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    [SOLVED] Accessing VM's over the internet w/ DuckDNS container

    I have Proxmox set with static IP, and a DMZ to this address on my router. A have 3 VM's setup: 1. TrueNAS (local IP: 2. Debian w/ portainer (local IP: 3. Debian for game servers (local IP: I'm kinda confused on how can I access these VMs over...
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    [SOLVED] Unable to connect to the internet inside VMs with a NAT table.

    I'll preface this by saying yes, I am trying to run it through Wi-Fi. Ethernet is not an option right now, I intend to run a line in a few months, but for now it's just Wi-Fi. I installed wpasupplicant through a usb drive with dpkg and got it set up and working on PVE just fine. I am able to...
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    Connecting a router into physical server with Proxmox on it

    Does Proxmox have some type of embedded firewall? Or is it unsafe to plug in internet straight to the interface? I mention that I will be working with vms, one of which is a pfsense firewall. Can I configure it to filter the Internet that comes through, or is it not necessary? I am trying to...
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    Proxmox 7.4 won't connect to internet even ping

    Does anyone have a solution for this? I'm new to this proxmox, I just installed proxmox and can't access the internet. And i'm using VMWare for install Proxmox.
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    Temporary failure in name resolution Proxmox v7.4-3

    Whenever I try to perform basic network tasks like pinging a website (e.g., ping or updating packages with apt update, I get the error message: "Temporary failure in name resolution." This issue has been persisting for some time now, and it's causing problems with my system updates...
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    [SOLVED] Bridge with no internet connectivity

    Hopefully the brains trust can help, I'm sure there is an obvious solution here but I cant seem to find it. Fresh install of Proxmox 8.0.4 Hardware is an Intel NUC with 2 NICs VM is a fresh install of Rocky Linux 9.2 I have a Unifi setup and have created 2 individual networks one of which my...
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    Container's have no internet connection

    Hey there, so i recently setup proxmox on my newly aquired dedicated server and im facing a small issue where the created container can't ping ANYTHING except itself (which is obvious) // Node Network Settings // Container...
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    Can't access to internet in my LXC container

    Hello everyone, I have installed a proxmox in version 7.4-3 and i have configure it. I have create LXC container and I have not outgoing on internet. I have follow the configuration on official website for "routed configuration" but this not working in my LXC container. This is my network...
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    [SOLVED] Proxmox host unable to access Internet only LXCs

    Hi, I am suddenly unable to access the internet from my proxmox host, I noticed this while trying to use some Proxmox Helper Scripts. When i try to ping google from the host shell I get temporary failure in name resolution, however it works in any of the lxcs shells. I did today change the IP...
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    unable to connect to internet

    hey i am very new to proxmox and i was try to install it in my old laptop but i am unable to connect it to the internet, i have connected my laptop with either net cable but still does not connect to internet when i try ping it shows ping: connect: Network is unreachable can someone...
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    No internet in VM (Windows Server)

    Hi there! Me and my friend have a HP ProLiant server running with ProxMox. We've installed Windows Server as a VM. The installation with drivers was succesful. Except the internet part. We have 1 main IP in the data center and we want to add a virtual IP to the VM so people can host on our...
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    Container haben kein Internet

    Hallo, vor ein paar Tagen habe ich Proxmox installiert und anschließen opnsense per vm. Aus der opnsense kann ich z.b. google pingen. Aus einem linux Container nicht. Ich weiß leider nicht mehr weiter. Hier ein paar Settings: opnsense Firewall Regeln:
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    PfSense 2.6 unable to ping gateway or beyond

    Hi. I'm new using proxmox, I'm using virtualized with VirtualBox as a home test environment for a college project, I'm going to implement everything on a real server. I have an environment with a Pfsense virtual machine and Windows XP. use this tutorial to do Pfsense configuration on proxmox...
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    [SOLVED] No outgoing internet on host or LXCs

    When I installed my Proxmox server, everything worked fine. Both the host and LXCs had internet access, was able to connect to services in my LXCs and able to connect to the outside internet from within the host and LXC. However, I tried to connect my phone to use as a wireless adapter as a...
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    Cant connect to Internet on VM

    Hello everyone, This is my first time using Proxmox so I don't know a lot about it. The Internet connection on the Node works just fine but there is no connection in the VM. not even a adapter in the adapter options (Windows) Any help would be appreciated
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    Proxmox VE 7.2-3 - Host can't reach internet, but VMs can...

    I'm not sure when this happened, but I've noticed that in attempting to update my host, it couldn't reach the repos. I then found that it simply can't reach the internet at all, but all of my VMs / CTs can. I can reach the host internally on my network via SSH and the Web UI. I have checked...
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    [SOLVED] Kimsufi (KS-11) - Windows Server 2016 VM has no internet

    Howdy y'all, I've recently installed Windows Server 2016 as a VM within Proxmox. Everything is working well, other than the internet connection. Every which way I configure this, it still comes back as a unidentified network. The drivers for the network portion are installed, and I know its...
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    Help with apt update on Proxmox Host

    Hey everyone, I'm having some issues while trying to update my proxmox host, everytime I run sudo apt update from the cli (SSH) I get this error message. Err:1 bullseye InRelease...
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    [SOLVED] Node doesn't connect to the internet, VMs do.

    Hello guys. I saw a lot of threads about this problem but I didn't find any answer for mine. As always proxmox server with VMs, main node don't connect to the internet, VM's do. Ping from node to works fine, to didn't working. Ping from VMs works fine with to both of it. Here...
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    Dual homing with two NICs (Different newtorks and two different gateways)

    Hello to all - I'm new here, so please be gentle! ;) I just set up my first "real" Proxmox server - with proper "server grade" hardware for a home lab setup (after testing it on an old PC) - I installed it on top of a baseline Debian 10 to start with . . . and setup several containers and VMs...


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