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  1. Best way to setup a virtualized router

    As performance wise it is mostly a router I would Reserve 1 NIC for Proxmox and the other virtual machines Pass through the other NICs to pfsense so it can optimise network throughput and use hardware offloading where it helps
  2. Need Help - Proxmox with pfSense (1x NIC, 2x IPv4)

    Start with Proxmox virtualisation in Netgate manual and Netgate virtualisation forum Configure two bridge in Proxmox to connect to pfsense WAN Lan Or use VLAN in pfsense to separate the WAN and LAN interfaces (router on a stick), and use VLAN controls in Proxmox to separate the interfaces
  3. [SOLVED] Revert to prior Kernel

    Added @tristank discovered option from the Select default Boot Kernel thread to OP
  4. Proxmox 7.1 downgrading kernel

    I suspect what you would like is this bugzilla feature to be implemented. Not sure if this Revert to prior Kernel thread helps
  5. Can not access GUI of my Proxmox

    Some background information would help Is this a new install? Has it ever worked? Is this a single server running Proxmox or part of a cluster If it has worked in the past, what general tasks were you doing prior to it stopping working
  6. v7.1-2 = no network. v7.0-2 = all fine

    What does these commands show cat /etc/network/interfaces ip a systemctl status networking.service Have you tried systemctl restart networking As that helped me Host network access lost after Proxmox upgrade 7.0 to 7.1
  7. mini proxmox build idea pfsense, pi hole, etc

    Sounds like a good idea to me. That way if either your test bed server or DIY router server go down, you can readily fire up a VM on the other, ensuring minimum down time You can re-use your understanding gained from experimenting with your main sever a relatively small server should be enough...
  8. Intel Quad NIC not showing up in Web UI - Passthrough to VM for OpnSense

    Pass through works by passing through an IO group (PCE Device at a particular address). To see what is in each IO group run the following in a Proxmox shell / command prompt for d in /sys/kernel/iommu_groups/*/devices/*; do n=${d#*/iommu_groups/*}; n=${n%%/*}; printf 'IOMMU group %s ' "$n"...
  9. [SOLVED] 7.1-4 to 7.1-8 update cli disappeared from physical machine ?

    During Proxmox boot up it changes the screen resolution to what it thinks your screen supports. Perhaps this is going wrong. Can you try a different monitor?
  10. [SOLVED] Kernel crash (5.13.19-2-pve) a few hours after update

    You should edit the thread title to mark it "Solved"
  11. Intel Quad NIC not showing up in Web UI - Passthrough to VM for OpnSense

    You could try pass through to pfsense that way only one OS needs to recognise it.
  12. Host not reachable on 2nd NIC / network

    The GUI should be available on any bridge with a IP address set and NIC/VLAN connected Set via Proxmox -> Datacenter -> <pve> -> Network -> vmbr2 -> Edit -> Set IPv4/CIDR & Bridge ports To access the GUI you then need to Connect to the specified NIC/Vlan At the specified Hypervisor IP...
  13. [SOLVED] PFsense best way for network configuration

    Some NIC hardware offloading is best disabled but not all. I did not say it could not be done with a virtual NIC in Proxmox, I said it was simpler if Proxmox is not involved at all. With a virtual NIC the configuration must be correct in both pfsense and Proxmox. Indeed there are multiple ways...
  14. [SOLVED] Host network access lost after Proxmox upgrade 7.0 to 7.1 (Router VM with pass through NIC)

    Did some more debugging, and found a better solution systemctl restart networking The system must have been left in a weird state after the update from Proxmox 7.0 to 7.1 In more detail Having a fixed DHCP mapping in pfsense masked the problem and achieve apparently normal function. Removing...
  15. [SOLVED] 7.1-4 to 7.1-8 update cli disappeared from physical machine ?

    Connect a physical screen to your Proxmox server Login to the console then run these two commands ip a && ip r cat /etc/network/interfaces If the issue is not clear you may have to post a photo of the screen until you have remote console access


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