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  1. Different users (email) of one domain to different destinations?

    Yes, postmap/reload is no problem. We already have some scripts from other machines where we have to change things manually sometimes. Just wanted to know if i understood this sync-mechanism correctly! ;) Finally, this poit is resolved. Looking forward if the second forward-table is working as...
  2. Different users (email) of one domain to different destinations?

    OK, I made a fast test: - put a file "testEX" on the master in /ect/pmg/ - after sync I have /etc/pmg/master/testEX on the client So far so good ;) But it stays in the /master - directory and I have to copy manually to /etc/pmg/testEX and give a postmap, right? So we could say that the sync...
  3. Different users (email) of one domain to different destinations?

    OK, thanks a lot! Atleast now I know what should/could work and what not will work. Should be simple to write a short "sync-script"! ;)
  4. Different users (email) of one domain to different destinations?

    "But onece again: will the changes (adding / remnoving address in the second table) be synchronized to the other(s) machine(s) in the cluster?" Stoiko, you - as a staff member - can you confirm that the changes will be synchronized or do we have to do all the changes everytime on every machine...
  5. Different users (email) of one domain to different destinations?

    "Guess that depends quite a bit on the company structure - quite a few setups I've heard of run one central mail-server (either at the headquarter or in a Datacenter) - and have a VPN-link from each branch office." OK, depends ...
  6. Different users (email) of one domain to different destinations?

    "sounds like it could/should work - but have never done this myself - so could be overlooking something - but definitely worth a try" OK, will setup an empty testmachine on the weekend to try out. Will not make any "tests" in real life and maybe lose some emails! "keep in mind to adapt the...
  7. Different users (email) of one domain to different destinations?

    Hi and thank you very much for your answer! Following this example, I would do the following: - Already have in the original transport like this: smtp:[]:25 (IP of - I will create a second table "transport_EX" (example) and put in the...
  8. Different users (email) of one domain to different destinations?

    Hi, following problem: - two (or more) users under one domain: and - emails to user1 should go to destination mailserver - emails to user2 should go to destination mailserver (maybe offices in different locations) Is there any...
  9. Error - pmg-smtp-filter: WARNING: Use of uninitialized value ...

    Hi, I get lots of these errors in the logfile -> pmg-smtp-filter[5478]: WARNING: Use of uninitialized value $1 in lc at /usr/share/perl5/PMG/RuleDB/ line 36. Thanks Walhalla
  10. SSL-Certificate

    Isn't it pmg-api.pem?
  11. SSH configuration (security)

    It is your opinion. We can see millions of brute & forces per day - and do you know if everybody has a "good" password? Atleast it doesnt DEcrease security ... Disallow direct root - login maybe one of the basic things one should do on machines reachable public. Well, everybody has its own...
  12. SSH configuration (security)

    Hi, before I change and run into troubles: is it possible to change the SSH port and deny root-login for security reasons or does anything internal (sync cluster for example) depend on it? Thanks Walhalla
  13. Cluster sync failed (SSL certificate error)

    Thanks for the answer. Just to be sure: will a change of the fingerprint solve the problem or doesnt it help and I have to wait for the update? Are this two different errors or do they depend on each other and only changing the fingerprint will not help with this version? Thanks Walhalla
  14. Statistics - Receiver - "No data"

    Great! Thanks! The search for my error is solved with one click -> disabled what I've been told (Make sure that you have enable the "Configuration/Options: Use advanced statistic filter") and its working like a charm in 1 second! Thanks a lot for this hint (maybe worth one line in the manual to...
  15. User-Mapping

    Es sagt ja auch niemand, dass es nicht geht. Aber wenn ich die User (Adressen) habe, das Gateway selbst entscheiden kann und die "Falle" schnappt gleich beim "MAIL TO" zu, ist das mal mindestens nicht unelegant, schneller und schont Resourcen, weil er einfach nur mal schnell in seine eigene...


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