1. S

    How to configure Fail2Ban for PBS

    Hello, I want to configure fail2ban also for the web-gui of PBS. I followed the wiki and it worked well for PVE. I used the systemd-variant. My PBS is installed directly on the PVE hypervisor and whatever I configure, fail2ban is not detecting failed login attempts. Maybe someone else already...
  2. M

    Fail2Ban not ban IP (Service Running and Active)

    Yesterday I Installed and configure Fail2Ban on my proxmox. I checked that Fail2Ban is running and active. But when I try to login my proxmox from web GUI with wrong password more than 10 time it's not block my IP. i don't know where is the problem. someone please suggest me to solve it. I'm...
  3. S

    fail2ban & PVE 8.1 Firewall: f2b logs Ban and puts it into iptables, but its getting overriden by PVE Firewall

    Hi, we are trying to use fail2ban on a host and use the Proxmox Firewall feature in order to block / open ports. In my PVE host (datacenter layer), I have these firewall rules configured: Security-Group "default-host" => Accept SSH (TCP port 22) Accept GUI (TCP Port 8006) Now I also have...
  4. J

    fail2ban on PBS 3

    Hello all, I've followed the guide at to set up fail2ban for PBS. Couple of issues with this, but the one I'm currently trying to sort out is why failed attempts via the PBS gui aren't recorded in...
  5. H

    Proxmox 8 Login : Fail2Ban not working

    Hello everyone, I followed this guide : Then implemented all the attempts @ When I manually trigger the maxretrys nothing happens. When I run the test code provided...
  6. B

    Fail2ban not banning the ip

    So I am on proxmox 8.0 fail2ban bans sshd ips but not proxmox 8006 I have the filter made etc, the ip is shown as banned on fail2ban for proxmox but I can login fine when password entered
  7. T

    Unbekannte E-Mail Empfänger bei E-Mail Versand

    Bei meiner Proxmox Neuinstallation werden E-Mail Benachrichtigungen an zwei zusätzliche E-Mail Adressen versendet. set@proxmox.local und escape@proxmox.local. Ich finde einfach nicht heraus wie ich das unterbinden kann. Postfix und Fail2Ban habe ich bei meiner alten Installation exakt gleich...
  8. W

    Fail2ban on PBS GUI

    Hello people ! I'm trying to setup Fail2ban for the GUI of my Proxmox Backup Server I'm running PBS over a Debian 10 on a VPS I set up Fail2ban on ssh, tested and working well For PBS GUI, I copied files like on the Github here :
  9. F

    fail2ban on ProxMox VE node

    Hi all, on the (exposed) IP address of the ProxMox VE node (the IP where the http console is listening) there is also open the SSH port where I can login through SSH client to this address with a password. As my experience lots of people try brute force attacks to this port when is exposed and...
  10. H

    Configure fail2ban alert email

    Good Morning, I'd like to set up the fail2ban ban email alert, where it will only send emails once a week, a kind of summary. Please, if anyone can help me with this. Thank you very much for your attention. Sincerely, Hugo Almeida
  11. H

    Fail2Ban for Proxmox Mail Gateway

    Good morning, I would like to know if anyone has already implemented Fail2Ban on Proxmox Mail Gateway.
  12. LnxBil

    Fail2Ban for VMs/containers

    Hi, Does anyone use fail2ban also for monitoring and filtering entries of the PVE firewall itself? I'm explicitly NOT talking about the PVE host, but about VMs/containers that are firewalled via PVE and log entries in /var/log/pve-firewall.log. This could and should be possible in general...
  13. K

    Proxmox VE Fail2ban

    Hi, There's a minor mistake in the Proxmox VE Wiki entry for Fail2ban. This: [proxmox] enabled = true port = https,http,8006 filter = proxmox logpath = /var/log/daemon.log maxretry = 3 bantime = 3600 # 1 hour Should be: [proxmox] enabled = true port = https,http,8006 filter = proxmox...


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