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    Understanding ENUM type in API

    Hello everybody, I'm trying to understand some stuff about the API and I'm struggling using certain API options that are ENUM type... As an example, the subnet "type" option in the SDN field (https://pve.proxmox.com/pve-docs/api-viewer/#/cluster/sdn/vnets/%7Bvnet%7D/subnets) Maybe this topic...
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    How to delete IP in blacklist objects through API

    Hi, I am building a script solely to manage IP in blacklist objects. So far It authorize correctly, I can download a list of objects and I can add new IP to a list. I am struggling with removing / deleting IP from that blacklist_objects list. In API docummentation I dont see any DELETE...
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    Check the disk usage of a virtual machine

    I am very happy to discuss issues with you here. But I have a problem now. After I created a Linux virtual machine in proxmox, I allocated 40G of space to it, and then I wanted to check its real-time disk usage. Rate, for example, he uses 10G in the system. I want to get this approximate value...
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    API2: How to get the node a VM is in without using /api2/json/cluster/resources

    I was wandering if there is a way in which i can get that information using only the vm id without having to access the /api2/json/cluster/resources endpoint. This endpoint returns the info about all VMs and nodes and i wanted a more efficient way to request the information of a single VM.
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    [SOLVED] Hashicorp Vault Secrets Plugin for Proxmox API

    I think there would be value in there being a Proxmox secrets plugin for Hashicorp's Vault. To understand what this feature would do, I am going to use the AWS secrets plugin as an example. The Proxmox feature would work the same way structurally. Vault is a secure storage system for...
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    [SOLVED] Miss matched backup_status response from API.

    Hi, so I am developing/writing a script to send individual emails to our customers notifying them of their VM's backup status (successful or failed). While testing I discovered that depending on where the backup is cancelled or problem occurs the API's (Proxmox API & PBS API) respond with...
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    Please help about API

    Hello to everyone, I'm a software developer, I want to integrate API proxmox for my customers. After sending the virtual machine creation command, I get errors that I cannot make sense of. The parameters I send are as follows: { "vmid": 102, "start": 1, "startdate": "2019-12-12"...


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