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  1. [TUTORIAL] NVIDIA vGPU on Proxmox VE 7.x

    Imo that would be a bad idea. I often have different VM which would use the same resource, but don't simultaneously as I do not run both VM at the same time. If your idea was implemented consistently a VM with pass through could not be copied. In summary showing resources currently in use is a...
  2. [SOLVED] XFS for the VM on ZFS filesystem?

    The advantage of copy on write (CoW) is resilience to file system corruption on abrupt power loss. When a file is modified: a new updated copy is created then pointers updated and the old file storage added to the recycling pool. This approach ensures a file is never partly updated. The...
  3. noVNC: copy paste not works

    So keyboards don't use ascii coding, the key mapping is keyboard dependent. What a weird choice of standard. So noVNC would need a "Keyboard" setting to do the ascii to key code mapping reliably. Some browsers expose keyboard layout information but unfortunately not all. Interestingly the...
  4. noVNC: copy paste not works

    You confuse me. I also find the threads on this subject confusing as two completely different functions are mixed together. noVNC in Proxmox console already has buttons for Send tab Send escape Send ctrl-alt-delete I thought these worked in a VM without a guest agent. Essentially functioning...
  5. noVNC: copy paste not works

    Does that really need to be the case? When installing and maintaining a VM I often need to type command lines into the VM console. This procedure would be faster and less error prone with paste text from clipboard support. Some of the VMs are images from other suppliers and while installing...
  6. noVNC: copy paste not works

    A "Send clipboard text" button next to the Send Tab / Escape / Ctrl-Alt-Del buttons would be a very valuable enhancement
  7. More cores & threads or more ghz? Which is better?

    Clock frequency x Cores -> approximate relative performance Provided the cores are about the same, your software uses all the cores, and performance is processor limited (not Disk, ram or thermal limited). By the way When comparing performance for it to be relevant you actually need to be...
  8. Network setup - Since NIC and pfsense

    Not sure I would recommend a USB NIC. If you can't add more NIC cards I would use an external managed switch with VLANs to pfsense
  9. Installing Nvidia drivers on host

    Why not pass the graphics card through to a VM running Frigate?
  10. Best way to setup a virtualized router

    As performance wise it is mostly a router I would Reserve 1 NIC for Proxmox and the other virtual machines Pass through the other NICs to pfsense so it can optimise network throughput and use hardware offloading where it helps
  11. Need Help - Proxmox with pfSense (1x NIC, 2x IPv4)

    Start with Proxmox virtualisation in Netgate manual and Netgate virtualisation forum Configure two bridge in Proxmox to connect to pfsense WAN Lan Or use VLAN in pfsense to separate the WAN and LAN interfaces (router on a stick), and use VLAN controls in Proxmox to separate the interfaces
  12. [SOLVED] Revert to prior Kernel

    Added @tristank discovered option from the Select default Boot Kernel thread to OP
  13. Proxmox 7.1 downgrading kernel

    I suspect what you would like is this bugzilla feature to be implemented. Not sure if this Revert to prior Kernel thread helps
  14. Can not access GUI of my Proxmox

    Some background information would help Is this a new install? Has it ever worked? Is this a single server running Proxmox or part of a cluster If it has worked in the past, what general tasks were you doing prior to it stopping working
  15. v7.1-2 = no network. v7.0-2 = all fine

    What does these commands show cat /etc/network/interfaces ip a systemctl status networking.service Have you tried systemctl restart networking As that helped me Host network access lost after Proxmox upgrade 7.0 to 7.1


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