iso upload

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    API Download (upload) ISO limits

    Is it possible to limit download speed and file size?
  2. U

    Upload .iso via API

    Hi, I'm trying to upload an image via ProxmoxVE API but cannot find a way to pass the local path of the .iso file. After reading the documentation, I could not determine which argument is used for the local path. I would appreciate a little help. Cheers
  3. F

    "local" hd filled with less than 2 ISOs

    Hello to all - a nubee here with a new Proxmox cluster running on three thin clients, each with a 16GB boot disk and a 1TB m.2 SATA, and with 36G RAM. The cluster is configured with shares on a separate TrueNAS box for general shared storage (including ISOs) and for backups. Those shares show up...
  4. G

    Can't upload ISOs to my Proxmox via nginx and Cloudflare tunnel.

    Hi guys. Some time ago, I decided to have public access to manage my Proxmox server everywhere I go. So by these I've made a Cloudflare Tunnel, installing it on may Proxmox server and configuring Nginx as a webmanager, because the default port 8006 has no access through the Cloudflare tunnel...
  5. R

    Two extra bytes in ISO file when uploading via API / Proxmoxer

    When I upload the same ISO file manually through the GUI and through the API, I get two slightly different results: Manual upload: The ISO works. Upload using API: The file has two extra leading bytes, specifically `0x0d0a` (`\r\n`), and it's seen as a corrupt ISO file. More details at...
  6. M

    [SOLVED] upload ISO via URL not working

    Tried to upload ISO of Gentoo minimal install ( via download form URL gave it after excruciating 10 minutes and 944K downloaded I...
  7. J

    Unable to store ISOs on added LVM drives, but I'm also unable to add them as Directories?

    Good afternoon, evening, morning, or day! I'm looking to try to store some ISOs on different storage mediums, but I'm unable to configure the drives correctly for that. Any tips? I originally followed this guide to add the drives to Proxmox, but the option to store ISOs on them isn't available...
  8. K

    Storing ISOs in thin LVM

    HI, I created a thin lvm storage and added it to one of my nodes. It all worked fine and it can store vmdisks. But i cannot upload any to it since it is a block storage, not a file storage. What is the best way to enable storing ISO images on it? Mounting it and creating a filesystem?
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    [SOLVED] sideload isos from USB

    I have a newly installed cluster (6.3-6) and I have a 5 or 6 isos I would like to use to install multiple virtual machines. I was looking for a way to not upload them one by one. I do not have a way to use shared storage. Is there a way to put all the isos on one USB drive, plug it in and...
  10. J

    Authentication Method Affecting ISO Upload

    When using the HTTPS API, it appears that the authentication method affects ISO uploads. When using standard username/password authentication, the upload works as expected. When using an API Token (for the same user with all the user's permissions), the upload fails and the Response is a 501...
  11. F

    ISO Upload freezing

    Hi, Im new to Proxmox, was a user of FreeNAS for my server but been looking at other solutions to my needs with VM's and the sort, I installed it fine to my test machine, not a new machine at all but it does what I need. Its a Lenovo Thinkpad T430s, (this is only for testing due to not wanting...
  12. N

    Suggestion - Continue using proxmox during iso upload to local storage

    Hello Proxmox, I am presenting a suggestion if a solution for this does not exist. I have a few ISOs that I will be uploading locally to my node and during this 4-10gb transfer, I am unable to do anything within the interface as the upload screen. I have an Abort button, which I don't want to...


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