1. R

    [feature request] Notification Only on Multiple Failures

    Extra drop down option in the backup notification menu. Currently there's: Always Notify or On failure only. I'd love an On Multiple Failure only. So you are only notified in the case where under Advanced when "Repeat missed" is checked, and the repeat fails THEN you get a notification. I've...
  2. P

    EMERGENCY: Proxmox Server Failure

    Help!! I recently upgrade to Proxmox 8 and now, my entire server fails to start. It usually starts with a few ACPI GPIO failures and then it tells me that my ZFS pool for all my home's data is failing to import. Then after reaching the login screen, after about 10 seconds, the entire server...
  3. I

    PBS TFA deaktivieren - Login Probleme

    Guten Morgen liebe Community, seit einigen Tagen ist auf meinem PBS kein Login mehr möglich. Über den Benutzernamen und das Passwort komme ich noch hinaus, die Eingabe vom zweiten Faktor klappt jedoch nicht mehr. Gibt es die Möglichkeit die 2FA Option für den Benutzer root(pam) zu deaktiveren...
  4. N

    no networking after reboot

    Hi guys, I'm facing a strange issue after a simple reboot. The network is not coming up properly. systemctl status networking shows: root@pve:~# systemctl status networking * networking.service - Network initialization Loaded: loaded (/lib/systemd/system/networking.service; enabled...
  5. V

    PVE server keeps crashing randomly, need help in debugging.

    Folks, my PVE server keeps crashing randomly without any pattern. Initially, I had doubts about my UPS/PSU, but I have replaced both of them to no avail. Here's what happened in the last 24 hours, this is mission-critical for me as I self host multiple services and heavily depend on this server...
  6. S

    Two out of Three nodes offline after network outage

    I have a three node hyperconverged cluster running PVE 6.2-6 and CEPH. After recovering from network problems involving VLANs reverting to an older configuration and waiting overnight, only one of the three nodes shows that it's online. A Fencing message went out this morning about one of the...
  7. J

    Recover a file from an LXC container that won't start

    One of my debian containers refuses to start .. it may be related to the fact that I lost one of my proxmox server's drives (that kept CT and VM backups and LXC templates...) anyway, the container won't start. I ran lxc-start -n 100 -F -l DEBUG -o /tmp/lxc-100.log and it gave me this output...
  8. H

    vzdump fails on sshfs mounted folder

    hi forum, i mounted to our pve server via sshfs a remote folder via: sshfs -o reconnect,allow_other,IdentityFile=/root/.ssh/id_rsa -p 222 /sshfs; in pve i set the folder /sshfs as backup folder with vzdump feature. but the backup of some...
  9. C

    Upgrade to PVE6 and Ceph Natuilus Failed

    Hi All, I'm hoping I can get some assistance here. I have been reading forums and guides to try and resolve this issue to no avail. Last night I upgraded my Proxmox VE to v6 and my Ceph to Nautilus (I followed the upgrade guide on Proxmox's website.) I assume at some point I did something wrong...
  10. G

    VM failures

    Hello, i have a proxmox cluster with 3 nodes. VM craches frequently. You could check host logs: Apr 18 16:18:21 node2 systemd[14388]: Closed GnuPG cryptographic agent (access for web browsers). Apr 18 16:18:21 node2 systemd[14388]: Closed GnuPG cryptographic agent and passphrase cache...
  11. E

    [SOLVED] Failed to start CentOS LXC

    I get this latest error: /lib64/ bad ELF interpreter: No such file or directory I wanted to restart the server and turned it off. I can't open it back now. And I deleted the backup this morning (unlucky.. did hdd cleaning) How do I open this container on Proxmox? Proxmox...
  12. A

    VM filesystem regular fails while running backup (snapshot)

    Hello, We have Proxmox 4.4 installed on VDS with ZFS and several VM running on it. After running regular nightly VM-snapshot, sometimes VM filesystem becomes to mount in readonly (all VM running Debian ext4 with SCSI VirtIO and no cashing mode), some resent failures got system in non-bootable...
  13. S

    Mirroring / Cluster

    Hello, i'm quite new in proxmox, and I have two server hp proliant dl380 G6 with 8 disk in raid 5 with one spare (on both). My goal is to make them the more failure tolerant possible. So I wanted to know few things: - is it possible to make them run in "mirror mode" ? Like raid 1 but for...


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