1. B

    [SOLVED] I think someone is trying to connect to my proxmox

    Hello there! (Sorry for my bad english) I am really new to proxmox (and linux in general), I'm not even sure if this is the place I'm supposed to write this. So I installed proxmox a week ago, I plan to set up a NAS and other stuff in the future, but now I only have an Ubuntu VM right now. I...
  2. I

    Netapp HBA support

    Hi, I'm running a single Proxmox server. It's a HP 380 Gen 9 with the latest BIOS. Now I got my hands on a NetApp shelf, with HBA and QSFP cables to hook it up. HOWEVER. Whenever I try to boot the server with the HBA installed, it goes no further then "initialising RAMdisk" The Server does go...
  3. S

    USB Device won't be mounted until VM restarts

    Hello everyone; I using the proxmox 7.0-11. I created a VM (Windows 10) on my proxmox, and everything works fine. But I have problems using USB devices on my VM. Every time that I connect a new USB device to my machine (Portable Storage, Flash Drive, Wireless NIC and etc...) It won't be mounted...
  4. C

    USB sharing problems

    This is my first post on this forum. I have a strange problem with the USB2 device. When it is connected to an ARM Raspberry Pi 4B system it is working without problems. I have a DELL 7010 with an i5-3570S computer, when I'm connecting the device to this computer the DVB-S2 USB tuner is not...
  5. T

    VirtIO SCSI vs SATA Bus/Device

    All the physical disks are connected to a regular SATA port on the motherboard. Which option to is the best to choose when creating a new VM? Thank you,
  6. J

    Help adding storage

    Just started tinkering with proxmox to set up a home virtualization server. Im having problems adding another disk to my pve for ISO's and other contents. Proxmox recognizes the drive (/dev/sdb) when I do 'fdisk -l' and shows one partition(/dev/sdb1). I created a directory using 'mkdir...
  7. mattlach

    [SOLVED] NIC Upgrade and /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules

    Hey all, I have been running a somewhat complex network setup on my server for some time: 2x Copper Gigabit Ethernet on Server Board 4x Copper Gigabit Ethernet (Intel 4x PRO/1000 NIC) 1x 10GBaseT Intel 82598EB I'm not going to go into the details of what they are used for, as it is not...
  8. C

    Ceph OSD failure after host reboot

    Hi, I have configured a 3-node Ceph cluster. Each node has 2 RAID controllers, 4 SSDs and 48 HDDs. I used this syntax to create an OSD: pveceph osd create /dev/sdd -bluestore -journal_dev /dev/sdv1 pveceph osd create /dev/sde -bluestore -journal_dev /dev/sdw1 pveceph osd create /dev/sdf...
  9. O

    Please Provide Advice For Proxmox Beginner

    Hello, I am a beginner in Proxmox and I am learning as I go. Wondering if someone is able and willing to guide me to resolve the following issue: I have only one server and two virtual machine in it, Windows clients. The main file system is ZFS – two 931.51 Gib hard drives. Then I have an LVM...
  10. H

    Network Card : VirtIO Bug?

    Hello there, I have a small problem with DHCP Server + Client in Virtual Machines using VirtIO network device. dhcpd: 5 bad udp checksum in 5 packets I alread read some other forums and mailing list for this problem and it looks like the VirtIO Network Device is not generating correct...
  11. A

    VM bash error: innapropiate ioctl for device

    I am getting the following issue in a VM container (openVZ), latest 4.1 proxmox with all updates (from enterprise repo). I attached the screenshot of the issue, over VNC console. -bash: cannot set terminal process group (-1): Innapropiate ioctl for device -bash: no job control in this shell...


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