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  1. datastore within datastore or directory within datastore

    @itNGO thanks for your help. I am using NFS storage and I am able to create as much ash Datastores I want. For example I already have a datastore called "Backups" Then I want to create 2 sub directories or let say sub-datastores within the one which called "Backups" so that I can separate my...
  2. datastore within datastore or directory within datastore

    Hello, I am wondering if we can have a datastore within another datastore, or a directory with a datastore? because I want to have a structure like below: Backups: SRV-NAME1 VM1 VM2 VMx SRV-NAME2 VM1 VM2 VMx Thanks,
  3. Proxmox HA (Different Locations)

    in fact I would love to have HA in different locations / locally but I can't due to budget limitation because we need to have at least 3 servers, all with the same configuration. however it would be great to reduce the down time. if possible !
  4. Proxmox HA (Different Locations)

    Hi all, Hope you all had a great week end :) Anyone can help me please, I would like to have a secondary server for one of my single PVE node which has a 2TB VM running on it, which will allow me to run or migrate the VM on that sever if the if the main server fails. For more I already have a...
  5. Proxmox HA (Different Locations)

    Hello all, I am thinking of HA within two different locations, I read some discussions on the forum, this is clear the nodes should communicate with each other, a very good connection, etc. are needed. some said is not HA it's HF High Failure :) or not recommended. If this is not recommended...
  6. Moving local VMs to a dedicated server

    Hello all, I am planning to move my local VMs within PVE to a dedicated server on PVE that is hosted on the cloud/OVH. What will be the quickest / safest way of doing it? Thanks for your help and have a nice weekend a head. KAMALA
  7. [SOLVED] NAT and Port Forwarding

    Thanks @mira the problem is fixed.
  8. [SOLVED] NAT and Port Forwarding

    Hello All, I am testing a dedicated server hosted with on PVE, could you please confirm if my configuration are correct? The reason I am asking your help is because with this configuration I have a Pfsense VM but not able to go outside/internet and can't access it's web interface...
  9. Migration of VMs from HyperV to ProxMox

    Hello, I migrated Pfsense VM from HyperV to PVE, The VM is running normally and all looks good. It's used as a VPN but when I am connected to the VPN I can't access the server which is hosting the VM (Pfsense) Could you please help me on that? Thank you very much for your help as usual and...
  10. [SOLVED] Backup PBS backups to Cloud

    Hello @ViennaTux, Yes I am using Sysnology NAS and that is what I did Indeed. Finally I used Cloud Sync to sync my data from Synology NAS to GCP. Thanks KAMALA
  11. [SOLVED] Backup Process not ending! and restoration history?

    Hello @dcsapak, Thanks for your help and sorry for the late reply. Here is the out: proxmox-backup 2.1-1 running kernel: 5.11.22-5-pve proxmox-backup-server 2.1.5-1 running version: 2.0.11 pve-kernel-helper 7.1-13...
  12. [SOLVED] Backup Process not ending! and restoration history?

    Hello all, Hope you are all doing well, could you please let me know what to do with this particular case where a backup is not finished, still processing since over two weeks?? see below the screenshot. Las week I faced a problem with one of my already backed up VMs. So I want to check if...
  13. [SOLVED] Backup PBS backups to Cloud

    No, the PBS is a VM (on premises) which backs up the other VMs to a SYNOLOGY NAS over the network locally. for more security I want backup a copy of my backups/all to an external backup solution or a server as I said in previous message which is hosted with OVH as an example. If I go with a...
  14. [SOLVED] Backup PBS backups to Cloud

    Hi @bockhold , I wanted to know how to externalize a copy of my backups to another server. Let say Ill have a server hosted with OVH is it possible to duplicate of my backups there? If yes, may I know how this could be done? Kind regards, Yaseen
  15. [SOLVED] Backup PBS backups to Cloud

    Hello there, Hope you all are doing well, I am wondering if anyone of you used a cloud solution to backup the backed up VMs from PBS to an external backup solution? Thanks in advance for your help as usual. Best regards, KAMALA


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