backup error

  1. N

    [SOLVED] Backup Error (exit code 1)

    Hello all, I'm experiencing an error with one of my LXCs where the backup keeps failing. I'm stuggling to find the cause or even more desicriptive logs about what is actually happening. It says that the "set -o pipefail && lxc-usernsexec" command is failing to run. I've provided the logs I...
  2. M

    PVE Sicherung sporadischer Fehler - Backup Backup of VM XXX failed - cannot determine size of volume

    Seit Wochen macht die tägliche Sicherung auf einen Cluster Knotens eines PVE 8.1.4 auf/per den PBS 3.1-4 Storage Probleme. Die VMs liegen auf mehreren NAS LUNS die per LVM/ISCSI + Multipath und 10GB eingebunden sind. Der Fehler tritt bei den VM Sicherung sporadisch auf: ERROR: Backup of VM XXX...
  3. O

    Backup error with CT after migrate

    We have Proxmox Cluster with a few CT's and a lot of VM's. Every night all CT's and VM's are backupped to a Proxmox Backup Server. I noticed an error for some CT's with the following error: 110: 2024-04-11 00:00:42 INFO: Starting Backup of VM 110 (lxc) 110: 2024-04-11 00:00:42 INFO: status =...
  4. V

    LXC container backup ends with error

    I have a backup for all my containers running against an external s3fs bucket (hosted in iDrive). I also have this script running that, once the backup finishes, it deletes the backup files from the local disk I recently created a new container where I mapped two drives which I use to put the...
  5. tuxis

    Windows VM failing to back-up

    Hi, After maintenance a couple days ago, one of the Windows VM on our cluster has decided to stop completing back-ups. Whilst the back-up job is running, the qemu-guest-agent for Windows seems to crash, which also results in the console not functioning and displaying an vnc proxy error. This...
  6. A

    [SOLVED] windows 2012 server reboot in recovery mode after backup failure

    Hi, I have an host with proxmox ve 7.2-4 installed with zfspool storage where disk image are located. I have proxmox internal backup running during the night. last one failed cause the nas storage is full. Windows boot in recovery mode but diskpart command can't locate any disk at all. Tried...
  7. P

    Backup job failed with err -125 - Operation canceled

    Hi Everyone, I am in the process of migrating the VMs from one proxmox server to another so I can update the proxmox to 8.1. I am creating the backups of VM, then send the backup to the other proxmox server and then restore that VM. The virtual machines are running critical micro-services due...
  8. W

    [SOLVED] BTRFS error bei Backups

    Hallo, Ich habe seit mehreren Tagen das Problem das mein Backup für ein LXC nicht läuft. Das was im Backup Log steht: 152: 2024-01-23 02:00:03 INFO: Starting Backup of VM 152 (lxc) 152: 2024-01-23 02:00:03 INFO: status = running 152: 2024-01-23 02:00:03 INFO: CT Name: Docker 152: 2024-01-23...
  9. S

    Error Messages During Tape Backup Job Execution

    Hello Proxmox Community, I hope everyone is doing well. I am currently facing an issue while attempting to execute tape backup jobs in my Proxmox environment. The problem seems to be related to error messages that occur during the backup job execution process. Specifically, the error messages...
  10. S

    [SOLVED] Backup for VMs and Containers only works if I power them off first.

    Backup for VMs and Containers only works if I power them off first. Is anyone else having this issue? Any suggestions? Proxmox version: 8.1.3 error I'm getting when trying to backup with powered-on VM/Containers: NFO: starting new backup job: vzdump 598 --node auriga --compress zstd --mode...
  11. E

    Having trouble backing up PBS VM

    I have PBS running as a VM on Proxmox and it has been working fine, backing up all the VMs (including itself) until recently, where now it can't back itself up (log below). The other VMs still back up perfectly. I started thinking, how can the PBS back itself up if it needs to freeze during the...
  12. B

    Deutsch: Proxmox Backup funktioniert einmal und danach nicht mehr

    Guten Tag, Ich habe eingerichtet, das Proxmox Täglich ein Backup auf ein Nas in meinem Netzwerk macht. Das funktioniert einmal Reibungslos, dann kommt immer der Fehler: ERROR: Backup of VM 100 failed - file '/mnt/pve/SichTaeglich/dump/vzdump-lxc-100-2023_12_12-13_36_41.tar.zst.notes' exists but...
  13. P

    VMs hung after backup

    Hello. After latest pre-8.1 update some of VMs (mostly with linux) has started to hung right after backup. Backups are made with latest Proxmox Backup server (3.0-4) to NFS Datastore. We have 6 backup jobs which don't cross each other in time. Today's night a linux VM has hung which was the only...
  14. M

    Proxmox VE 7.4 backup failed

    Hi guys, I`m trying to upgrade my proxmox version to 8, for that i`m trying to create backups first, all my containers are going well, but my VM isn`t It always results in the same error: Nov 24 09:57:04 proxmox qmeventd[1472585]: Starting cleanup for 101 Nov 24 09:57:04 proxmox...
  15. D

    Problems with backup (stop mode)

    Hello everyone, I've been having problems making my scheduled backups for a while now. These are configured in STOP mode. I have verified that, when the copy starts, the machine shutdown order is sent, but it does not turn off, but instead restarts. Sometimes the copies are made and other times...
  16. G

    Urgent Help Needed: Backup Error - "Parameter 'backup-ns' is Unexpected"

    Hello Proxmox Community, I'm encountering a critical issue while attempting VM backups from Proxmox host to Proxmox Backup Server. The error message reads: "VM qmp command 'backup' failed - Parameter 'backup-ns' is unexpected." This error has been consistently preventing successful backups. I...
  17. P

    VM Filesystem corrupted after hanging backup

    Hello, We've encountered an issue with an VM which has failed to make an backup, since the backup process didn't stop by itself we killed it by use of the process ID. We managed to fix the filesystem corruption on this particular VM but I was wondering why this can happen on the filesystem of...
  18. B

    [SOLVED] kein Backup von LXC Container auf NAS nach Hardwarewechsel und Umstieg auf PM8 möglich

    Hallo Zusammen, zuerst mal kurz zur Vorgeschichte. Ich hab ein NUC da laufen meine Home-Automatisierungen drauf (ioBroker, HomeMatic und noch n Paar andere Sachen). Die SSD im NUC war voll und ich habe mir eine größere gekauft und eingebaut. Da der Umstieg auf PM8 sowie geplant war, hab ich...
  19. T

    Proxmox do not backup VM and delete all backup on cluster.

    Hi all, We had a problem recently: all VMs in the cluster were not backed up (or had backups but only some of the VMs in the cluster were backed up, the rest were not). It used to work fine, but recently we've been having this problem frequently. The backup jobs seem to be having problems...
  20. A

    Backups failing for some VMs, while working on others. All have qemu-guest-agent installed.

    So for reasons I can't figure out, when I run a backup for all my VMs and Containers, some VMs fail and others work fine. All containers backup fine. The only thing that's different, from what I can parse, is that VMs that were created in Proxmox with a new drive succeed. However, VMs that were...


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