1. L

    [SOLVED] Node not connecting to cluster

    Hello all, Recently I downsized my 4 node cluster to just 2 nodes. I had some free IP's now and wanted to switch my secondary node (SystemB) from to Whilst my main node (SystemA) lives on I did not read up on correct procedure for changing the IP of...
  2. B

    Suggesting a patch for pvecm? (adding qdevice when nodes are odd, but votes are even)

    Hi all, First off: I'm new to proxmox, and I only use this is a "homelab" setting. Proxmox (the software), this forum and it's members is a true gem, so big thanks all around! I just finished setting up a cluster with 3 nodes, where 2 of the nodes are expected to be on and off intermittently...
  3. N

    off web interface

    Hello, after removing a machine from my claster and deleting corosync, my machine is running normally but I lost access to the web interface
  4. F

    [SOLVED] Possible IPV6 Only Cluster ?

    Hello, I set up a cluster in dual stack IPV4/IPV6. I would no longer like to use IPV4 on the cluster so I would like Corosync to be only in IPV6. In corosync i have : node { name: test1 nodeid: 1 quorum_votes: 1 ring0_addr: XX.XX.XX.XX <= IPv4 ring1_addr...
  5. L

    [SOLVED] Enable second corosync ring

    Hi guys! I stucked and need help. I have cluster (8 nodes) and tried add vLAN for corosync. When I modified corosync.conf file on non-master node, new file not modified on another nodes, but when I modified corosync.conf on master node, and restarted corosync service system rewrite file (delete...
  6. H

    [TUTORIAL] Adding a secondary corosync network for failover - setting the priority when adding a 2nd corosync network to upgrade to a redundant ring network.

    SCROLL TO THE END FOR AN EXAMPLE ADD knet_link_priority: <value> TO YOUR /etc/pve/corosync.conf FILE UNDER THE TOTEM DIRECTIVE AND EACH RESPECTIVE INTERFACE SUBDIRECTIVE Here is the guide on creating a separate cluster network: MY OBJECTIVE...
  7. M

    Lost quorum while all nodes are online

    Hello there, last week I updated my PVE two node Cluster, but after rebooting since a while i ran into some problems: Both nodes currently are online, but keep complaning that there is no quorum. In the webui this looks like this : Anyway from the webui of both nodes i get the actual...
  8. L

    Cant edit corosync.conf

    Hello, I am absolutley new on VM plattforms. I tried to add in my Proxmox a node by editing "corosync.conf". After I realized that I may made a mistake.. Now I cant delete the Node which is existent but also not. Here some Screenshots... When I try to delete the second node I get "[ Error...
  9. pvps1

    [SOLVED] pvecm nodes -> 1 node IP, all others hostname (upgrade v4/v5)

    I started upgrading from version 4.4. to 5.4 by adding a new host with version 5.4 plan was to migrate old nodes -> new node. upgrade, migrate back, next node etc... I added the new host (debian stretch + pve repos) with # pvecm add $ip_old_44_node --use_ssh 1 result: Nodeid Votes...
  10. 7

    Seperate corosync network: nodelist or quorum.expected_votes must be configured

    I'm trying to seperate the corosync network in our 3 node cluster (Proxmox 5.3-11) as described in After copying the new corosync.conf to /etc/corosync/corosync.conf I'm getting the following error: Mar 19 10:22:57 proxmox-c1-n3...
  11. M

    Renaming corosync ring0 address

    Greetings! I recently had to add a host to an existing cluster. By some reason I did it using web interface, not command line. The host added, but its ring0 address is now named with its IP in contrast to the rest that have ring0 equal to the hostname. I have 2 questions so far: 1) Why it...
  12. F

    [SOLVED] How to configure a simple cluster of 3 nodes on unicast

    Hi, I'm getting mad at trying to configure this. After my last resinstall of the 3 nodes I did the following: (sorry, for legacy reasons my nodes are called mynode0, mynode3 and mynode4) - each machine has 2 eth network connection, a public one and a "private" one, which is in fact on a...
  13. S

    What's the proper way to specify a multicast address in 4.1?

    Hi, TL;DR: What's the correct way to specify a multicast address in v4.1 in a way that proxmox is aware of it and won't overwrite it in the future? Longer version: Just installing 4.1. My network admin has specified a multicast address which I must use. In a one-node config, I figured out...


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