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    JBOD HBA pci passthrough crashes host

    I have an older server: supermicro motherboard x9drx+-f that I'm running proxmox on. I have a similar older jbod that is connected via an adaptec 8405 raid controller. I'm attemping to pass the JBOD to a TrueNAS VM on the server using PCI passthrough but when I start the VM it crashes the whole...
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    Proxmox crash after restoring VM/CT backups under certain (unknown) circumstances: NEED HELP

    Hi Proxmox community, I've encountered a strange issue with my server where the entire node crashes during the restoration of VM backups. This issue has occurred under specific circumstances and I need some advice on troubleshooting and prevention strategies. I'll write out the full story, and...
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    Host failure caused reboot on other host in 2 node cluster

    Hello, We deployed a cluster consists 2 hosts. Yesterday one of them suddenly rebooted itself (might be caused by a hardware malfunction or power outage), after that the other one. We conducted few tests after incident occurred, observed that when the first node was rebooted, the second node...
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    Proxmox - Sudden Reboots

    Howdy folks, I felt compelled to report this (and ask for help) as I have run out of ideas and noticed that another user is having a similar issue. One of my nodes has begun restarting with no warning or logged info. The system is a 6 NIC, fanless network appliance with an i7-8565U CPU, 32Gb...
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    Proxmox semi-random Crashes

    Hello *, My proxmox keeps crashing semi-randomly. I have been able to reproduce some of the triggers though. When ever I open a link in my windows 10 vm. ( My proxmox host/vm will crash on first or second load (mostly instantly though). => back to Bios post...
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    Proxmox Random Crashing how to Debug and Logs to View

    HI Guys I am getting random Server Crashing several days apart for no apparent reason (what i mean its not even being used) I have had a crash on PBS which needed a reboot, but i have also had 2 crashes when its doing nothing which has required a reboot. As a noob on Proxmox how do i start...
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    [SOLVED] GPU passthrough host crashes when powering down VM

    Hello everyone, Im trying my hand at visualizing my gaming PC. So far I have two VMs one with linux and one with windows. The linux one works without issue, the windows one still isnt able to load the GPU drivers (Code 31), but I hope that this will resolve itself after my main problem is fixed...
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    Proxmox random crashes. Please help!

    This is new build. Tried both 7.2 and 8.0 PVE with same results. System will crash randomly, not even being heavy loaded. Specs: 24 x AMD Ryzen 9 5900X 12-Core Processor (1 Socket) Kernel Version Linux 6.2.16-6-pve #1 SMP PREEMPT_DYNAMIC PMX 6.2.16-7 (2023-08-01T11:23Z) PVE Manager Version...
  9. K

    Sudden pve restart

    Hi, We had recently a node that restarted suddenly without any warnings. The machine was running pretty capped RAM wise. I downloaded the logs from the node in question but i don't see any trace in them. all i see is the start phase, nothing interesting before Can you lead me to a log file...
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    [SOLVED] PCI passthrough causes Proxmox host to crash

    Hello, I was trying to install an OPNsense VM on a host with Proxmox. I installed it fine and then went to configure it and everything was still working. I noticed that after I added a PCI device (NIC) as passthrough the host started crashing as soon as the VM was booting which means that if...
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    Proxmox crashes after trying to pass through gpu to VM with none left for host

    I'm new to proxmox, and generally new to home servers (I've just been messing around trying to find the best OS to use for VM's and a NAS) and I wanted to try using proxmox with TrueNAS scale in a VM for my NAS OS. Here is the funky problem. I also wanted a ubuntu VM to run Jellyfin and have a...
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    Spontaneous Node Reboots

    I've been diagnosing a Proxmox node on our network that began acting up about a year ago with the primary symptom being spontaneous and frequent node reboots while under light load. I've offloaded every VM and container from the node and reinstalled the latest version of PVE 6 to create a clean...
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    [SOLVED] Proxmox random crash since update from 6.x to 7.x : Inserted module 'iscsi_tcp'

    Hello all, All was working well with my cluster with the update 6.3-2 I have recently upgraded to 7.1-5 and since the upgrade, nodes are randomly crashing. Everytime the node is crashing and reboots. Each time of crash, the sequence of logs are beginning with : "pve1 systemd-modules-load[1913]...
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    PVE server keeps crashing randomly, need help in debugging.

    Folks, my PVE server keeps crashing randomly without any pattern. Initially, I had doubts about my UPS/PSU, but I have replaced both of them to no avail. Here's what happened in the last 24 hours, this is mission-critical for me as I self host multiple services and heavily depend on this server...
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    [SOLVED] proxmox crashes after about ~18 hours

    Hi I have been struggling with this for weeks now, my Proxmox host crashes usually about 18 to 24 hours after a start, sometimes sooner. I am not finding anything specific in kern or messages logs, at least as far as I can tell by googling the errors. The most likely is a line that says this...
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    [SOLVED] Proxmox crashes at boot (or reboots) with no reason

    hi everyone, this evening I took off my Proxmox server to install an additional fan. once plugged back it started the boot process as usual and after 1 minute it was off again. Connected ipmi remote screen and nothing seems strange, it just shuts down suddenly after the line "reading all...
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    [SOLVED] All LXC containers have completely broken after host crashed

    Hi forum, I have a server running with 30 lxc containers, last night, the host crashed and rebooted without any signs, after that, the containers could not start at all. Here are some information: root@rvh-bt-gen2:~# pct config 13137 arch: amd64 cmode: shell cores: 1 cpulimit: 1.0 hostname...
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    Help recovering a crashing server

    Hello guys, Newbie here. So I built this dual-seat workstation, and the VMs are set to auto start. I passed-through some devices to a VM, and it crashes the whole server. I tried to boot an Ubuntu live and mount the lvm, but there's no /qemu-server folder in /etc, so I can't edit the VM's...
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    Server Crash after running Graphics Card stress test with passthrough

    Hi, I've been experiencing issues with my config lately. The problem seems to appear when I use the VM (Macosx) to run a game or a stress test (I used Unigine Heaven to replicate the issue experienced with games). The tests runs for a minute or so, then the server completely reboots. I am...
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    Host was reset randomly

    Hi all! I been getting some trouble with my hosts randomly rebooting on me. It has happened a few times now and I don't know how to investigate it. Below are the syslogs immedietely before and after the last reset. Notice the "^@^@^@^@" which I would guess is where something (watchdog?) reset...


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