1. L

    New build: storage optimization for variety of workloads

    Storage noob here. I am building a new single node proxmox server on a 2U server that has 9 3.5in 4TB HDDs and 6 2.5in 800GB SSDs beyond what is used for Proxmox's boot image. The server will be running a mix of stateful container workloads, databases for stateless containers, and VMs for...
  2. N

    Question: InterVM 10Gbe network between VMs? #rookCeph #k3s

    Hey everyone, I am running my kubernetes nodes on my Dell R730 At the moment they are using a bridged Network on a 10Gbe NIC…But I only have a 1Gbe switch.\ That said, the server has a second (unused 10Gbe Nic) eno2 I was wondering if It would be possible to create a “logical” inter-vm network...
  3. J

    SSH Rredirection

    Hi, I have a K8S cluser installed on proxmox host. To access VMs created in Proxmox, I obliged to connect to the Proxmox server and then make another SSH connection to the desired VM . This is not very practical in addition to posing obvious security problems. is there a way please to do a...
  4. S

    Proxmox Ceph cluster and external clients

    I was looking to see if anyone was aware with any of the modifications to the Proxmox Ceph release when compared to the upstream repository that can affect how you would get an external client to rbd volumes and cephfs pools. I recently built up a test cluster of all pve 8.1.3 (3 machines, 1 SSD...
  5. C

    Kubernetes proxmox-operator

    Hi guys, i did the proxmox-operator for manage proxmox VMs via kubernetes CRDs. It's free and open source. I will be happy with feedback. https://github.com/CRASH-Tech/proxmox-operator
  6. M

    question on kubernetes + proxmox + persistent volume

    We are setting up Kubernetes cluster using proxmox, I want to know what is the best method to provide persistent volume. i.e what is the best way to provide persistent volume in terms of stability & easy to handle to customers and admins. If there is any link or any experience kindly share it.
  7. V

    Network issues on ovs switch

    I have a Kubernetes VM and an unrelated VM on the same host in a cluster using an ovs-bridge. I'm able to ping between the two VMs but when I try to ping from a kubernetes container it fails. Using tcpdump on the ovs-bridge interfaces I can see ping and response on the unrelated VM's interface...
  8. Z

    Am I able to run Kubernetes clusters on Proxmox cluster?

    I was deploying / testing K8S cluster on my vmware cluster with an evaluation license, but I could not deploying it in our production environment, because the license for our production environment do not support DRS and resource pool feature which is only available in enterprise license. So...
  9. S

    Rancher Kubernetes RK2 auf PVE7

    Hallo zusammen, ich versuche seit einiger Zeit RKE2 also Rancher ohne Docker nur auf containerd auf LXC zum laufen zu bekommen. Leider kommt kein einziger Container hoch. Nicht mal Cattle will anstarrten. Es passiert einfach gar nix. Habe es mit Ubuntu 20 probiert aber wie gesagt ohne Erflog...
  10. J

    cgroups not working inside LXC containers

    I am trying to get a kubernetes node to run on a LXC container (tried with Ubuntu and Alpine so far), but I can't get it to work due to a problem with the cgroups. I am trying with a privileged LXC container, and I already configured lxc to that container at /etc/pve/lxc/200.conf with...
  11. D

    Volume Sizing and Usage question

    Dear Forum Members, how should I partition the main disks of my proxmox nodes? I am in the process of setting up a small 3 node Proxmox Cluster (3x Intel NUC with 8GB RAM and 240 GB SSD each, one of them with an additional 512GB SSD). I want to use the cluster for running (home lab) Kubernetes...
  12. R

    proxmox network setup for kubernetes

    Im sure this question has been asked a thousand times, but some of the pieces I have found still come up short. I have 3 proxmox nodes in a cluster, sitting in a data center. I want to use these 3 nodes to run a k8s cluster, with the cluster spread among all three nodes. The idea is to have 3...
  13. I

    [SOLVED] CEPH + Kubernetes

    I've installed Proxmox PVE on 3 nodes and set up Ceph which works fine with VMs running from them. The Cluster and Public network are on the same subnet with the monitors being on the same subnet as the VMs. My problem is using my Ceph storage with Kubernetes running as VMs. I cannot get it to...
  14. D

    Installing Rancher Kubernetes on LXC

    Guys does anyone know what it takes to deploy and run rancher kubernetes on an LXC container? I'm sure I ran this tutorial https://github.com/polinchw/rancher-kubernetes-on-bare-metal correctly but it seems that when accessing the public IP the rancher interface doesn't show up.
  15. H

    lost network after 'kubeadm init'

    I want to try Kubernetes on a cluster including three pve 6.2. after run 'kubeadm init', the netwrok is lost. I reboot and purge all kube* ,but the network still not start. I use openvswitch, and then I configure with command, the network seen be started, but i can not ping other ip. how could I...
  16. M

    Using Proxmox for Ceph Storage and Kubernetes Cluster

    Hi all I have a question regarding ceph storage for our kubernetes cluster. We have 2 supermicros, Server 1 has a bunch of 120GB SSDs in RAID, while Server 2 has 4 1.8TB HDDs and a 120GB SSD for the OS. Both Running Proxmox v6.1-3 Currently we use ceph via rook to manage our storage but felt...
  17. I

    Ubuntu 18.04.4 VMs losing ssh keys, very unstable.

    First time using Proxmox, have 10 VMs with Ubuntu 18.04, first one created and others cloned across 3 servers (3 VM on each server, and 1 extra one as main access to control the others for ansible, ssh, etc...). Right after, install, everything worked great, after updating Ubuntu apt/apt-get...
  18. V

    [SOLVED] Kubernetes - Ceph storage not mounting

    Hello guys, I am trying to use a persistent volume claim dynamically after defining a storage class to use Ceph Storage on a Proxmox VE 6.0-4 one node cluster. The persistent volume gets created successfully on ceph storage, but pods are unable to mount it. It throws below error. I am not sure...
  19. K

    LXC: setup kubernetes problems

    I am trying to get my single node kubernetes cluster running inside an LXC conainter. I am running a container with Debian-9.0-standard_9.7-1_amd64 image and docker. (For the setup of docker I followed the official setup docker on debian tutorial). I also enabled keyctl and Nesting... I...
  20. B

    Proxmox Ceph - Connect external workloads to proxmox Ceph

    Hi, I’ve got a 3 node proxmox cluster running ceph. I’m also running Kubernetes on top of proxmox. Currently, my LAN is and my Ceph network is (separated over a different NIC and VLAN) How do I give my Kubernetes access to Ceph? I want to create a separate...


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