1. X

    10Gb connection between two proxmox only works at 1Gb

    Hello, I have two proxmox's One version 6 and one version 8 Proxmox version 6 as interfaces ens2f0 # ens2f0 10Gb vmbr0 ens2f1 gateway # ens2f1 10Gb Proxmox version 8 ens3f1...
  2. N

    Dual Intel X540 10GBE Network Ethernet Not Showing Up.

    Hi there, Just bought a "Dual Intel X540 10GBE Network Ethernet" and installed it. On PVE version 8.1.3. I have restarted and the NIC is showing active link lights but not being detected by proxmox.
  3. G

    10gb net

    Good day to everyone! I have a bridge on my PVE for VMs with one 1gb/s network interface in it by which I have an access to this PVE (and VMs also). PBS was installed in the same network. Backup jobs worked fine with 1gb/s speed. After a while a did add 10gb cards in both PVE and PBS and also...
  4. S

    TrueNAS Scale (Virtual) unable to use 10Gb

    Hi chaps, Having a strange issue where my Intel T540-X2 nic won't seem to show it's full capabilities inside my TrueNAS Scale VM. Its using a Virtio driver. connected to a 10Gb switch. Ethtool on Proxmox host shows the correct linkmode, duplex and speed. Ethtool inside TrueNAS shows...
  5. D

    Slow backups and poor performance of VMs during backups

    I am hoping I provide enough info off the bat to give a good idea of what is going on. But I am a little lost and just have a lot of questions I guess. I will also do my best to update with what has been answered, and link or say what the answer/solution was. The setup: So we have 4 HP DL360p...
  6. X

    10G switch Mikrotik?

    Hello, please, is MikroTik CRS309-1G-8S+IN good for connect 3 PVE servers on 10GBe network for Ceph and cluster network? I want separate network for Ceph and for PVE cluster, but I want this networks on 10Gb networks, because I need faster copy/move nodes and etc between this servers. This...
  7. D

    Changing cluster network interface

    Hi all, I couldn't find this so apoligies if its been asked before and if so and someone could point me to a wiki article or a forum post, I would appreciate it. I have 4 Proxmox servers in a cluster. The setup as as follows: vmbr0 --> eth1 (1GB) vmbr1 --> eth2 (1GB) vmbr2 --> eth3 (10GB)...
  8. R

    Shared ceph storage on a 5 node setup

    Hi everyone, Currently we are using SolusVM with 5 nodes each with: * 64GB of RAM * 4x 1TB SSD RAID-10 * 2x CPUs We're evaluating moving to Proxmox and use Ceph, as for the long-run it is future-proof, more scalable and easier to maintain than SolusVM. Also we're having problems with...
  9. C

    Very Slow iPerf performance from Proxmox VM to VMs on different host

    I started this thread on Reddit (can't post link) as well, hopefully someone has some thoughts! Strange issue with cross-host VM-to-VM communication... First my setup: 3x Proxmox hosts (5.4-10) 10GB networking Unifi US-16-XG switch Qlogic BR-1860 NICs. Single port from each host connected to...
  10. D

    New Hardware Configuration

    Hi all, I'm hoping I can get some insightful input from this community. I'm looking at building out a new Proxmox cluster with Ceph as the backend. I'd like to get a couple of answers to see if this makes sense and if not where I should make changes. http://bit.ly/2XvgrXa Its a 2U 4 Node...
  11. J

    Data replication : which Nics to choose

    Hi there, Consider a 3 node setup with each node having 2x 10GB & 6x 1GB Nic. Is it more interesting to speedup replication between the nodes using 10GB interconnects and have the VM's communicate on 1GB (scenario 1) or is it more interesting to speed up VM <—> desktop access (scenario 2) My...
  12. F

    Unable to insert SFP+ on 10G card without Proxmox disabling eno1

    I am running Proxmox VE but whenever I insert an SFP+ in my intel 10G card it disables the network interface. This is what I am getting after boot from DMESG: ============================== root@proxmox:~# dmesg | grep ixgbe [ 1.095868] ixgbe: Intel(R) 10 Gigabit PCI Express Network Driver -...
  13. D

    Ceph Network Speeds?

    I am running a dedicated 3 node Ceph cluster that is a member of my normal Ceph cluster I just don't put any VMs on them. However Even on 10GB network my performance seems to be suffering big time. The Ceph has 15 disks with a combination of SSD and spinning disks. However I seem to still not...


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