1. D

    Change vm args using api + api token authorization schema

    Hello. I am trying to set vm vnc port using api. Previously when I was performing this using "PVEAuthCookie authorization schema" everything worked fine. Now I am trying to switch my script to "PVEAPIToken schema". Problem is that my request does not change args and return '{"data":null}'...
  2. A

    Vm configuration

    Perhaps a stupid question, I looked through the qemu documentation, searched Google as much as I could, but I didn't find documentation where I could see all the possible args parameters for the vm configuration, I need to change the information about the motherboard and bios so that it looks...
  3. S

    Query/feature request Qemu args

    Thank you for all your work on Proxmox. It is my view a design/architecture requirement that each line within the VMID.conf should be shown somewhere within the GUI even if it is read only (vmgenid for example). This would help to ensure that all the settings can be checked by admin staff...
  4. P

    [SOLVED] Syntax of "args" in <vmid>.conf

    I want to include args: -cpu 'host,+kvm_pv_unhalt,+kvm_pv_eoi,kvm=off' and args: -device 'vfio-pci,host=00:02.0,addr=0x18,x-vga=on,x-igd-opregion=on' in /etc/pve/qemu-server/<vmid>.conf How should I arrange it? Many Thanks!!
  5. S

    QM args in GUI

    I did a quick search, but apologies if this is a duplicate. If I create a machine using qm and pass through args where is this shown in the GUI ? I can't find it anywhere to add/modify/remove Cheers
  6. L

    [SOLVED] GPU passthrough Windows 7 - Error Code 12

    Seperated Thread from After Upgrade to newst Version passthrough is not working on windows 7 guests with hostpci Windows 10 works. hostpci0: 1a:00.0,x-vga=on is not working with Windows 7 I get always error...
  7. F

    ProxMox - Need help Converting part of XML I used to pass BluRay drive to VM in KVM

    Hello! I just migrated from a Fedora/KVM setup to ProxMox and It was a painless setup. I did have tiny bit of trouble getting past "code 43" with NVidia. (On Fedora I COULD NOT use q35, in ProxMox, I HAD TO, and I also NEEDED the pci=1 line). But I got that resolved. The last piece of hardware I...
  8. P

    Append/postfix args? How to issue command line argument to QEMU AFTER devices have been specified?

    Hello everyone. I have a situation in one of my VMs that requires disabling MSI-X in order to use the Virtio network device. I only need to add the flag -set device.eth0.vectors=0 to Args but it must come after the flags that define the network devices (net0 in my case) otherwise I just get the...


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