment. - doing a P2V migration of a physical host > proxmox; using a temporary staging host to facilitate the transfer. - Stage host and clobber old host - was done with ISO / stock install proxmox host 7.latest - OldHost is supermicro...
  7. A

    [SOLVED] How to determine if a container is locked?

    How to determine if a container is locked? I want to check all containers and identify locked.
  8. J


    Hi Guys, I have a problem with a vm on my proxmox 4.0. I have a backup job who run last night but the job didn't finish. This morning i see that the vm is locked and i can't reset or stop the machine. To resolve temporarily my problem I had to create an other vm and put the disk of my primary...
  9. R

    How to disable PVE firewall after lock-out (Datacenter level firewall)

    Hello, i have a small pve cluster in place and have a misconfigured firewall so that i cannot access my hosts anymore (lock-out scenario). I can only boot onto the rescue mode of hetzner and access my hardisk to change things but it seems that many things have changed since pve 6 and i dont...
  10. Y

    Cluster without quorum, Nodes doas't join the cluster

    Hello, i hav 3 nodes cluster, this morning VPS are UP but the cluster status was down, no quorum. i have rebooted 2 of 3 nodes ( the nodes without vps ) but not solved.. LAN is ok and hostname /etc/host is ok. I hav also tried to reboot services on all 3 nodes: systemctl restart pve-cluster...
  11. O

    NFS backup and cluster freeze

    Hello I know, it's an very comun problem and there is a lot of post about this, but I haven't found an definitive solution to the problem. I have an cluster with proxmox 4.4 of 15 servers, all of them have an NFS share connection to an Freenas server for backup files. Sometime, for some...
  12. G

    VM in HA stops if cluster node reboots while backing up to NFS storage

    I have several virtual machines setup in high availability. I use CEPH as shared storage for VMs disks. I have an NFS storage mounted to live backup nightly all the VMs. Last night the server that hosts NFS rebooted while a backup was performing. The cluster node hosting the VM that was doing...
  13. P

    Guest VM hang/stalled

    Hi, I've uncovered an issue today with my Proxmox setup. So I have a cluster with two nodes. The primary node (proxmox01), and the secondary node (proxmox02). I have guest VMs running on both nodes. However, the problem is everytime I ssh into the guest VM from the secondary node (proxmox02)...


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