1. D

    Jellyfin as an LXC containers can't see subdirectories

    I'm running a Proxmox VE with TrueNas Scale VM and Jellyfin as an unprivileged LXC container (installed through tteck's Helper Scripts). I followed this tutorial, minus the docker-compose part, to add media libraries in Truenas to Jellyfin. I mounted the sharename to /mnt/lxc_shares/nas_rwx on...
  2. T

    Issues with AMD GPU setup for use with VAAPI encode/decoding in a LXC

    CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 5800X Motherboard: TUF GAMING B550-PLUS GPU: FXF 5700 I've been running into some errors while trying to get drivers setup for a Jellyfin LXC (privileged) I have. There's been a few problems which I cannot find a similar issue online to help me fix this with. Vainfo has been...
  3. D

    [SOLVED] PCIe passthrough breaks display of memory usage

    Hello community! I am running a single node on Proxmox 8.1.4 and I successfully set up a Ubuntu Server 23.10 VM with GPU passthrough of my Intel Arc A750. But when starting the VM I noticed something very strange. As soon as I added the PCI device to the VM and started it, it displays in the...
  4. M

    [TUTORIAL] Proxmox LXC iGPU passthrough

    Proxmox LXC iGPU passthrough I couldn't find any tutorial that worked out for me so i create my own. Code was executed at Lenovo M720q, i5-8500T, Proxmox 8.1.3 Full step by step guide for passthrough intel iGPU for jellyfin and Intel CPU's gen7+ It seems like Firefox has some problems with...
  5. J

    PVE 8.1Intel iGPU with SR-IOV and HDMI

    Hi everyone, I have successfully get my 12th iGPU to work with SR-IOV, but still I got two questions here: 1. Can I use one VM as the ouput of onboard HDMI or DP? (allocated a vGPU or VF) If so the HDMI CEC function will still be available? 2. If VM output to HDMI is not possible, How can I...
  6. R

    Problem with setting plex or jellyfin

    Hi i am new to proxmox and to linux in general and i am trying to set up plex on hp thin client. evething is working well i can acces plex from my browser but no matter what folder i chose for media plex can't find it and can't see any wideos. I alsow tried to install jellyfin and i have the...
  7. B

    Share one disk between multiple containers or virtual machines

    Hello, First of all, I'd like to say that I am complete beginer. I've watched several hours Proxmox tutorials and basically everything I do is copy pase from a tutorial videos. So here is the deal: I have a Synology / Xpenology VM which I use for NAS. I have an LXC where I run Jellyfin on...
  8. B

    Jellyfin on Proxmox with Synology's data shared folder

    Hello, I wish to create a Jellyfin Media Server. Here is what I am trying to achieve: 1) I want to have it on Proxmox (as a VM or Container, I am not really sure) 2) I want to enable hardware acceleration QSV (Intel N100 processor) 3) I want the Jellyfin to get media files from Synology's...
  9. C

    iGPU passthrough problems

    Hi I want to run jellyfin with igpu passthrough, I did it using tteks automated scrint and compared the actual code and nearly all websites suggested this code. But after setting everything up jellyfin errors out in the GUI with a pretty general message: Jellyfin log probably says the most...
  10. A

    Proxmox, Jellyfin with 1 boot SSD and 1 media HDD

    I understand most people care about backup, hdd failure etc. I will also care about those in future hopefully. For now, I just want to experiment an experience proxmox for 2 things as follows: 1) Have proxmox set up in ssd, all ISO, VM will be stored in the SSD. This part I think I can achieve...
  11. G

    Proxmox VE 7.4 - Intel i3-10100, nVidia GT 1030 - How to use both gpus?

    Good Day! Excite bike! My rig is finally all put together and ready to go. Hardware Configuration: Asus Prime Z490-P motherboard Intel Core i3-10100 CPU nVidia GT 1030 GPU Here is the plan (well, the bits that pertain to my question): - Proxmox HV - - VM or container (TBD depending on which...
  12. R

    Unable to access OpenCL device in Jellyfin LXC container on AMD

    Hello, I'm running Proxmox 7.3-6 with an AMD 5900HX CPU. I have set up a Jellyfin LXC container and added the following lines to the container's configuration file at `/etc/pve/nodes/<host>/lxc/<id>.conf`: lxc.cgroup2.devices.allow: c 226:* rwm lxc.mount.entry: /dev/dri/card0 dev/dri/card0...
  13. R

    Doubt about i5 12400 and transcoding

    Good to all, I am new to this forum and also using proxmox, in a few weeks or 1 month I will buy a new pc that I will use it as a server to install proxmox, I plan to host services like pihole, openvpn, jellyfin and more .... The hardware I'm going to buy is an intel i5 12400 with iGPU UHD 730...
  14. J

    proxmox 7.1, unable to access render128 in lxc with vainfo

    So i've followed guides and runinng vainfo on the host shows the list of...
  15. D

    GPU in LXC for transcoding

    Hello, does anyone know how to get hardware acellerated transcoding to work in a lxc? proxmox (host) has: apt isntall pve-headers ./amdgpu-pro-install --no-32 --opencl=legacy,rocr -y apt install amf-amdgpu-pro lxc conf: lxc.cgroup2.devices.allow: c 226:* rwm lxc.mount.entry: /dev/dri/card0...
  16. W

    Need help for lxc intel gpu

    Hi, I use intel i5 10500 to host Proxmox VE 7.0-11. Run vm for openwrt, home-assistant and xpenology, and I want add lxc for Plex and Jellyfin. but I cant let lxc use my UHD Graphics 630 for Plex HWtranscode. on host: root@pve:~# ls -l /dev/dri total 0 drwxr-xr-x 2 root root 80 Aug 20...
  17. A

    Proxmox Home Media Server, file system and HDD setup

    Hello, I'm a bit lost on the optimal configuration for a Proxmox Homeserver running Jellyfin and other file and cloud services. I've an Asus C246M WU4 Mainboard with Xeon E2146 CPU. I use two NVMe SSDs in a mirrored setup with ZVS filesystem. I own one 8TB HDD for media storage which I plan...
  18. R

    Poor zfs read(suspected) performance, dlna streaming unusable

    Dear all, Sorry for an ambiguous title and thread as i have just put up an itx machine to try on the proxmox platform, was aniticipating a great upgrade from my old HP microserver Gen7 (ESXi) to the proxmox LXC container world. but resulting in a confused and disappointing week due to my lack...


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