cluster replication

  1. M

    Part 1/3 almost done, now..

    To bring everyone up to speed, here's the plan: Replace ubuntu/kvm with PVE to include 2 additional servers with 1 being a pve/pbr and the other a offsite DR box. 1. migrate and upgrade from ubuntu/kvm to proxmox. Config local nas backups temporarily until the new environment is in place...
  2. P

    SSH Keys in a Proxmox Cluster, resolving replication "Host key verification failed" errors

    Outline: I'm wondering if there's any detailed documentation anywhere about exactly how the various SSH key files are used within a Proxmox cluster? In particular, what is the relationship between /root/.ssh/known_hosts, /etc/ssh/ssh_known_hosts, and /etc/pve/priv/known_hosts, and if replacing...
  3. F


    Hi folks! I have a node and installed another just for replication. I've created a zfs where VM disks are installed. The second node have almost 100% free space, but when I start the replication process this happens: 2023-06-15 11:25:01 100-0: start replication job 2023-06-15 11:25:01 100-0...
  4. A

    SLOG and L2ARC to speed up ZFS on a spinning drive

    Hi, I'm running a PVE cluster at home, mostly for fun and some local services. I deployed it on top of a couple of dell optiplex (for the low power consumption), which have 1 NVME slot and 1 SATA slot. Initially, I put one 1TB NVME SSD inside both of the optiplex, partitionned with ZFS, and 16...
  5. O

    Ceph rbd mirroring Snapshot-based not working :'(

    Hello, I'm trying to setup Ceph rbd mirroring Snapshot-based between 2 Ceph clusters each installed from a different PVE cluster. I call them pve-c1 and pve-c2. Anyone here already setup it successfully ? A this moment i only try a one-way replication from pve-c1 to pve-c2. Proxmox VE 6.3-2...
  6. M

    ZFS Replication over WAN

    I want to have a cluster running between 2 node, one at my office and one at my home to keep my data synced. The cluster is quorate, but they do not allow me to access the tabs of the opposite node on the web GUI. However, replication of my VMs and CTs fails everytime. Currently, when I try to...
  7. F

    Proxmox with Ceph - Replication ?

    So has anyone used ceph replication along with proxmox ? Or has anyone been able to make a setup with a proxmox and ceph , and have it replicate to some other cluster ?!
  8. CTCcloud

    forcing .members file update

    We have a cluster of 8 nodes. One was JUST recently added. When trying to migrate a VM from a particular node to the new node it said "no such cluster node "node name"" After looking around, the /etc/pve/.members file doesn't match on all 8 nodes. It's the same on 5 nodes but 3 nodes have an...


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