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    Proxmox reboot after spanning tree issue

    On a hunch - do you have HA resources configured in that cluster? - If yes and if your nodes lost network connectivity to each other (as I could imagine happens during a STP recalculation) - then I guess they fenced themselves since they lost quorum - check the reference documenatation...
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    2 Regeln mit gleicher Priorität

    Wenn eine der beiden Regeln eine final Action hat (accept, block, quarantine) dann geht das
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    The logs are missing the information about the postfix instance which is sending the mail out - use the log-tracker or search your logs to find out what happened with the queue-id 4BEF42C142E :
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    2 Regeln mit gleicher Priorität

    In dem fall würde es sich anbieten eine regel mit anzulegen mit höherer Priorität und action accept, und darunter eine mit block macro ohne from object.
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    DBI Connect .... error ...

    Please check the upgrade instructions: In that case I would guess that the issue is that you have overridden the postgresql config template and thus have the config pointing to the wrong path
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    [SOLVED] Multiple DKIM

    Thanks for sharing the CNAME workaround - this seems indeed like a good way to deal with this situation!
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    [SOLVED] [Storage]how to add an existing disk with data to my VM(NFS)

    does the mountpoint (i.e. the directory where you try to mount /dev/sdb1 on) '/media/emaildata' exist? `stat /media/emaildata` else create it: `mkdir -p /media/emaildata` and try again if this does not help - please open a new thread (always do so instead of replying to 3 year old threads) -...
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    Proxmoxer proxmox_kvm ignore urllib3 self-signed cert error?

    This would rather seem like nothing is listening on ? * is this the correct ip-address? * can you connect to '' in a browser?
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    Proxmox pv enterprise repo not working and subscription issue

    A colleague of mine just pointed this out - try setting: Acquire::https:proxy "" i.e. without the https:// for the proxy-url - one proxy on one port can not simultaneously speak http+https+ftp on one port.... if this does not work - try dropping the https+ftp proxy...
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    Proxmox pv enterprise repo not working and subscription issue

    seems there is a problem in connecting to via https (in the TLS connection)... do you have some kind of proxy in between your node and internet? make sure you can connect successfully to curl -v...
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    VM Commands not working over SSH

    My first guess would be that the PATH variable is not set correctly when using ssh since the putty session seems to indicate that you intially logged in as user kirby - how did you become root? (su? sudo?) if su - check else - does it work if you run...
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    "unregister_netdevice: waiting for lo to become free" after container shutdown

    this sounds a bit odd - at least compared to the other users experiencing this. In any case your system is outdated - please install the latest updates and see if that improves things Thanks!
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    Problems with Send Daily Report

    Try it :) but the mail only gets sent if the mailbox has some mails in the quarantine
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    Problems with Send Daily Report

    Glad that helped - please mark the thread as 'SOLVED' if it works as you want it :) Thanks!
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    Problems with Send Daily Report

    Try reinstalling pmg-api to get a clean state of the timer file and then - `systemctl edit pmgspamreport.timer` also make sure to copy the contents as I pasted them (yours had a space between the ':' and the minute) then check the journal again I hope this helps!


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