1. J

    [SOLVED] Cant start vm when host booted with hdmi plugged in

    So my issue is pretty weird and i cant find anything that is close to my issue so i will drop it here. i have a windows guest with GPU passthrough, it works great BUT.. when i turn off my proxmox node and start it up with my hdmi plugged in, and then try to start the container i get no video...
  2. B

    setting up nvidia drivers in host vs client issues?

    I've tried PCIe passthrough on Proxmox 7.2, and was working somewhat OK, but not reliably. I have 3x RTX 3070 connected, and I need them form encoding videos. The problem I was experiencing was that 1st card didn't really want to passthrough well, or it did, but host would froze. I've used...
  3. B

    windows 11 VM crashing during benchmark

    I have gpu passthrough working on a fresh install of proxmox ve 7.2-7. The vm boot up I can login and use like normal but when I run a benchmark or game the VM just immediately crashes. VM: config: agent: 1 bios: ovmf boot: cores: 16 cpu: host efidisk0...
  4. B

    AMDGPU Reset bug fix help

    Hi guys! I recently installed proxmox on my system and i really like it, but i cant figure out how to fix the amd gpu reset bug. I Installed the vendor-reset dkms-module, and now i need a hook script because the kernel is later than 5.14 (github issue), but the script only exist for libvirtd...
  5. M

    GPU passthrough no longer working after upgrade to 6.4

    I have a multi GPU workstation which I spent weeks setting up as Proxmox host with VMs on a ZFS pool and passing through PCI devices including GPUs. The setup had been down for a few months for some upgrades and reconfiguration, and now is back up, so I updated to latest Proxmox via apt update...
  6. S

    NUC8i7BEH - iGPU (DMA655) passthrough zu Ubuntu 20.04 VM

    Hi, ich versuche für meine Ubuntu 20.04 VM meine iGPU des NUC8i7BEH verfügbar zu machen. Die GPU wird für Hardware-Encodierung mit FFMpeg und HDMI-Bildausgabe meines TV-Bildes vom VDR benötigt. Leider ruckelt das TV-Bild an HDMI und dieProzesslast des VDR geht über 100%. Normalerweise sollte...
  7. R

    When enabling PCI-E display not working correctly.

    Hello, I'm trying to get GPU passthrough working for a while now... My problem is that when I check the "PCI-Express" checkmark the console shows "guest has not initialized the display (yet)" and when I don't check it everything works fine. When it is unchecked and Primary GPU is checked I get...
  8. J

    Ask for best practice allowing host CLI diagnose if only one GPU that is passed

    Hi all, I had some issue to connect to my proxmox sever which does not have IPMI (or iKVM). It is build on a Threadripper workstation with MSI TRX40 motherboard. I fixed the issue, which is not related to the proxmox. That lead me thinking: Since my only GPU has been passthrough, the frame...
  9. F

    Promox VE Remote workstation server

    Hello all, I am researching hosting multiple CAD workstations from our heavily specced main server at our office, it holds 7x 2080Ti GPU's (water cooled) and a 64core CPU with 512GB of ram, alongside a very fast SSD raid 6 (20TB) This is usually a rendering node for our team but alais are all...
  10. T

    GPU passthrough only works if host boots in Legacy mode

    Hey, I was trying to configuring everything with only EUFI and had a extremely hard time getting my GTX 1660 Super to passthrough until I set my host machine back to Legacy boot, it worked immediately (the passthrough).. The weird part is when I was using UEFI my second video card (GT 730) was...
  11. 2

    [SOLVED] "Guest has not initialized the display (yet)" when adding PCIe GPU

    I try to passthrough a AMD RX580 GPU to a VM, which boots fine without the GPU. With the GPU added as an "all function" PCIe device I only get the Guest has not initialized the display (yet) message in the console. CPU: AMD Ryzen 3950X, Mainboard: Gigabyte Aorus Ultra, Virtualisation-related...
  12. K

    Guide: Enable GPU Passthrough on Proxmox VE 6.0

    I wrote an article on how to do GPU passthrough on the latest version of Proxmox VE, 6.0. Hopefully someone else will find the information valuable. I'd really appreciate feedback on the content of the article, thanks. :)


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