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    Alder Lake i9 12900HX not show IGPU PCIE

    I try to passtrougth my iGPU for linux but i can`t see the VGA PCIE. Does anyone have any tips on how to solve this problem? i bougth this kit from aliexpress ERYING-M-ITX i9 12900HK, i9-12900HK, SRLD3 14C20T, DDR4 B660i lspci 00:00.0 Host bridge: Intel Corporation 12th Gen Core Processor...
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    IGPU Intel 12th Gen Not Working

    Good Day, All I do not know what is going on with PVE 8.0 and my 12th GEN, I have followed like 20 guides and form posts and still nothing wants to work. [ 0.000000] Command line: BOOT_IMAGE=/boot/vmlinuz-6.2.16-10-pve root=/dev/mapper/pve-root ro quiet intel_iommu=on i915.enable_guc=3...
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    Intel Alder Lake compatibility questions

    Hi! I'm looking for information about current compatibility status of the Intel Alder Lake platform (12th Gen). By using the search, I was able to understand that in general the processor works with Proxmox. And that iGPU can not be passthrough in the Windows OS. But I also have deeper questions...
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    [SOLVED] NEED HELP to setup gpu passthrough/iommu/AMD 6500XT for gaming/f@h INTEL Alder Lake

    Hello i NEED HELP to setup gpu passthrough/iommu/AMD 6500XT for Gaming/Folding@Home INTEL Alder Lake i am a big noob i want to install AMD gpu drivers in a Windows 11 PRO VM in Eufi specs are AMD 6500XT/Intel 12600KF so i DONT have IGPU. proxmox running native on AMD 6500XT. Thanks for the...
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    [SOLVED] Proxmox VE 7.2 WONT INSTALL on RX 6500XT/12600KF

    Hey, i can't seem to get Proxmox VE 7.2 running on RX 6500XT/12600KF STUCK ON INSTALL So nomodeset doesn't work and without nomodeset it hangs and aborts install on AMDGPU error(s) it can't seem to communicate with my RX 6500XT VGACON/VCON "*ERROR* VGACON Disables amdgpu kernel nomodeset"...
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    [SOLVED] Alder Lake iGPU compatibility

    hi, I have a i3-12300 CPU and whant to use the iGPU (UHD Intel® 730) for quicksync transcoding. However, the latest kernel does not seems compatible. sudo lshw -c video *-display...
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    Windows VM hangs on boot with Hyper-V enabled on Alder Lake

    Hi, I've recently setup an Intel I5-12600 as a Proxmox host and I can't get Windows VMs with the hypervisor platform enabled to boot with the CPU set to host (boots just fine with the KVM64 CPU). The same VM boots just fine on a different Intel based Proxmox host and it boots just fine. Nested...
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    Alder Lake GVT-d integrated graphics passthrough

    Hello! I am in the process of transferring a series of VMs from an ESXi build onto a new Alder Lake (i9-12900K) build with Proxmox. In particular I am working on getting the integrated Intel graphics passed through to a Debian 11 VM for Plex transcoding. I have been following GVT-g tutorials...
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    Is Proxmox 7.latest / 5.13.19-4 fully using the power of the 12th gen Intel CPUs?

    In other words, is the latest Proxmox and the actual kernel capable to fully use all the P-Cores and E-Cores at their maximum ring core frequency? Or the Alder Lake P-cores will be running crippled at 3.6 GHz? I know this is more a Debian issue not a Proxmox issue, but I'm pretty sure some...
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    Can I install Proxmox on an Intel Z690 MTB with 12th Gen Alder Lake CPU?

    It would be great to use the latest CPUs from Intel. Or let me rephrase... If this is not possible, what desktop MTBs are supported? I cannot afford a Server MTB.


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