ceph monitor

  1. M

    Recover Data from Ceph OSDs

    Is there a way to recover data from OSDs if the monitors and managers don't work anymore but the OSDs still start up? Just for clarification: I don't want to rebuild the cluster I just want to copy data from the OSDs to another HDD.
  2. ssolomon

    CEPH Monitor Issue

    I recently had to rebuild a failed Proxmox PVE node by reinstalling Proxmox, adding the node back into the cluster, reinstalling ceph, and bringing the OSD back into the pool. Up to that point everything came back fine. The problem is that the node failed unexpectedly and so is still listed in...
  3. G

    [SOLVED] Optimal number of Ceph monitor/manager/MDS

    Hi all, I'm currently running a cluster with 15 nodes and I plan to add more in the near future. As for Ceph I have 5 monitors, 5 managers and 5 metadata servers which currently manage 60+ OSDs. Do you advice to add more monitors/mangers/mds? Should I stick with odd numbers because of quorum...
  4. Y

    ceph monitor

    Hello, im trying to add a host as ceph monitor to the cluster but i always receive the following err : monitor address 'X.X.X.X' already in use (500) i tryed to destroy it but there is no created monitor id with this address. whoever after checking ceph.conf the monitor is already there. any...
  5. J

    clock skew detected

    Hi, I am facing intermittent clock skew issues on my 3 node proxmox+ceph cluster. clock skew detected on mon.proxmox3 mon.proxmox3 clock skew 0.0609687s > max 0.05s (latency 0.000392331s) pasted few information about my current configuration below.. systemctl status...
  6. G

    CEPH on node upgrade issue

    Since update on one of my nodes it has become a bit unstable.. well 3 of my nodes - but they have different issues. Some dealing with network problems... For node 5 - I have ceph monitor that is showing as "undefined" in the list of monitors on any node I connect to the gui with. root@node5:~#...
  7. L

    reinstall ceph after pveceph purge

    Hi, After I installed proxmox I decided to tinker around with ceph. Some things didn't work out and I removed ceph from the proxmox node. After stopping all the ceph services I removed it with 'pveceph purge'. That worked! Now when I tried to reconfigure ceph I keep getting this error "Could...
  8. J

    Ceph config broken

    Hi! So, I started to install and configure Ceph before I fully knew how I wanted to have it configured (mistake #1). Now, after following https://forum.proxmox.com/threads/changing-ceph-public-network.33083/ I've made some changes, but they're now really incorrect to the point where "monmaptool...
  9. B

    [SOLVED] 5.3.8 5 Nodes with Ceph

    I have a fresh 5 node cluster installed running 5.3.8 with Ceph. The docs for installing ceph with PVE suggest a minimum of three nodes with monitors. Is it recommended to install a monitor on every node or is it ok to keep just 3 of my 5 nodes as monitors? When I connect to my forth and...
  10. M

    Ceph: New Monitors showing no Quorum

    I am having an issue with proxmox on using Ceph. Ceph itself is working great. But when I add a new proxmox unit with ceph, specifically adding a monitor it will show up as a monitor, but will show under the quorum tab quorum no. See attached screenshot. As you can see mon.3 and mon.4 have no...
  11. R

    Is there a reason to limit the number of monitors? ( unable to find usable monitor id )

    I was trying to get some OSDs to appear and running into a problem getting a monitor running on each node in a hyper converged ceph environment with 8 nodes. I was looking for the error unable to find usable monitor id quite a bit and hitting some walls with my results so I looked at...
  12. ;

    Ceph monitor network interface

    I am new to Ceph but followed the Ceph Server wiki and was up and running with Ceph on a dedicated 10gbe network/subnet without any issues. As per the instructions, issuing "pveceph createmon" instantiated a Ceph Monitor bound to the interface on the Ceph specific private network I defined...


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