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    Virtual Machines and Container extremely slow

    Dear Proxmoy-Experts, Since some days now, the performance of every machine and container in my cluster is extremely slow. Here some general Info of my setup I am running a 3 node proxmox-cluster with up-to-date packages. All three cluster nodes are almost identical in heir hardware specs...
  2. P

    Bug IOWait on Proxmox 7.2.11

    Hello, I have a problem on my proxmox 7.2.11 I can no longer make a backup on my dedicated even locally on a disk because otherwise I have the IoWait which goes up to 100% and then I completely lose access to the proxmox for 5 minutes. On the other hand, I still have access to the vps that I...
  3. C

    Proxmox Ceph - higher iowait times

    Hi, We're in the process of moving from a cluster that had a networked Dell ScaleIO storage to Proxmox using Ceph. Since moving across a couple of our VM's we've noticed quite an increase in iowait. Is this something that is typical of Ceph due to the nature of it's replication? For reference...
  4. T

    Measuring Co-Stop (vSMP) Usage in Proxmox

    Hey Everyone, Back from ESXi-land with another valuable question, well two in fact. The question in the title is about measuring CPU resource usage in more detail, for example in Proxmox I love that there is an oi-delay counter. Questions: How would one go about measuring something like...
  5. P

    Analyzing Ceph load

    Hello, I want to understand if I am reaching a bottleneck in my hyperconverged Proxmox+ Ceph cluster. In moments of high load (multiple LXC with high I/O on small files) I see one node with: - IO delay at 40% - around 50% CPU usage - load at 200 (40 total cores / 2 x Intel(R) Xeon CPU E5-2660...
  6. J

    [SOLVED] Optimal Disk Layout to avoid troubles with Storage Migration

    Help! :) I have four servers with 3x drive bays and have them populated with either 2x Samsung SM863 or 2x Intel S3610. The drives are set up as a ZFS mirrored vdev with both ROOT and data being on the pair. One bay is open on each server. Normally I/O load on each server is low - iowait is...
  7. A

    iowait when pve services down

    Hi, On my proxmox cluster, every nodes were red in the webUI, like if something went wrong with multicast, anyway every VMs were OK. I recovered the cluster like this on each server : killall -9 corosync systemctl restart pve-cluster systemctl restart pvedaemon systemctl restart pvestatsd But...
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    PVE Kernel Panic during nightly backup

    I have two ProxMox servers I am testing for clients that regularly crash while doing their respective nightly backup. The Boxes are nearly identical both with 32 gigs of ram and only one or two VMs per machine. There is a SSD drive purely handling the swap file I added as a troubleshooting...
  9. B

    [SOLVED] ZFS incredibly low IOPS and Fsyncs on RAIDZ-1 4 WD Red

    For some reason, on 2 of my servers I'm getting incredibly slow IOPS and FSYNC per sec running pveperf Pproxmox 4, on a ZFS RAIDZ-1 cluster with 4 4TB WD Red's. root@pve:/# pveperf CPU BOGOMIPS: 15959.00 REGEX/SECOND: 743734 HD SIZE: 9921.49 GB (rpool/ROOT/pve-1)...
  10. V

    [SOLVED] problem IO delay after reconstruction of RAID

    Hi, I have a proxmox on ovh provider server and I had the sad surpise to have a bad consistency in my soft-RAID 1(mdadm) today . So apparently (I can say that from the syslog), the system have stopped immediately and rebooted for rebuilding of the array. Mar 8 13:01:36 ns339453 rsyslogd...
  11. T

    Can't do LXC backup from ZFS to ZFS volume, host hangs.

    SOLVED: Never mount a ZFS volume as a directory!
  12. J

    High IO wait following PVE 4 upgrade

    I recently had some server downtime for my office Proxmox server over Christmas and took the opportunity to upgrade to 4.1 from 3.4, and everything seemed to go alright. However, now everyone's back in the office, i'm noticing a severe slowdown across the whole system. I set up a Zabbix...


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