acpi error

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    ACPI funktioniert nicht auf VM mit CentOS 5.8 nur noch eine CPU von vier werden geladen

    Guten Morgen Wir haben noch ein paar alte Voiceswitche, die auf CentOS 5.8 laufen. Wir hatten denen 4 CPU zugewiesen und die liefen soweit stabil und gut. Wir wollten die Anzahl CPU auf 8 anheben und nach einem Neustart hatte die VM nur noch eine CPU. Egal was wir konfiguriert haben in der...
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    Intel iGPU passthrough error: VFIO_DEVICE_SET_IRQS failure

    I am trying to pass through the iGPU of my CPU (Intel i5 11400) to a VM. I have followed all the steps on the guide, including verifying that IOMMU is enabled, confirming that my motherboard supports remapping, and blacklisting all video drivers. When I attempt to start a VM with the iGPU added...
  3. C

    [SOLVED] How to promptly kill a VM that will never be able to shutdown?

    Hi all, So I'm running a Cisco virtual appliance in a proxmox VM - and these things are not designed to shut down at all. There's no command to tell it to shutdown, nor is there any way to install an agent or have it use acpi etc. As such, telling a node to reboot will always hang on this VM...
  4. L

    [SOLVED] Failed to start load/save screen backlight

    Since I upgraded my system from an Intel CPU that didn't have an integrated GPU to an AMD Ryzen 9 7950X that has an iGPU, I get this error: Failed to start Load/Save Screen Backlight Brightness of backlight:acpi_video0. When I boot with an HDMI cable inserted into the motherboard's HDMI port, I...
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    ACPI Error

    Guten Abend, ein Debian 11 mit PVE 7.3-4 und einem aktuellen 6.1.0-1-pve Kernel zeigt immer beim Booten folgende Fehler: ACPI Error: No handler for Region [SYSI] (00000000739cc102) [IPMI] (20220331/evregion-130) ACPI Error: Region IPMI (ID=7) has no handler (20220331/exfldio-261) . ACPI Error...
  6. J

    ACPI Errors - do I need to do anything about them?

    At boot up I get a bunch of ACPI BIOS Error (bug) messages. I'm trying to figure out what they mean and what to tell the vendor about it, if anything, given it's labelled a bug. The following is an example of the messages I get, and attached is a more complete set of messages about ACPI I get...
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    Proxmox ACPI Error: Region IPMI (ID=7) has no handler (20210331/exfldio-261 [SOLVED]

    Kernel : Linux 5.13.19-6-pve #1 SMP PVE 5.13.19-15 (Tue, 29 Mar 2022 15:59:50 +0200) PVE-manager : pve-manager/7.1-12/b3c09de3 Node: HP DL360 G7 (also saw some Google for DL360 G9 and other HP types) After moving CT's to a node that also manages VM's HUNDREDS of these messages appeared...
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    Install error on Dell R710: ACPI Error

    Hardware: Dell R710 Perc 6/i Controller 2x Xeon 5675@3.07Ghz BIOS Version 6.1.0 I'm receiving this error at boot: ACPI Error: Region IPMI (ID=7) has no handler Several errors after that referring to the handler message. I have previously installed another server from this USB, so I don't...
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    ACPI Error on HP Proliant DL360e Gen 8

    Hello, When trying to launch my proxmox, errors appeared in the console to connect to the pve. I'm on an HP Proliant DL360e Gen 8. Can you help me ? Thanks.
  10. M

    ACPI Error, PVE not found; Auf neuen DELL R7525 Server

    Hallo Leute, vorab zu Beginn von mir: Ich bin nicht nur hier neu, sondern was Proxmox und Linux betrifft bin ich auch komplett ein Neuling. Meine bisherigen Erfahrungen liegen nur auf Windows- sowie Hyper-V Server ebenen. Bezugnehmend auf die im Betreff näher bezeichnete Angelegenheit habe ich...


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