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    New Proxmox Beginners Guide E-book for Home Lab

    Everyone, I wanted to post a link to a resource I have created, a free e-book for Proxmox home lab users. It is a 300+ page e-book that covers everything from installation, configuration, storage, networking, SDN, and other useful tips. You can download it for free here...
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    Proxmox wont boot converted VM

    Hey guys! I transferred one of my major VMs from Hyper-V to Proxmox by using the Star Wind converter and everything looks good and I have it on the disk I want but when I try to boot it its saying it cant find the boot drive? Any ideas. Thank you!
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    Proxmox server on Macbook Mini

    Hi, I have an offer to buy a Macbook Mini 2018 A1993 32GB RAM 256GB/512GB i7 6 cores for $400 for my first home lab server. I want to learn virtualization, try to install Zabbix, Gitlab runner module, some basic Linux/Sys Admin tools. Is it worth it or not? Thank you for all your advises
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    corosync file always go back to default

    Hi, i am using Proxmox with ZFS replication and HA, i have set the /etc/pve/corsync.conf: quorum_votes: 1 two_nodes: yes but everytime the pve1 crashes the pve2 stays on "waiting for quorum", when pve1 is online again the option is back to default, how to solve this?
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    Never ending error

    Hello! I had my new Proxmox server crash and it was saying something about a read write error and when checking the logs its filled to the brim with the same error over and over again. Is this something I should be concerned about? Thank you! Feb 18 03:00:10 PPS01 ceph-crash[1106]...
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    Not able to reach internet from LAN with PFsense

    Hello guys, I started to install a Proxmox VE on a server as a Home Lab to host some services. Those services needs to be accessed from anywhere. Basically, I've followed this tutorial: https://blog.zwindler.fr/2020/03/02/deploiement-de-proxmox-ve-6-pfsense-sur-un-serveur-dedie/ But I think...
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    Proxmox configuration -> devices won't communicate on lan

    Hello, I know there must be an easy fix to my problem but I have looked up for 6 months and no video, forum, or person could help me with this... I want to start a home server with and really old pc, mainly a NAS server and a plex one. Please keep in mind that I'm a noob with those things...
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    Proxmox VE created ZFS pool, passed through into VM online on both host and guest

    My current NAS setup has Proxmox VE running on bare metal and TrueNAS Scale running in a VM. I created a zfs pool "appspool" from the UI: Datacenter -> Storage -> Add -> ZFS I then created a TrueNAS scale VM and passed through the disk qm set 900 --scsi2...
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    license vs subscription: costs/benefits for amateur beginner home-lab?

    so, i have heard of proxmox a lot lately, and have been looking into it. then i come across this video and i don't like annoying popups. also, i don't mind supporting projects like this. so i venture over to the pricing page and i'm a little confused. it looks like it's $100 USD/year to remove...
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    Advice for a new installation with zfs + a question on the raid/mdadm

    Hello, I have decide to transfere all my nas HDD on my Promox server and after little issue (see here: Failed to import pool ‘rpool’; ssd ko ? No go to X570D4I-2T BIOS!), it’s done proxmox see they new hdd (and one new ssd ) First one question: Proxmox see my new HDD … and also the raid 5...
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    [SOLVED] High IO on load

    I've been running Proxmox about 2 years now and I'm always struggling with high IO issues. Due to conficting information online I've tried a ton of different settings and although it has been better then it was it's still not great. So I thought I would write this post and ask for some help...
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    Mini computer to create home virtual lab?

    Hi all, I am not an expert in this world, and I would ask you a little suggestion about the choose of right hardware platform to create a small virtual home lab to run some Virtual Machine. At the moment I do not think more than 4/5 VMs at the same moment. Typically 2/3 VM. I have seen on-line...


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