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    Error writing a disk image - No space left on device

    I am new to Proxmox and I have moderate experience with Linux environment. I am trying to convert a physical hard drive (attached to the PVE machine) to an image to add it to my Windows VM. I ran the following command: root@pve:/dev/pve# dd if=/dev/sdb of=driveImage.img bs=1M status=progress...
  3. S

    Zweite Festplatte Partition und ZFS

    Hallo Zusammen, ich installiere gerade meinen ersten Proxmox Server. Habe eine NVMe mit 256 GB und eine 1 TB Sata SDD. Auf dern NVMe wurde Proxmox installiert. Auf der 1TB wollte ich ZFS als Dateisystem einrichten und die VM Disk ablegen. Jetzt habe ich mehrere Fragen: Wo lade ich dann die ISOs...
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    VM templates? ISO repository?

    Hello, there is already user-friendly system for downloading and deployment of CT templates. Why don't we have such thing for VMs as well? I can imagine two levels of this. 1.) Some list of commonly used ISOs that proxmox would allow me to dowload without having to lookup the URL. (eg. Debian...
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    Cloud-Init LUKS VM Setup?

    Hello all, I have seen an understand the benefits of setting up a base image/template with Cloud-Init, so similar VMs can very easily be setup when needed. My question is... can these Cloud-Init template/images can be setup with LUKS encryption without losing any features? Will it still be able...
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    Aus bestehender Installation ein bootfähiges ISO-Image erstellen

    Ich musste jetzt meinen Proxmox-Server neu aufsetzen und habe das genutzt, direkt die Version 7.1 zu installieren. Da so ein Neuaufsetzen doch einiges an Arbeit mit sich bringt, habe ich die Idee, mir jetzt von der noch frischen Installation ein ISO-Image zu ziehen und dies bootfähig auf einen...
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    Contributors wanted / PBS as an alternative to Clonezilla

    I'm going to switch to PBS as an alternative to Clonezilla when storing images. The system is complete (but not finished) and is working fine, even I've to do some tasks by console which is totally fine for me. The setup consists of a Debian Live system (Debian Live Manual) and a handful of...
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    Understanding virtual disk images under lxc containers

    Dear Team, please help me to understand virtual disk images under lxc containers, as I read several posts which did not satisfy my challenges. I have a VM acting as a fileserver with a 300GB qcow2 disk attached along with the root disk. As I found that using lxc is much more efficient (very...
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    Creating Ubuntu 20.04 Minimal VM

    Hi, I am new to Proxmox and need to create a VM from a very lightweight debian distro to run a Wireguard server only and found Ubuntu 20.04 Minimal to be sufficiently lightweight while being familiar for me since I have been using Ubuntu for a while. However, when I uploaded the Ubuntu 20.04...
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    [SOLVED] get .raw from local-lvm

    Hello everyone, can someone tell me how can I get the .raw of an image that is in a local-lvm? I would like to get it to send it through scp to another pc as a backup. I'd prefer doing it in this way to have the image and not a snapshot. Thanks
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    [SOLVED] Proxmox läuft nach upgrade auf V5 nicht mehr/reinstall?

    Hallo zusammen, Habe gestern nach dieser Anleitung meinen Proxmox Server von 4.4 auf 5 geupdatet Nun habe ich allerdings keinen Zugriff mehr auf die WebGUI. Auch 'qm' etc geben mir nur die Rückmeldung 'command not found'. Da ich vermute...
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    [SOLVED] TASK ERROR: unsupported ubunt version '16.10'

    The new Ubuntu 16.10 lxc image is unable to be used when creating a new container. Did anyone else run into this issue? And also in the error message there's a typo (it says "ubunt" instead of "ubuntu") extracting archive...
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    creating new disk image via api?

    curl -X POST -k -b...
  14. G

    [SOLVED] Adding raw image to LVM storage

    I'm trying to migrate images from a KVM server to Proxmox. I've seen all the recommendations that I enable image storage on local (not local-lvm), then copy the image there, then attach it to my VM. The problem is my local storage is too small to accommodate the images I need to import. I...
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    BIOS boot image 4.3

    As of Proxmox 4.3, every VM has a custom Proxmox image that shows up on boot from the VM's console. Is there a way to customize that image?
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    [solved] proxmox ve 4.2 unable to boot vm from imported image

    dear community, i did a fresh install of proxmox ve 4.2 and tried to import some existing appliances in ova-format like i used to do using proxmox ve 3.4 by pushing the disk image whether converted in qcow2 or raw format to it's respective place in /var/lib/vz/vm-id/images replacing the...
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    Slow Ubuntu 16.04 Image

    Hi, I downloaded this Ubuntu 16.04 Image: The Image is very slow, MySQL INSERT UPDATE and DELETE working for 5 minutes and more. I test PHP 7.0 with phpmyadmin and other PHP Applications same problem here, the...


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