alpine linux

  1. alpine container image terminal incorrect, text editors unusable

    Hi. When I tried to setup an alpine container, I couldn't use nano or vim and would receive an error regarding the $TERM variable. Its value was "vt[container#]" I'm not a linux expert by any means, but when I tried using the latest debian container instead, the $TERM value was just "linux". So...
  2. Docker daemon running in Alpine container. Solved?

    I was able to setup Alpine 3.10 to run Docker daemon and run hello-world container in it. Here are the steps. create container based on alpine-3.10-default_20190626_amd64.tar.xz (disk of size 0.5GB is enough for this little test) under Options enable Features 'keyctl' and 'Nesting' start the...
  3. [SOLVED] Alpine Linux KVM won't shutdown with Qemu Guest Agent

    I have Alpine Linux 3.8.1 virtual installed as a KVM virtual machine with the alpine linux Qemu Guest Agent package installed. I was able to get the guest agent working properly setting the serial port to /dev/vport2p1 (the UI would show IPs reported by the guest agent on the VM summary page)...
  4. Docker not working on Alpine Linux LXC

    Hello, I would like to manage docker work on an alpine LXC container. I can not launch any image. docker: Error response from daemon: OCI runtime create failed: container_linux.go:348: starting container process caused "process_linux.go:402: container init caused \"rootfs_linux.go:58...
  5. t.lamprecht

    Notice regading Alpine Linux Templates

    Hi all! As you may have read[0], some bugs in the package manager APK in Alpine Linux surfaced. The most serious one allowing Remote Code Execution (RCE) if somewhere between the CT and the package repository mirror a Man In The Middle Attack takes place. To mitigate this please update your...
  6. mknod fails in Alpine but not in Debian in LXC

    Hi, I'm trying to have a small OpenVPN client in a LXC container in Proxmox. I created two privileged LXC containers, one is Alpine Linux and one is Debian 9. I added "lxc.cgroup.devices.allow = c 10:200 rwm" to the .conf file of both containers. Once the container has started I run "mkdir -p...
  7. [SOLVED] Alpine Linux 3.6.1 won't start in a VM

    Just tried the latest ISOs of Alpine Linux in a VM, but they won't start. I've tried various options. Alpine Linux uses ExtLinux to start not Grub. And has different kernels to the normal Linux. The CT template works OK, even thought its 3.4 and it's easily upgraded. The Alpine page on the...
  8. Alpine Linux OpenVZ Template

    I have made an Alpine Linux OpenVZ Template that still needs networking to be manually started after bootup. Feedback will be useful.


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