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    VMs hung after backup

    Hello. After latest pre-8.1 update some of VMs (mostly with linux) has started to hung right after backup. Backups are made with latest Proxmox Backup server (3.0-4) to NFS Datastore. We have 6 backup jobs which don't cross each other in time. Today's night a linux VM has hung which was the only...
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    Proxmox VE 7.4 backup failed

    Hi guys, I`m trying to upgrade my proxmox version to 8, for that i`m trying to create backups first, all my containers are going well, but my VM isn`t It always results in the same error: Nov 24 09:57:04 proxmox qmeventd[1472585]: Starting cleanup for 101 Nov 24 09:57:04 proxmox...
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    Problems with backup (stop mode)

    Hello everyone, I've been having problems making my scheduled backups for a while now. These are configured in STOP mode. I have verified that, when the copy starts, the machine shutdown order is sent, but it does not turn off, but instead restarts. Sometimes the copies are made and other times...
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    Urgent Help Needed: Backup Error - "Parameter 'backup-ns' is Unexpected"

    Hello Proxmox Community, I'm encountering a critical issue while attempting VM backups from Proxmox host to Proxmox Backup Server. The error message reads: "VM qmp command 'backup' failed - Parameter 'backup-ns' is unexpected." This error has been consistently preventing successful backups. I...
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    VM Filesystem corrupted after hanging backup

    Hello, We've encountered an issue with an VM which has failed to make an backup, since the backup process didn't stop by itself we killed it by use of the process ID. We managed to fix the filesystem corruption on this particular VM but I was wondering why this can happen on the filesystem of...
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    [SOLVED] kein Backup von LXC Container auf NAS nach Hardwarewechsel und Umstieg auf PM8 möglich

    Hallo Zusammen, zuerst mal kurz zur Vorgeschichte. Ich hab ein NUC da laufen meine Home-Automatisierungen drauf (ioBroker, HomeMatic und noch n Paar andere Sachen). Die SSD im NUC war voll und ich habe mir eine größere gekauft und eingebaut. Da der Umstieg auf PM8 sowie geplant war, hab ich...
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    Proxmox do not backup VM and delete all backup on cluster.

    Hi all, We had a problem recently: all VMs in the cluster were not backed up (or had backups but only some of the VMs in the cluster were backed up, the rest were not). It used to work fine, but recently we've been having this problem frequently. The backup jobs seem to be having problems...
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    Backups failing for some VMs, while working on others. All have qemu-guest-agent installed.

    So for reasons I can't figure out, when I run a backup for all my VMs and Containers, some VMs fail and others work fine. All containers backup fine. The only thing that's different, from what I can parse, is that VMs that were created in Proxmox with a new drive succeed. However, VMs that were...
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    Backup of VM faided unable to rename

    Hello, i been having problems trying to make backups of two vms, is anyone here familiar with this error? INFO: status: 100% (68719476736/68719476736), sparse 82% (56412725248), duration 649, read/write 249/23 MB/s INFO: transferred 68719 MB in 649 seconds (105 MB/s) Warning: unable to close...
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    Backup Error for ONE VM only - ERROR: Backup of VM 100 failed - job failed with err -125 - Operation canceled

    Hi, I need some assistance in order to identify the root cause of a backup job failing for the reason of: ERROR: Backup of VM 100 failed - job failed with err -125 - Operation canceled PREVIOUS ISSUE IN DECEMBER AND HOW IT WAS RESOLVED In December, I started to have problems on a backup job...
  11. K

    [SOLVED] Proxmox VE Backup Problem

    pve-manager/7.4-3/9002ab8a (running kernel: 5.15.102-1-pve) hi! seit dem update am 23.3.23 läuft das automatische backup nicht mehr. manuell aufgerufen laufen die jobs einwandfrei durch. aktualisierte pakete (/var/log/apt/history.log): Start-Date: 2023-03-23 13:03:39 Commandline...
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    Can't update some of my VMs - Error Message "no storage ID specified"

    Hi, I can't backup some of my VMs via PBS (v2.3-3 / encrypted), it always generates the following error message: INFO: starting new backup job: vzdump 201 --notes-template '{{guestname}}' --mode snapshot --storage pbs-mi --node pve --remove 0 INFO: Starting Backup of VM 201 (qemu) INFO...
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    Error during backup ( err -5 - Input/output error)

    Hello, When I'm wanna do a copy of my vm after 3% of progress i have error. I tried change storage but it doesn't help. I checked my disk using smartctl but everything is ok.. I put the log below: root@proxmox:/var/log/vzdump# cat qemu-108.log 2023-03-22 23:03:53 INFO: Starting Backup of VM 108...
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    [SOLVED] Einige Nodes ignorieren Backupjobs

    Hi, wir bauen derzeit einen Proxmox Cluster auf basis von Ceph Storage auf und stoßen leider auf immer mehr Kinderkrankheiten. Derzeit bspw. ignorieren einige Nodes jegliche Backupjobs. Es wird nichts gelogged, startet man die Backups manuell läuft er einwandfrei durch, er startet lediglich...
  15. G

    Backup Faild

    Hello , In my PBS we have a VM who Faild in backup , the logs in below NFO: Starting Backup of VM xxxx (qemu) INFO: Backup started at 2023-02-22 04:08:49 INFO: status = running INFO: VM Name: XXXXXXX INFO: include disk 'sata0' 'Ceph_HDD:vm-3184-disk-0' 128G INFO: include disk 'sata1'...
  16. R

    ERROR: Backup of VM 100 failed - job failed with err -5 - Input/output error

    Hey, Just been having this issue for the last month where the backup fails at 37%. I've changed the backup location and it still fails at 37%. Can anyone see what I'm missing ? Proxmox version: 7.2-3 Error: Backup of VM 100 failed - job failed with err -5 - Input/output error Backup size: sits...
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    [SOLVED] Random VM crashes when backing up VM's

    Hello! In the past few weeks we've been setting up a Proxmox cluster to be able to host our applications. From the start we've been experiencing some weird issues when backing up the VM's to an NFS target (Synology NAS) Randomly during the backup (sometimes 0 or sometimes multiple) VM's seem...
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    Backup job is stuck and I cannot stop it or even kill it

    Hello to all, for yesterday January 9 a backup job is stuck and I cannot stop it or even kill it. The backup job contains 3 containers and 1 VM. The job started at 03:00:04. In the back office when I go to 'Task viewer : Backup Job' when I press the button 'Stop' nothing happens. In the...
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    Backup hanging

    Hey all, Prior to Christmas I had automatic backups working fine. I turned off (disabled via the UI) the backup job because I wasn't going to use the server over Christmas so didn't need backups. When I got back, I enabled the same backup job via UI (changing nothing else) and now when I log...
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    Backup error

    This PVE Server always backup fail, there have only three backup job per day(Include a LXC,and 2 VM), Proxmox Virtual Environment 6.4-15 Search Support for Proxmox VE 6.4 ends on 2022-07-31 Container 112 (TP-Gitlab) on node 'Proxmox106' (backup) VM_Backup_Proxmox106 Filter VMID Server View...


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