1. S

    How to strip QinQ upper VLAN ID in Proxmox and push inner VLAN outside the Proxmox?

    Hello! I don't know if this is Proxmox or Mikrotik issue, but I've stuck with this for good. I'm getting VLAN ID from another location inside which are another VLANs, so we have QinQ here. All is delivered to rack cabinet, where Proxmox cluster is running. What I want to do is to strip...
  2. M

    Homelab setup - 2 network interfaces

    Hello colleagues, I am building homelab on Proxmox. My setup : - Isolated environment - network 10.10.10.x (vmbr0) - for updating of VMs I sometimes need to access to internet (vmbr1 interface defined) - Idea is that for updating purpose I will temporary reconfigure the VM to use vmbr1 The...
  3. D

    Bonding problems (bonded bridge active-backup)

    I've configured my server with a bonded and bridged connection and seem to have gotten in a little over my head. Our networking group's switch configuration may also be involved. I have kernel logs going back to July 16th and since August 14th I keep periodically getting the following error...
  4. H

    Fresh install - IPv6 bridging not working

    Hi, I just had a fresh install of Proxmox VE 5.1 (see pveversion -v below) on a couple of R610 with PCI Intel NICs (one ixgbe and one quad-e1000). I tried to move a few VMs from a legacy Proxmox VE 4.x cluster to that new cluster, which is located on the same switch than the legacy one...
  5. J

    VE can't see outside of subnet when a VM is using bridged mode

    i haven't had the opportunity to really test out all of the symptoms, but it seems as though my VE server has lost connectivity to outside the subnet it's on. It used to be able to (because I was able run apt-get to install updates), but now it can't. The only significant networking change I...
  6. J

    Bridge not listed in VM creation

    I've installed Debian Jessie, set up a bridge interface, then installed Proxmox 4. My problem is that when going to create a VM there's no bridges listed in the combo box at Network>Bridged mode>Bridge. Does anyone know why the bridge might not be showing up? As a newbie unfortunately I can't...
  7. S

    How to: bond+bridge+vlan in Proxmox 4.x and share a VLAN with your VM guests

    This configuration (perhaps you'll call it a work-around) took me a while to sort out, so hopefully it will save you some time. The problem: When you bond 2 interfaces and then want to make a "vmbr" (for example vmbr0) over them, you'll find that the moment a VM starts with the same vlan tag as...


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