1. J

    Connect Hetzner Cloud Network to SDN Proxmox-Network EVPN-Zone?

    Hello, I would like to connect the Hetzner Cloud Network with an SDN EVPN zone defined in Proxmox. What do I have: Hetzner Cloud Network with Cloudserver. Proxmox 3-node cluster (Ceph, HA, EVPN) functioning vSwitch the dedicated servers (ProxmoxCluster) are connected to the vSwitch. Hetzner...
  2. D

    [SOLVED] SDN: need to override `vxlan-local-tunnelip`

    Hi @spirit, thank you for the amazing SDN support in Proxmox! I'm trying to interoperate with an EBGP overlay/EBGP underlay configuration generated by Arista's "validated designs" (AVD) Ansible collection. I have some Proxmox hosts that'll act as L3 leaf nodes in this network, connected...
  3. J

    EVPN/VXLAN between nodes on different public networks

    Hi, We're trying to create a cluster of Proxmox nodes directly connected to Internet (public IP, inexpensive servers provided by OVH). No LAN. We have 2 nodes atm, one in France (n1) and one in Germany (n2). We're inexperienced with SDN. Our objectives are : - put all VMs on the same VNet /...
  4. J

    EVPN Multiple Tenants With Overlapping Subnets

    Hello, I've been playing with EVPN SDN on Proxmox VE 8.1.4 and I love it so far, but there are a few things that got me scratching my head. I apologize in advance if this topic has already been discussed, but the forum is just too huge to comb it all. Anway, I got a 2 node cluster and I've...
  5. M

    Integrating Proxmox SDN with existing SDN network

    I've been trying to integrate the Proxmox SDN into an existing vxlan network using IS-IS. This way we'll be able to use the different vnets across multiple clusters as well as bind that to a vlan to attach legacy devices. Our lab setup is using a route-reflector on a spine switch and 2 leaf...
  6. D

    EVPN SDN issues after Upgrade Proxmox VE from 7 to 8

    Hello all, I'm running multiple 3-node clusters, installed Proxmox VE on top of a plain Debian Bullseye (without using the Proxmox VE ISO) on version 7.4-16 with a no-subscription repository and recently I've proceeded and successfully upgrade one 3-node (lab/test) PVE cluster to 8.0.3...
  7. C

    [SOLVED] EVPN - traffic not passing

    Has anyone had an issue with EVPNs not passing traffic? I created a VNET that is meant to be PtP. I configured an IP address on the associated VM internet (within the same /31) and traffic fails in both directions. ARP isn't being learned. However a 'show interface' within vtysh on both...
  8. M

    Evpn SDN with NAT-like routing

    Hi all, I recently discovered the SDN feature of the Proxmox Virtual Environment. So far it looks great for separating all guests into different networks, but I ran into some difficulties / questions: So far https connections to given domains, neither IPs outside the local network (containing...
  9. T

    Using the Proxmox SDN to manage host connectivity with BGP

    Hello, We're currently trying out using the Proxmox SDN to manage not only guests (using the EVPN controller), but also host connectivity using BGP to experiment with interface redundancy using L3 protocols. It's a bit spotty of course since it obviously wasn't planned for that, but I wanted to...
  10. L

    Proxmox Cluster SDN EVPN ping destination unreachable

    Hello, I've went through the docs: https://pve.proxmox.com/pve-docs/chapter-pvesdn.html#pvesdn_setup_example_evpn But I can't get to ping VM2 (vnet3, node 2) from within VM1 (vnet3, node 1) on another node. Currently just testing with vnet3 and vmbr2. I've setup all the evpn settings via...
  11. L

    EVPN SDN not working across multiple nodes

    I'm trying to setup an EVPN based SDN across 2 proxmox nodes. I have 2 nodes with EVPN setup (and they have peered and are exchanging prefixes). These nodes also peer over standard BGP using the BGP controller to my switch, which is receiving the subnets. My switch is configured for ECMP, and I...
  12. A

    BGP-EVPN SDN and DNAT across multiple hypervisor hosts

    Greetings, I have set up a test environment for BGP EVPN SDN as follows: * 3 hypervisor hosts running pve-manager/7.2-7/d0dd0e85. * Each hypervisor has a public IP and is set up as an exit node with SNAT. * Each hypervisor has a private IP that is used to create the BGP EVPN peering. The...
  13. B

    SDN Configuration Question

    Hi, I'm working on setting up SDN in a new cluster. The first question is about the physical network topology. Option 1) --------- -- ISP -- --------- | V ----------------------- -- OpnSense Firewall -- ----------------------- | V ---------------------------- -- Proxmox...
  14. S

    [SOLVED] SDN with EVPN Controller

    Hello, I have been exploring SDN and wanted to try it on Proxmox. Right now, I have an experimental cluster with two nodes. The first thing I noticed is that there aren't the well-known SDN controllers like OpenDaylight, Ryu, and the others. And I'm not familiar with EVPN or BGP as...
  15. D

    [SOLVED] SDN: VXLAN with BGP EVPN. Cannot add VLAN tag to guest interface

    Hi, I am testing VXLAN with BGP EVPN with Proxmox 7.1 SDN. BGP and EVPN seem to be working fine, and I can route traffic on VM interfaces that do not specify a VLAN tag. However, when I try to set a VLAN tag on a guest VM NIC which is using a VXLAN VNET, I get the following error: no physical...
  16. K

    SDN Networking Issue - Missing Vnets

    Hello all, I am very new to the PVE world, and I am trying to test the SDN beta feature. During initial configuration I am running into an issue that is not posted anywhere. I have installed the libpve-network-perl & ifupdown2 packages, everything seems to go smoothly when creating controllers...
  17. DynFi User

    SDN L2VPN EVPN broken in v.7 [bug report]

    We have been working for long time on the deployment of a cluster based PVE and the new SDN feature. We have had the chance to work with BGP expert and also some of the people involved in the dev. of the project. So this report is a bug report after we moved the cluster to v.7 of Proxmox. We...
  18. B

    bgp evpn & vxlang: how to configure the router part?

    I was looking at this link : https://wiki.virtit.fr/doku.php/kb:linux:proxmox:hyperconverged-proxmox-2-liens and the author says it could be doable using the new SDN features. Can we do it diretcly using the UI? A Also I am wondering how the IPs setups can be used by other machines to access...


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