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    Ubuntu 22.04 CTs login per SSH-Key nicht möglich

    Soweit ich das verstehe heißt die Änderung nicht, dass ssh-rsa hostkeys nicht mehr verwendet werden, sonder nur, dass nicht sha1 mit einem rsa key verwendet wird: (von: sprich das Problem wird wahrscheinlich woanders liegen - ein output von `ssh -vvv...
  2. Stoiko Ivanov

    WARN: old systemd (< v232) detected.. again

    No stress - thanks for reporting it - at least we do see that it affects more users :)
  3. Stoiko Ivanov

    WARN: old systemd (< v232) detected.. again

    I think this is already reported in: - subscribe there to get notified once it is fixed (I assume sooner rather than later) I hope this helps!
  4. Stoiko Ivanov

    CIFS Share auf Synology mit LDAP

    Ich würde vorschlagen hier mal die logs des systems zu posten und auch wie genau die storage angelegt wurde ... Auf den ersten blick würde sich potentiell anbieten den <user> ins username feld einzutragen und <domain> ins domain feld neben dem passwortfeld in der GUI - aber ich bin mir gerade...
  5. Stoiko Ivanov

    Tracking log

    Currently this is not implemented - but quite a few users in the community have created workarounds - see: I hope this helps!
  6. Stoiko Ivanov

    failed upgrade

    check the journal since boot - there should be messages pointing towards why pmgproxy is not running `journalctl -b` I hope this helps!
  7. Stoiko Ivanov

    [SOLVED] Proxmox 6.4 end of life

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention - I agree that the phrasing is misleading - the dates in the table were correct though (PVE 6.X was always planned to be supported til 2022-07) We'll rephrase the documentation to (hopefully) be less confusing
  8. Stoiko Ivanov

    VM shutdown, KVM: entry failed, hardware error 0x80000021

    If you still have the time @t.lamprecht uploaded a new kernel 5.15.39-4 yesterday - which contains the same fix, but in a version that is more likely to get merged upstream - so testing would be much appreciated! In general I'd say as long as there is a kernel on the machine that does boot and...
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    Mail quarantined showing address on user blacklist, but it isn't

    from the logs matches the first entry in your screenshot?
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    Mail quarantined showing address on user blacklist, but it isn't

    check the user blacklist of - you should find that it contains the address listed in the relevant headers of the mail. I hope this helps!
  11. Stoiko Ivanov

    Mail quarantined showing address on user blacklist, but it isn't

    show the complete log for the mail - this should explain which address is listed on the user blacklist of which user ....
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    regular expressions in PMG 7.1-4

    the matches are indeed case-insensitive - see the 'i' at the end of:;a=blob;f=src/PMG/RuleDB/;h=2671ea404dbcd8b910cacb636d8301eee59f5074;hb=HEAD#l110 so - no there is no way to do a case-sensitive match
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    Possible buggy postfix?

    almost - as far as your logs show - you used a '' address as sender ... and gmails dmarc policy is (for very good reasons) not strict: dig txt +short "v=DMARC1; p=none; sp=quarantine;" I hope this explains it
  14. Stoiko Ivanov

    Possible buggy postfix?

    sorry - overlooked this thread... for your original question: just to be on the same page - your issue here is that the mail that sends gets delivered by PMG? If I understand their tests right (sadly I did not find a technical explanation on their page of what they're testing...


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