1. S

    Need help to design architecture

    Hello everyone, I am going to build my first infrastructure on Proxmox after several years on VMware. I need your help on the design of this new infrastructure. I have three sites: - Site A: main site, a cluster of 4 PVE servers with a PBS. - Site B: backup site, a cluster of 2 PVE...
  2. M

    [SOLVED] Design question about using OMV VM to create RAID via passthrough disks.

    I have a question about design passing through 10 disks to an OpenMediaVault VM using RAID6 on the VM. When creating this RAID6 on the OMV VM everything works correctly. Something that got me thinking about long-term recovery was when I had to restore my OMV VM, then manually repassing through...
  3. A

    Design - Network for CEPH

    Hi, I'm new to the Proxmox world and I was wondering what would be the optimal way to build the Cluster network for CEPH for my type of setup. Constraints/considerations I do have some constraints and considerations noted below, 4 identical Hosts 128 total cores of AMD EPYC NVME-disks 6x10...
  4. G

    MTU-size, CEPH and public network

    Hi, in a couple of days we'll get our 7 node hardware delivered (4 nics: BOND4LAN , BOND4CEPH). We'll setup OSD's on 5 nodes For the cluster network i understand it is best to use MTU 9000 for faster object replication. The remaining 2 nodes will only connect to the CEPH client to gain access...
  5. V

    ZFS and Ceph on same cluster

    Hi All just wondering is it possible to have a ProxMox cluster with both local ZFS data store per host + Ceph on the same cluster? example. 5 or 6 hosts 10 bays per host 4 bays for ZFS mirror 6 bays for Ceph is it possible to have this mixed storage design in a single cluster? From a...
  6. J

    Proxmox and Hardware RAID,

    Proxmox and Hardware RAID, which storage type must use? I have been building a "Production environment" for apps 24x7, 3 IBM server (x3650 m3) (for now, but we have 8 x3650 m4), LSI raid card for RAID 5 on each one (for fault tolerance on each node); On top, Proxmox 6.3 with cluster and HA...
  7. L

    [SOLVED] Design recommendation Proxmox with virtual SAN/NAS?

    Hi, I am new in the field of virtualization and I would like to use Proxmox on a server. Already I read a lot, but I am not sure how to design the system in a good way. This is the basic hardware: Supermicro server with 2x 16 Cores with 2,3 GHz with VROC enabled Two M.2 NVMe disks for Proxmox...
  8. P

    Change layout back to v3.x style?

    Is there any way to change the layout of the Web GUI back to the v3.x style with tabs across the top? I'm sure the new v4.x layout is nice for mobile devices but on desktop-size screens, it's just annoying since I have to scroll vertically when I have plenty of horizontal space that was quicker...


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