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  1. [SOLVED] Migrate physiacal Root-Server to KVM

    I wrote some handy scripts and integrated them into a lightweight bootable USB/ISO image called restartOS that can be used to P2V or V2V while offline. I have migrated dozens of VMs with these scripts. Just run clone-target on the destination machine, and then clone-source on the origin. If...
  2. Migrating VMs to Low-Mem Nodes

    FYI - The bug/features request is here:
  3. [SOLVED] Proxmox 4.2 GUI problem

    If Chrome detects that your system has touch enabled, then the UI will ONLY work using touch. I wish it worked using both even while touch was enabled. The workaround that I use when using a mouse connected to a docked touch-screen laptop is to disable touch in Chrome. Load chrome://flags...
  4. Migrating VMs to Low-Mem Nodes

    If a destination node does not have enough memory to migrate a running-VM to, it still migrates it and then causes the system to hang. Is there a setting to prevent this behavior and only allow deploying VMs if there is enough available memory?
  5. Feature Request: Pause VMs on Storage Space Deficiency

    I just got around to testing this. I setup a VM with werror=enospc added to the scsi0 string in the config file. I created a qcow2 disk with the disk size > the host volume size. I then ran dd if=/dev/urandom of=test.img status=progress and waited and watched. I also watched the host to...
  6. Feature Request: Pause VMs on Storage Space Deficiency

    That's fantastic! Is there any way to set this as the default?
  7. Feature Request: Pause VMs on Storage Space Deficiency

    VMware ESX has a great feature that pauses VMs when the VM's underlying storage runs out of space (or possibly is dangerously close to doing so). Is there any way for ProxMox to do the same thing?
  8. Proxmox VE 5.0 beta2 released!

    I suppose that there's no need for code changes. I found a workaround that allows me to use the fuse client and works with LXC with only a simple config change. I guess that solves my specific needs (LXC on GlusterFS for redundancy purposes, not performance).
  9. Proxmox VE 5.0 beta2 released!

    Hmm. You're right. The fuse client performed only 61% as fast as the qemu driver did in a test I just ran. Could we not add support for the fuse client with a disclaimer about performance? I am only one use-case, by my LXC containers host very lightweight apps that do not require high...
  10. Proxmox VE 5.0 beta2 released!

    In my tests, the fuse client writes simultaneously to two gluster nodes (distributed, replica 2), so the total write speed is limited to half of the bandwidth minus the overhead. With two bonded network connections on the ProxMox host, it seems to perform writes with acceptable performance...
  11. Proxmox VE 5.0 beta2 released!

    Is there really no support for running LXC containers on GlusterFS? Is this feature forthcoming?
  12. [SOLVED] Proxmox 4.2 GUI problem

    I am accessing it from Debian, so the DLLs issue is not the problem for me. The mysterious thing is that it works great in Firefox. But only the desktop version of Firefox. Try accessing the UI from Firefox on Android and it fails to render properly.
  13. [SOLVED] Proxmox 4.2 GUI problem

    I have seen that behavior on my touchscreen Chromebook (the window shows on the upper-left-hand portion of the screen). On a related note, I have noticed that opening the CD/DVD settings takes a long time on any system. From a non-touch desktop, after it loads, clicking to choose a CD does...


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