incremental backup

  1. Sebi-S

    [SOLVED] How does the Proxmox Backup Server _actually_ work? | compared to other backups

    Hello everyone, I have been running a Proxmox Backup Server in test mode for a few months. It is already running very well and I have been able to restore entire machines, volumes or files without any problems. Nevertheless, I still lack the basic understanding of how the Proxmox Backup Server...
  2. D

    Explanation needed for incremental backups and deduplication backups

    Since all of my backup files are the same size, can someone explain how this works or is implemented? Does it need to be enabled somewhere?
  3. Sebi-S

    [SOLVED] [vm backups] Where are the full backups of my vms?

    Hello everbody, we are using pbs 2.2.5 and I have to admit that I don't fully understand the backup solution yet. My question in a nutshell: "Where do I find the full backups of my vms?" I know that pbs uses incremental backups, but as far as I have used incremental backups in the past, I...
  4. W

    virtnbdbackup - backup utility for libvirt, using the latest changed block tracking features.

    Hi there) Guys, what you think about this ? Backup utility for libvirt, using the latest changed block tracking features. Create online, thin provisioned full and incremental or differencial backups of your kvm/qemu virtual machines. Can this be added to...
  5. T

    Incrementally backup, but only 30% reused data

    Hello all, with a virtual machine (running on Proxmox of course) and which I backup via Proxmox Backup Server I have the problem that it reuses too little data in my opinion and thus my backup grows incredibly: INFO: backup was done incrementally, reused 779.67 GiB (29%) INFO: transferred...
  6. powersupport

    NAS backup storage in proxmox

    Hi, If we add NAS to proxmox, will it support incremental backups? Thank you
  7. S

    Proxmox incremental Backup

    Hi, In Proxmox Docu it stands that backups are made incremental. Proxmox, however, is saved full VM every time. How can I only create backup from changed data or only make the changes backup and not full bacup also incremental Backup. At Rsync, you can use -u to make incremental backup. How...
  8. R

    VM Incremental backup for 3-party solution

    Hello, I'm looking for some resources or documentation how to implement an incremental VM backup using 3-party backup solution in the same way or similar as PBS do. Thanks in advance. Radek
  9. S

    [SOLVED] Full backup with proxmox-backup-client

    Hi, For more security, I was wondering if it was possible to take an entire backup (not just incremental) with proxmox-backup-client ? Currently I am doing the backup incrementally, but in the event that the first backup is corrupted, I would like to have another FULL backup. Thanks!
  10. P

    Incremental Backup solution

    Hi We are already using Proxmox VE 5.1 Clustering and we have many VMs. We've been using native proxmox LZO Backup, which is taking backups of all of our VMs every night, but we are kinda of worry since some of our VMs are growing to terabytes. I wanted to get some advice from you guys, is there...
  11. J

    Incremental backup on promox

    Hi all, I didn't find any solution for Incremental backup on Promox. I found a tool it was Bacula. Someone has used bacula kvm virtulization to incremental backup.? Any help would be appreciated.
  12. F


    Hello someone uses this script? I do not understand how Proxmox not have the option of incremental backup natively. with images of over 150 gb I find it very necessary. PVE-zsync, can be a replacement for this?


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