10 gbit nic

  1. SpeakEZ.ai

    [SOLVED] A smoother Ceph reset experience

    I really like what Proxmox VE has done for creating a cluster. I'd *prefer* that there be a smoother reset experience for removing and re-adding a node to a cluster than going to the command line, but I can live with hand-jamming a one-liner. Caph is *not* like that - and in general I've found...
  2. L

    Problem to activate a 10G NIC

    Hi guys! I need some help with a 10G NIC. A client was running a new server and the 10G appears on the web interface, but in the console not. How can i try to "install" this NIC in this server?
  3. S

    Trouble Adding 2 Port 10G NIC - Only One Port Working At A Time!

    I recently got a 10G NIC (Intel X540-T2). The plan was to run one port directly to my workstation and the other directly to my Windows server. I configured each port to have their own Linux Bridge and static IP on a separate ip range from the rest of my home just for this 10G, computer to...
  4. T

    7.2 update Aquantia NIC not working anymore

    Hello: I did this update a couple days ago, which I guess is Proxmox 7.1 to 7.2: Start-Date: 2022-05-05 09:20:50 Commandline: apt dist-upgrade Install: pve-kernel-5.15.30-2-pve:amd64 (5.15.30-3, automatic), pve-kernel-5.15:amd64 (7.2-1, automatic), libvirglrenderer1:amd64 (0.8.2-5, automatic)...
  5. M

    Move from 1G to 10G

    I just dropped a new (to me) Mellanox 10GbE card into my box to replace the existing 1G. Is there an easy way to swap the networking over? I think I know how to do it from the command line - I've been using Debian long enough to just change the networking ports in the bridge interface, but I'm...
  6. S

    Migration Network multiple IP

    Hi, For some reasons I have 2 bond interfaces: bond0 4x1G for public network with PVE with OpenVSwitch. bond1 2x10G for Ceph. Note: this network is absolutely isolated on dedicated switches with no uplink. By default migration was done on the public network instead of the Ceph. Having the...
  7. M

    Network adapter 10 GbE: Edimax EN9320TX-E

    Hi! I would like to know if anyone already has an opinion about this network adapter. It appears to be fairly new, listed since october 2017. But it allows using VLANs (802.1Q) and is available for around 100€. So their must be some drawbacks. It uses an Tehuti TN9510 Chipset. The specifications...
  8. J

    direct connection between two servers

    Hi, I am new to PVE but trying to learn fast. Would it be possible to directly connect the two servers with 10GbE, so each server had 1 (in the real world it would have 2) connections to the 'main' network, but 1 network card with an ethernet cable that connected directly to the second server...
  9. S

    Intel X540(-T2) supported by v5.1?

    hey all! for an (urgently) upcoming customer project im looking for server-mainboards (maybe supermicro) and thought to maybe jump ahead a bit and take one with dual 10 GBit ethernet interfaces onboard (10 GBit BaseT). proxmox v5.1 shall be the hypervisor (with a subscription). i'm...


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