1. powersupport

    Memory usage showing High from the outside and the server keeps stopping

    Hi, We are experiencing an issue that one of the VM (windows server) in our Proxmox cluster keeps stopping at regular intervals. We have checked the Syslog for OOM messages 'cat /var/log/syslog | grep OOM'. But does not get any output. On checking the summary in the Proxmox interface, we could...
  2. B

    massive load spikes since upgrade to 7.2

    Hi, since we upgraded some hosts to PVE from 6.4 to 7.2 recently, some VMs get unresponsive when other VMs are backed up via PBS. E.g. one VM running Debian 9 had a maximum load of 6 on PVE 6 and on PVE 7.2 the load goes up to 180. We changed the IO of the VM from virtio to single SCSI /...
  3. J

    Server Has Sudden Increase in CPU Usage and Load

    Hello, I'm experiencing a strange CPU usage/load issue: After starting (/restarting) my server, it has a CPU usage and load, which I would consider normal (CPU usage is around 6% and load around 1). Then after a few days (6 or so), all of a sudden the CPU usage and load increase to about 40-50%...
  4. B

    What would cause load to be incorrectly reported as being so high?

    Screenshot of top as well as from admin interface attached. There's only one VM running that isn't taking all the available memory so this makes little sense.
  5. C

    [SOLVED] CPU usage with LXC in webui

    Hello, I was under the impression that the reported CPU usage in the webui for LXC is in % but I'm having doubts. According to this picture: is the container using 10% cpu or it has a load of 10 (just like top would report) Thanks
  6. H

    "CPU limit" should be set rather than "Cores" when creating CTs

    The default CT creation dialog offers us to set number of CPU cores, but not CPU limit. However that causes CT to be locked on specific cores preventing it to use other cores under load, which might result in load spikes when two or several CTs get loaded on the same core. It somewhat tries to...
  7. P

    proxmox load almost all memory

    I´m using the newest proxmox.. and have 64GB memory. i have 2 computers on it. 1x 6GB 1x 2GB Still it use 22GB memory and grows more and more. when i reboot. it uses around 10GB. i hade 32GB innit before and it almost eat it alive! Is there something wrong if proxmox load on memory or a bug...
  8. M

    host server load and density with containers

    I'm trying to evaluate the maximum capacity of my hosts so we plan next wave on hardware acquisitions. we use containers only and need to know how many can we run on a single machine. Is there any reference for pveperf to compare with? I'm specifically interested in density and load. I know...
  9. K

    big load on proxmox node

    Hi all, i have some strange issue with my proxmox node server, the issue is that when i powerup a openvz container (small one 1gb memory 20gb hdd) the nodes just freaks out - means that loads goes 200+ i/o is 99% and this load/io is cused by kswapd* process. Server is: 2x six core 2.8 72Gb...
  10. A

    RAM high load on node with no VM running

    I am doing some performance checks in a dedicated server with latest proxmox 4.1 (including the today kernel enterprise repo update). Once rebooted i started checks: Node just restarted, no vms running: root@hn2:~# free -m total used free shared buffers cached Mem: 24098 870 23227...


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