cifs backup fail

  1. J

    Valid SMB/CIFS timing out and other issues

    I have NAS drive connected to proxmox via SMB/CIFS and can see the NAS drive, copy to it and vice versa from Windows VM, but OS copies and promox backups fail every attempt. The NAS is connected via VPN running at 15/10 Mbps (up/down). So, yes, there may be occasional latency issues, etc...
  2. K

    NFS/Cifs mount?

    Dell r720 - Proxmox 7.1.7 Dell r720 - Truenas 12.0-U7 They're on separate subnets but it's always been like this and they both can communicate both ways nothing has changed other than the errors just showing up one day and my backups are not working... I have no idea what it is I've freshly...
  3. A

    Backup 'zstd: /*stdout*\: Input/output error'

    In one of my server I frequently run into failed backups on a CIFS location and since this is the case for several month now I thought I start a new thread, also there already is this old thread from another user but probably with a similar problem. What I can say for sure is that this is not a...
  4. K

    VM backup to CIFS share on TrueNAS VM fails at 100% completion

    Hi folks, I did set up a TrueNAS Core VM (version: TrueNAS-12.0-U2.1, FreeBSD 12.2-RELEASE-p3) with 2TB SSD passthrough from the Proxmox host (version: 6.3-6). Inside this VM I created a CIFS share in order to back up other VMs to. To test its functions I mounted the share on Linux and could...
  5. K

    VM-Backup zu CIFS-Share auf TrueNAS-VM bricht ab

    Hallo Allerseits, Ich habe eine TrueNAS-Core-VM (Version: TrueNAS-12.0-U2.1, FreeBSD 12.2-RELEASE-p3) (mit durchgereichter 2TB-SSD) erstellt, um auf dieser via CIFS-Freigaben Dateien von anderen VMs (sowie Backups dieser VMs) zu speichern. Beim Einbinden eines CIFS-Shares im Proxmox-Datencenter...
  6. H

    Backup error: pipelined request failed

    i have some servers with vms on Proxmox VE 6.3-2 and vm with PBS v 1.0-11. On PBS i mount cifs storage (samba share) with command mount -o uid=34, gid=34 (for backup user permissions) But then i can't upgrade my VE from 5.x to 6.x and do so bad migrate vms: i copy vm's disks, create a new vm on...
  7. P

    Error backup CT to share CIFS

    Hi, Every day I have a backup task that automatically starts to backup about ten containers but only one is in error at each attempt for a few days. After a lot of research I still haven't found anything... if anyone has an idea. Here are the logs of two containers, the one in error (108) and...
  8. Y

    cifs: restore from lzo backup failed, from gzip - succeeded

    Hello, we have a 3 node PVE 5.2-5 cluster. There is a vm, which lzo backups (CIFS storage) cannot be restored. The error message is: Interesting is, that there is a suspicious warning during the backup, but the backup is qualified as succeeded: There are no such problems with gzip-backups...
  9. L

    CIFS mount options

    Hello, Is there a way to specify the mount options when mounting a cifs filesystem in ProxMox 5.2? Currently I'm using a CIFS filesystem for backup and all my backups made using lzo fail to restore with a "Compressed data violation". A backup with no compression fails with the error " tar: -...


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