1. J

    Proxmox High Availability Migrate Issue

    I have encountered an issue with Proxmox High Availability (HA). The problem occurred when one of our servers went down, causing the VM to move to another server where HA is implemented. Now, when we tried to migrate it back to the original host/server using Proxmox, it did not proceed...
  2. L

    Local-LVM Full

    Hi. I install Windows 11 as VM in Proxmox which i allocate 100 MB. However, the next day, the local-LVM space suddenly full. Previously have 4 G space left. This windows 11 are meant for developer to save their stuff in it. Kindly advice what can i do to fix this rather than allocate more...
  3. V

    Increase local disk and reduce local-lvm

    I'm with no space remaining on local disk, but with free space on local-lvm disk. I need to reduce the local-lvm to give space to local. How can I do that?
  4. S

    Empty LVM storage shows as full in UI although it's empty

    I Installed PROXMOX on a new server, and after a few days, the storage on the UI started to show like it's full, although I haven't created any VMs or anything on it. This PVE is part of a cluster, and I am afraid that other nodes have somehow written to this disk. I have a few nodes, each one...
  5. B

    [SOLVED] Reduce local and Increase local-lvm Disk size?

    Hi All, After installing proxmox 7.3, i saw the following disk sizes info - local 100GB - local-lvm 1.64TB root:~# lsblk NAME MAJ:MIN RM SIZE RO TYPE MOUNTPOINT sda 8:0 0 1.6T 0 disk ├─sda1 8:1 0 1007K 0 part ├─sda2 8:2...
  6. X

    [SOLVED] local-lvm visible but not accessible

    Hi, I'll preface this with 'this is very likely self-inflicted'. I've been using proxmox 6 on a couple nodes for the last 2 years or so with great success and I've (mostly) enjoyed the journey. Now I'm a bit stuck and hoping someone here might help me figure out a fix. My problem is that...
  7. G

    local-lvm - no such logical volume pve/data

    I just installed PVE onto a new server using ZFS and added it to a cluster. I cannot use the local-lvm storage location on my new host as it shows this error: no such logical volume pve/data at /usr/share/perl5/PVE/Storage/LvmThinPlugin.pm line 219. (500) Here is the output of some of the...
  8. S

    local-lvm on a new installation

    What is the purpose of the local-lvm on a new installation of Proxmox VE? Can the space be reclaimed and repurposed into a directory so that it will also be able to store snapshots, backups, and others...
  9. M

    local-lvm Usage 100% Although many files have been deleted

    How are you? I am happy to use your services. Thank you proxmox. I have a problem which is that local-lvm Usage 100% Even though I deleted the files manually Backup and files from within KVM ,Openvz storage and many It did not decrease and the difference was not calculated at all. Is there...
  10. P

    [SOLVED] Reduce size of local-lvm on Proxmox Cluster

    Hello, We using a proxmox cluster consisting of several nodes, which uses HA and CephFS for most of the VMs. Also, we use an off-site proxmox backup server and since local backups are faster reloaded after configuration mistakes, we also want to keep daily backups stored locally on the...
  11. M

    local & local-lvm fast voll, was tun?

    Hallo zusammen, ich bin noch ganz neu hier im Forum und auch mit Proxmox. Ich habe mir extra einen Server gebaut für Proxmox und co. Richtig cool! Bin mehr als begeistert! Nach Jahren mit Ubuntu Server, FreeNas, XPenology, Windows Server bin ich froh nun alle Dienste in Ubuntu Containern...
  12. O

    Local-LVM disk lost

    Hello, After having a power cut, all the data from the LXC & KVM VMs disappeared and I really don't know why, here are some screens: I would like your help, I have too much data, thank you. sorry if I am explaining it badly.
  13. A

    How to check local-lvm free space by using terminal command?

    Greetings, I need to check local-lvm disk usage. Could someone please let me know what command can be used for this? Kind regards, Aqs.
  14. K

    Making use of Local-LVM

    I have tried to understand how to make use of Local-LVM for LXC, but failing. Every time I attempt to create a new container, the only option is local as opposed to both local and local-lvm. Besides lxc, could I use local-lvm for a docker container? If so, how does one point a docker container...
  15. K

    no local-lvm after deleting snapshot with failure and following reboot of the host

    Ich habe am 29.3. gegen 9:12 Uhr einen Snapshot gelöscht um Platz zu schaffen, dabei gab es einen Fehler, diesen habe ich nicht weiter beachtet, nur gesehen dass in der WebGUI wo ich diesen Löschen wollte, dieser noch vorhanden war. Daraufhin beschloss ich einen Tag später den Host neuzustarten...
  16. M

    [SOLVED] get .raw from local-lvm

    Hello everyone, can someone tell me how can I get the .raw of an image that is in a local-lvm? I would like to get it to send it through scp to another pc as a backup. I'd prefer doing it in this way to have the image and not a snapshot. Thanks
  17. F

    change directory size

    I installed Promxmox 5.1-38 version. I have 2T hard drive. After installation it has 90G local (PATH /var/lib/vz ) and the rest of hard is local-lvm (LVM-thin). Now I want to increase local up to 300G and leave the rest for local-lvm. I do the following steps : #lvremove pve/data #lvresize -l...
  18. S

    unable to mount multidisk LVM as usable

    Background I have 5 2TB disks. I have installed proxmox and am able to create new virtual machines and run them. The ability to successfully create and use VMs lead me to believe I installed everything correctly. I have run through the LVM documentation as well as the proxmox documentation and...
  19. Coolguy3289

    No space Allocated to Local-lvm

    Hello, I am currently trying to create a VM/CT in proxmox, however I get the following error during machine creation: TASK ERROR: no such volume group 'pve' Upon some checking, I noticed that the Local-lvm has no Space at all allocated to it. When I installed this instance, I setup a SW raid...
  20. T

    Need to delete local-lvm and reuse the size

    Hello Evrybody , I don't use local-lvm , i want to delete that partition and add the free size to the root partition (local). Any help please ?


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