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    Proxmox Backup Client v2 for Ubuntu 18.04/16.04

    I know that the Proxmox team is working on a solution to have a client version that can be used on different Linux distributions (Bugzilla #4788). However, I needed to use proxmox-backup-client on older Ubuntu releases now. And because I use namespaces by default, I did prefer version 2. I...
  2. K

    Syntax for multiple repositories backups?

    Proxmox hive mind, I'm clearly doing something dumb syntactically here and need help. I'm trying to automate backups to two separate repositories and the syntax is tripping me up. What currently happens is both backups end up on the "Documents" repository, but I want them separated instead...
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    Proxmox backup client install on Ubuntu 22.04

    Hello, I have a proxmox backup server that I want to use to backup around 10 standelone Ubuntu 22.04 servers. They do not run on Proxmox VE or anything else, just Ubuntu 22.02. For what I could find I have to install proxmox backup client on those standelone servers, but I got stuck at some...
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    Backing up of MinIO (S3 compatible)

    Anybody arund here doing actual backups of the MinIO storage? I've contemplated using PVE->PBS backups of the nodes (currently I deploy using LXCs) but I'm concerned w.r.t. the sequential nature of the node backups. Which then brings me to the rclone mount type backups, ie. mount the bucket...
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    Proxmox Backup client - restore directory with subdirectories and all files

    Hi there, I want to restore a directory from a backup and all its containing subdirectories + all files. So far I have tried: find Victor\ Bart\ \-\ Retro\ Machines --select restore-selected "/path/to/Victor Bart - Retro Machines" (path on original host where it was and is supposed to go again)...
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    Backup of VM faided unable to rename

    Hello, i been having problems trying to make backups of two vms, is anyone here familiar with this error? INFO: status: 100% (68719476736/68719476736), sparse 82% (56412725248), duration 649, read/write 249/23 MB/s INFO: transferred 68719 MB in 649 seconds (105 MB/s) Warning: unable to close...
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    Backing up a physical Machine

    Hii proxmox community, i am currently working on a proxmox backup server and i have a question regarding it. Is it possible to do a backup of a physical host / Machine with the proxmox backup server? For example, can I do a backup of a domain client with an ip 192.168.x.x. As I was looking at...
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    PBS: large amount of host files (ZFS backend, CIFS mounted)

    Hello! I'm trying to use PBS to backup my host files, but there is something that I can't understand. Let me explain... On my ZFS pools, I have a dataset with 3TB of media files. This dataset is mounted in a Debian VM through CIFS. I wrote a script to backup this "folder" to PBS using...
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    Wiederholtes Backup von 2.2 TB mit Backup Client sehr lange

    Hallo zusammen. Ich benutze Backup Client, um 2.2TB HDD von Linux host auf PBS zu sichern. Der erste Backup hat 20h gebraucht. Das wäre auch ok. Jetzt läuft der zweite Backup und ich habe erwartet, dass es mindestens 10 Mal schneller passieren wird, aber nach 4.5 Stunden läuft es immer noch...


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