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  1. ZFS HDD Mirror of 2 WD Red Pro 8tb slow even with SLOG (60gb) and Cache (400gb) on SSD

    If you have fsync writes from a VM you absolutle need to use killer feature of zfs - zlog ssd cache (enterprise level with a capacitor). If you have many read you can use l2arc with tune to write any data on it and make it persistence! - That is another killer feature of zfs. If you have many...
  2. Request: Optional monthly backups

    Did you see new version of proxmox (7.1)?
  3. Windows Guest hangs during Backup

    oh... I think you are right. I have problem with totally hangs of my vm during backup, with message of guest vm like: i/o timeout... I have so slow backup storage... :(
  4. nginx reverse proxy with noVNC support

    I have the same problem. I have a solution just move client_max_body_size 5120m; to top of file, please see my confing file: client_max_body_size 5120m; upstream proxmox { server ""; } server { listen 80 default_server; rewrite ^(.*) https://$host$1 permanent; }...
  5. btrfs as a guest file system

    Thank a lot for you! I'll use it!
  6. btrfs as a guest file system

    There is another moment: I'm not deep in this, but I suppose if you use program urandom...
  7. btrfs as a guest file system

    Did you understand for zlog at all? zlog works only with a database, the zlog may tell you db engine I'm write your data when a real data is on RAM and SSD cache, after that zfs will write your data to disk from RAM. zlog SSD will have only if power cut situation. zlog is very good for exmaple...
  8. btrfs as a guest file system

    No. I have lose my data. That is not safe! Don't use it in production.
  9. btrfs as a guest file system

    Yep, I can confirm that, because I have this bad situation...
  10. btrfs as a guest file system

    Thank a lot for you answer! I have a doubt about disable sync=disabled... What will with your data in "power cut" situation?
  11. btrfs as a guest file system

    I understand for non best performance. I have read about btrfs still improve from time to time in current linux kernel. Do u have real production use btrfs or just read about bad for use it?
  12. btrfs as a guest file system

    Dear all, I want to have urbackup VM and I want to use btrfs killer feature (cross link, offline dedup and so on) with urbackup. What do you think if I will have zfs (zvol) as my host fs and btrfs as a guest system? Best regards,
  13. pve-zsync sync from one node to several nodes

    If I will use pvecsr and pve-zsync will I do have mistake like zfs cannot destroy snapshot dataset is busy? For example: pvecsr and pve-zsync run simultaneously. pve-zsync still under work but pvecsr wants to delete old snap - what will happen? Thank a lot for you time.
  14. pve-zsync sync from one node to several nodes

    Absolutle shure. Is it possible to use it tougether? I have a doubt. :( When use pve-zsync I need to reconfigure it if i move VM to another server. Thank for you answer!
  15. pve-zsync sync from one node to several nodes

    Thank a lot for you answer! I will try that. What about pvesr? Will it be good as pve-zsync? I think pvesr very poor in compare to pve-zsync.


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