cloud init

  1. L

    Serial console stops working.

    Hello everybody. I'm running Proxmox in its latest and most updated version and I'm migrating my Linux virtual machines to Cloud-init. With everything, I have been experiencing some bugs that I still haven't found a solution or the reason for. When accessing machines through the proxmox...
  2. J

    Ubuntu VMs cloned from cloud-init template do not execute cloud-init on first boot

    Hello, I am trying to create a cloud-init template for my VMs. I am on Proxmox VE 8.1.5. I am able to create the template, but when I clone it and attempt to start the clone, the cloud-init process never gets kicked off during boot (no ssh keys are generated, and ultimately I get a startup...
  3. J

    Virtual machine creation with API fails (cloud-init)

    Good evening guys since the last minor update of our Proxmox VE instances the creation with cloudinit is broken. We always added the parameter ' scsi10: "local-lvm:cloudinit"' to the API request, but since the last version the Proxmox VE instance fails at creation with the virtual machine with...
  4. V

    Migrating to a New Node Fails

    Hi all, I'm having an issue that happens sometimes where when I create a new VM and migrate it to another node of mine (pve12-test -> pve11-test). VM created with: qm create 1170 --memory 1024 --net0 virtio,bridge=vmbr0 --scsihw virtio-scsi-pci --onboot=1 --ostype l26 && qm set 1170--scsi0...
  5. A


    pve version:8.1.3 windows version: 2022server I created the cloud init image of Windows on pve, and can successfully use the IP, account and password configuration. I am wondering if it can support setting the storage location of smba in the cloudinit interface, including the account password...
  6. A

    [TUTORIAL] GPU Passthrough on Proxmox VE - OpenBSD 7.3 (Part. 03x04)

    This is the fourth in a series of five articles covering the installation and configuration of VMs (Linux, Windows, macOS and BSD) in PCI Passthrough on Proxmox VE 8. I recommend you read my previous article on Installing OpenBSD 7.3 on Proxmox (BIOS/UEFI) where I go into more detail on...
  7. N

    cloudinit disks not cleaned up

    Hi We are deploying cloudinit images from terraform (telmate/proxmox), by cloning a template in proxmox already configured with cloud init. The new machine gets created with the next available VMID, and a small 4MBdisk is created to feed the cloudinit settings. The disk created for cloudinit is...
  8. A

    [TUTORIAL] PCI/GPU Passthrough on Proxmox VE 8 : Debian 12 (with Cloud-init)

    This article is the third in a series of five articles dealing with the installation and configuration of VMs (Linux, Windows, macOS and BSD) in PCI Passthrough on Proxmox VE 8. Part 0-4 PCI/GPU Passthrough on Proxmox VE Installation and Setup (Part. 00x04) Part 1-4 PCI/GPU Passthrough on...
  9. C

    Windows Server 2022 with Cloud-init and Terraform

    Hi all, I'm trying to prepare Windows Server 2022 template so that it could be deployed with Terraform. I've managed to create new WS2022 VM, install Cloud-Init on it and do a sysprep. After VM is created by Terraform I'm stuck on language selection screen and don't know how to proceed further...
  10. S

    Role VM.config.networking prevent cloud init networking

    Hello everyone. Currently working on the proxmox roles I would like to report a behavior on this part. the vm config role blocks the configuration of a cloud init on the network option. Indeed I think it could be two separate things. I can restrict the hardware part of the vm on the network to...
  11. S

    Packages directive in cloud init drive?

    Hello everyone, I've lurked around the forum and searched by I couldn't find any information about this: is it possible (or is there any plan of adding) to add a packages directive in cloud init ? I'm planning to automate the deployment of some VMs by keeping the footprint of the template as...
  12. J

    cloud-init unable to run on Debian 11 cloud image

    Sorry to bother, I'm not familiar with Proxmox yet, and I can't find the answer in documentations. It is so wired that cloud-init does not execute on VM created with the qcow2 image from Debian (source: debian-11-genericcloud-amd64.qcow2). I have configured cloud-init with user name, ssh key and...
  13. herzkerl

    Cloud-init ohne package upgrade?

    Hallo liebe Community, ist es möglich, trotz Verwendung von eurer Cloud-init-Implementierung dort die automatischen Paketupdates zu deaktivieren? Ich habe versucht, in der VM die user-data.txt zu bearbeiten, aber nach einem Neustart stand dort wieder package_upgrade: true
  14. M

    [SOLVED] How to configure a cloned VM to automatically grow its root partition when the disk is extended?

    Hello, I am running a Proxmox VE server with pre-made Templates at minimal disk sizes. I have scripts that create VMs by cloning a template and extending its disk. The problem is that the extended space is not allocated to any mount point. For example, the following template has initially a...
  15. K

    How to upgrade a VM based on cloud-init image?

    I'm using a Ubuntu cloud image with cloud-init. How is it supposed to upgrade the system? Should it be automatically upgraded at startup or something?
  16. S

    Cloud init - Each boot => New instance first boot

    Hello, Each time I reboot a vm with cloud init in proxmox, cloud init is started as the fist time (init). In the log we can see : 2022-12-01 09:42:03,763 -[DEBUG]: Update datasource metadata and network config due to events: New instance first boot 2022-12-01 09:44:47,808 -...
  17. S

    Cloud-init ubuntu cloud-image example broken apparently The link above refers refers to the example below: # download the image wget # create a new VM with VirtIO SCSI controller qm create 9000 --memory 2048 --net0...
  18. E

    Upgraded Proxmox VE via GUI - Now Root install is taking me to a VM Login

    Hey guys! New to proxmox so sorry if I'm not clear on some terms... and also thanks for all the great posts and insights here so far it has been great reading lots of past posts! To my issues and questions. Thanks in advance for any guidance Backstory I Recently upgraded a single node of...
  19. P

    [SOLVED] Can't get cloud-init ssh_authorized_keys to work

    I'm trying to use cloud init to add my ssh key, I have generated one on my desktop PC using id_ed25519 after that I added the following to my cloud-init.yml users: - name: peter passwd: "..." # to enable auth using password until I get my key to work ssh_authorized_keys: -...
  20. P

    [SOLVED] Can't get cloud init to work

    Hi I have created the following script to create a VM and with a cloud-init config: #!/bin/bash echo "Loading variables" VMID=230 STORAGE=storage IMAGE=debian-11-genericcloud-amd64.qcow2 SNIPPETNAME=debian-docker-cloud-init.yml echo "VMID: $VMID" echo "STORAGE: $STORAGE" echo "IMAGE: $IMAGE"...


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