1. B

    [SOLVED] How to do DNAT with SDN custom rule on Single host?

    On a root server with one NIC I set up Proxmox VE 8.1.4 with two SDN simple zones, so I have three bridges configured: vmbr0 connected to eno1 with public IP, dmznet with SNAT and subnet for nginx reverse proxy. Third bridge is labnet for the application...
  2. R

    SDN - Bug multiple VRFs

    Hello everybody, I noticed a bug when using multiple VRFs. When using the same exit-nodes on different vrfs but the primary is different, there is a deny route-map that is added in the MAP_VTEP_IN route-map for type 5 routes. So if vrf "red" has primary exit-node node 1 and vrf "blue" has...
  3. R

    VXLAN-EVPN External connectivity

    Hello everyone, I configured a zone with multiple vrf with SDN functionality. I defined all nodes in my cluster as exit-nodes. Is it possible to define a primary exit-node per vnet rather than per zone? or to define it on the basis of the subnet? I would actually like to be able to set up SNAT...
  4. K

    nftables vs pfSense

    I am planning on configuring a single public IP dedicated server at OVH, every how-to I have read describes using pfSense, I am not against using pfSense, however I like to keep things simple, secure and reliable. So, I can't help but wonder, how will things go, if instead I install nftables...
  5. F

    Iptables-Prerouting everything with some exceptions

    Hi, I'm trying to achieve following: I want everything, what comes in with TCP protocol, will be natted to except: - Source IP to destination port 22, 8006 - Source IP to destination port 22, 8006 - Source IP to destination port 22, 8006 -...
  6. S

    Use PVE node's external IP address to reach service of a internal network via DNAT

    Hi everybody, I am struggeling with a problem where I did not figure out yet if it is a "basic" networking problem or something that has to do with my SDN configuration. The setup is the following: I have two VEs ( and .11) coupled as a cluster. Within this cluster there is an...
  7. hoffmn01

    PVE with Hetzner and additional subnet

    Hello everyone, I have looked around and did not find the one solution that fits my current setup. Maybe you can help me what needs to be done to enable the additional subnet for my instance. Here is the general network layout: I would like to use the additional subnet for several servers...
  8. A

    BGP-EVPN SDN and DNAT across multiple hypervisor hosts

    Greetings, I have set up a test environment for BGP EVPN SDN as follows: * 3 hypervisor hosts running pve-manager/7.2-7/d0dd0e85. * Each hypervisor has a public IP and is set up as an exit node with SNAT. * Each hypervisor has a private IP that is used to create the BGP EVPN peering. The...
  9. S

    Assign Public IPs to Vms on Nested Virtualization [Proxmox on VmWare]

    Hi, I've a network problem on Proxmox configuration. I've installed Proxmox on a Cloud VPS (provider uses VmWare VE) with only one NIC and 3 public Ip addressess (same subnet and gateway). My goal is to assign one public Ip to the Host (Proxmox VE) and others to VMs I tried to configure a...
  10. R

    NAT networking but with multiple bridges?

    I've set my system up to use NAT. Which works ok, I can give my containers network access and run services on them However I am currently just running one bridge for the network and extending that with new pre and post iptables routes for each port on each container I want to expose. The problem...
  11. H

    VM is disconected the internet after restart network

    Hi everybody, I'm getting an issue with my Proxmox v5, I create a new interface to use the nat method, however, after restarting the network all VMS is disconnected to the internet. my interface configure below auto lo iface lo inet loopback iface ens33 inet manual auto vmbr0 iface vmbr0...
  12. T


    Hello, is there any way to configure DNAT, and SNAT to hosts via pve-firewall? Currently we use for outgoing connections: iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -s -o vmbr0 -j SNAT --to-source iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -s -o vmbr0 -j SNAT --to-source...
  13. B

    DNAT works to Windows VM but doesn't to Linux one

    Hello community! I have: - dedicatied server with 1 public IPv4 with pve-manager/5.1-43/bdb08029 (running kernel: 4.13.13-5-pve) - routed network configuration - 2 VMs with 1 NIC in NAT mode each I need to DNAT some TCP ports from public IP to VMs. I have already read...


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