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    Openning Proxmox to the WEB for Management and its VMs. Multiple questions for final networking-securing-backup-imaging of Proxmox and its VMs.

    Hello All, As I have done other things in my professional carreer, I have missed some chunks of the IT, unfortunately also bigger chunks. Now working on my project I am in the middle of nowhere, exposing the ip of the management to internet. I am setting up one DL380 with Proxmox, 128 GB RAM...
  2. S

    Planning first installation on Dell R710 with 6x8TB drives

    I will be installing Proxmox 7.4 but this is a first with a raid setup. Looking to use Raid6 or Raid5 but my only experience is using mdadm to generate the array. Does anyone have a current best practices for 7.4 with raid6. TIA My current setup on this hardware has Ubuntu Server running off a...
  3. G

    [SOLVED] Timesyncd

    Hi, I see that systemd-timesyncd is not installed by default. I was questioning myself, what if I do install it? Isn't timekeeping important for cluster operations? Thank you
  4. L

    are there security best practices?

    Hi, everyone Im from mexico, im searching for best practices for hardening my proxmox installation. Can you help me?
  5. D

    Ceph vs ZFS - Which is "best"?

    TLDR: Ceph vs ZFS: advantages and disadvantages? Looking for thoughts on implementing a shared filesystem in a cluster with 3 nodes. They all serve a mix of websites for clients that should be served with minimal downtime, and some infrastructure nodes such as Ansible and pfSense, as well as...
  6. F

    New server install

    Greetings all! Any suggestions for our new server install? We just ordered two refurbed Dell 620 servers. Here's their stats: Dual Intel E5-2690 V2 3.0GHz 10-Core 256GB DDR3 ( 16x16GB 12800R ) Mini H310 Raid Controller (Flashed to HBA mode) iDRAC 7 Enterprise with license 10GB SPF+dual 1gigE...
  7. H

    [SOLVED] network configuration recommendation

    We are currently testing Proxmox as a replacement for our Esxi farm (No license) where we have 20+ servers. Currently our Esxi hosts have 1 bond (2x1Gib) and 2x1Gib thats multipath iscsi (2 paths each) to our Storage. Bond has VLan tagging and all vms connect to this "bridge". I'm wondering the...
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    Setting up a PXE Server VM

    I want to create a PXE server/service using a VM I'll build on Proxmox (I'm planning to use Ubuntu Server 20.04, but I'm open to any better suggestions.). My home router already provides DHCP for the local LAN, but most of the tutorials I've seen for setting up a PXE server require ensuring the...
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    Proxmox on remote server: security best practices?

    Hi, I'm considering switching my current 'cloud' VPS setup to a dedicated server (e.g. Hetzner) with Proxmox running 2-3 VMs. Currently I'm only running Proxmox in my homelab, which works great but obviously has other security requirements than a remote setup. Are there any pointers to best...
  10. N

    Ceph/Hardware - Looking to build out a sizable Proxmox Hosting Cluster

    We're looking to migrate away from a large OnApp installation, and Proxmox is looking to be our solution. We have quite a large budget to get this done properly, so we were hoping if someone would be able to give us some best practices. Our biggest concerns have been around Ceph within PVE...
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    Dell H710 / Best Storage Setup

    Inherited an pretty nice server that I wish to use for VMs. Dell PowerEdge R720 8B Server 2x E5-2620 2.0GHz 12-Cores Total 96GB DDR3 8x 1TB 7.2K 2.5" HDD Perc H710 Mini 512MB I know this controller doesn't do "IT" mode or JBOD. This sort of puts me in a conundrum deciding what is the best...
  12. J

    Cluster and backups

    Hello We got a ProxmoxVE cluster having 20 nodes and are "trying" to backup all VM's overnight. Currently it will start 20 backup tasks (1 per node) which will result in very high I/O delays as the destination NAS won't be able to handle the load. If we limit the bandwith for the backups...


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