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    Lost Connections with VMs

    check the logs of the systems, when they are not reachable - I could imagine that there is an issue with your cluster traffic (just a wild initial guess) I hope this helps!
  2. Stoiko Ivanov

    Cannot start LXC container after its shutdown

    Please upgrade to the latest available versions (PVE 5.4 has been out for quite some time and even the new major version PVE 6.0 has been out for more than a month) - they include many fixes which could cause your issue.
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    Change SMTP banner and EHLO response

    sorry - I wasn't clear enough: * the link was just to show how to adapt the * smtp_helo_name is the name your system uses when connecting to another mailserver vs. when receiving a connection (in general postfix options starting with smtp are for the smtp-client (when postfix connects to...
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    pmg as relay host with authentication

    PMG uses postfix as its MTA and you can configure postfix via the service configuration templating system - see You could add another listener, which only accepts mail on authenticated connections - usually...
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    WARNING: PV 0tO1MK-jzPE-WKj4-RBi6-Ev9t-4Yvf-jXgNGF on /dev/sde was already found on /dev/mapper/san3

    hmm - You maybe should exclude the paths from the lvm-scanning by adding them to the global_filter in '/etc/lvm/lvm.conf' I hope this helps!
  6. Stoiko Ivanov

    smartd daemon error after rebuild raid

    can you read the self-test results of the disk with `smartctl -a`? seems there might be a problem of the interaction between RAID-controller and smartmontools I hope this helps!
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    Bridge config in netplan does not come up at boot

    * how does the VM's config look like? * do the interfaces really have those names ? (they do change and I would not be surprised if that happens after virtualizing a machine * why do you plug 3 interfaces into the same bridge in a guest (curiosity) - this can (depending on config) lead to a...
  8. Stoiko Ivanov

    LVM-Thin error create vm and backup restore

    There is no need to split up the disk into 2 partitions and then put them in one single pv - just use the whole disk if you want to. (you can also wipe the disk and create the LVM-Thin Storage via GUI -> 'Node' -> 'Disks' btw.) Here you do create a regular lv and format it with a ext4...
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    Fetchmail retrieve and keep mails N days on the server (POP)

    basically fetchmail is not really able to delete based on the time since it first saw a mail - that would be quite cumbersome to implement and would need some kind of statefile to remember when a mail was first seen... (see `man fetchmailrc` for what fetchmail can do) You could try to switch...
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    ZFS for Smart array P440ar

    Hm - sorry for the late answer: In general I have the feeling that people have quite mixed experiences with those hybrid adapters - for some it works splendidly - for others there's nothing but trouble. We discourage their use in general, since they are seldom worth the trouble compared to...
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    Configure a VM to accept Spice clients

    * Spice in PVE is handled via the spice_proxy - which takes over authentication with the Ticket. * you could add a regular spice config to the VM's command line via the 'args:' config-option I guess - but this would bypass the authentication system (and you would need to make sure that the...
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    How to disable mac address change in VM?

    I would also suggest to implement the filtering not on the node itself - most managed switches have some kind of capacity for access control lists - maybe you can use something like that?
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    Grub Rescue: checksum verification failed

    the PVE installer definitely has `zpool` included. I think the issue might be, that the first shell is still in a very early context. - Ctrl+D should bring you to the next debug shell where it should be available Hope this helps!
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    Proxmox 6 auf Intel NUC Audioausgang nutzen

    Alternativ kann auch versucht werden mittels `mpd` den audioport ansprechbar zu machen.
  15. Stoiko Ivanov

    System Hang at 'Reached target Reboot'

    * You could try to setup a syslog to a remote destination (or remote journalling) * make sure you have enabled persistent journalling * If the server is in a remote location - does it have some kind of out-of-band management? (IPMI, iDrac, iKVM, anything your particular ISP/hoster offers...


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